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Technology Labs:

Computer Labs
"Computer the wonder machine helps bringing in technological revolution in education". With an aim of achieving the same the Computer Lab at QVS is equipped with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software to cater to the requirements of students, teachers and the curriculum. Availability of Broadband internet connection and regularly updated software, facilitate the students as well as teachers to research for their projects and presentations. The computer lab is integrated with the Smart Class System.

Web & Smart Class Resource Centre
Also called the QVS KNOWLEDGE CENTRE is a hotspot of teacher innovations, presentations, projects and regular research, where technology, curriculum, fun and learning are blend and integrated to use in SMART CLASSROOMS OF QVS to create SMART GENX. Through a dedicated server at this web centre, our enterprising faculty of QVS accesses the internet for their knowledge up gradation.

Mathematics lab (Learning by discovery):
The laboratory approach of teaching mathematics enables learning through a technology integration the primary objective of this approach is to make mathematics truly applicative and to focus on new intrusting ways of routine problem solving. This enriches the spirit of research among the students. It can fill the gap between the text book and application by providing students a better understanding and ability of exploring the relevance and beauty of the discipline. The activities of the laboratory can be broadly classified as -
  • Integrating Modern Maths and Vedic Mathematics and also bringing the Chinese technique of Abacus to the class room.
  • To investigate the use of technology in mathematics at Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary level.
  • To create and conduct projects and activities which would help to apply the concepts of mathematics to real life as well as to situations outside the class room.
  • The sub disciplines of mathematics such as Algebra, Trigonometry, Algorithm and Geometry are better understood through the 3 - dimensional lab materials and puzzles.
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