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Other Facilities

The well equipped Infirmary at QVS provides medical attention to unwell students. The school has a full time qualified and experienced nurse. The medical staff periodically carries out medical checkup of all students and maintains records/findings for future references. We also have a well qualified doctor on call. Parents are informed in case the child is advised special medical attention. Free medical aid is provided for minor ailments.

School Reception
With hues of white and blue, in the heart of QVS is located its very majestic and spacious reception. The huge wood crafted reception counter is technologically equipped is the nerve center of the school. It calls out loud and clear 'How can I Help you, Please!' The glassed reception back is a peep into the gracefully sliding capsule lift and majestically seated marble Idol of Goddess of Knowledge- 'Saraswati'.

Staff Rooms
QVS has individual staff rooms for the faculty on each floor. Keeping the convenience of the faculty in mind the staff rooms are equipped with separate chest of lockers, book racks etc.

Activity Rooms
The Activity Rooms at QVS, are the magic juke box of the school which brings the Lil' queens, i.e. the children of the primary section into full action. The rooms are equipped with a wide range of performing arts and logical-reasoning, games and puzzles. The small blackboard easels, the mini theatre, huge variety of puppets - (finger, glove, mask and eye) help giving creative expressions to the inner potentials of Lil' Queens.

Dance & Music Room
This huge & spacious room is a source of relaxation for one and all. The wide range of musical instruments pulls the heart of everybody. The rhythm and beats from this room lift the spirits of everyone who visits it. It is the venue for Art Education Activities.

Aerobics Room:
A Magical Room where the walls are covered with mirrors is the technologically equipped Aerobics Room. Here the young girls learn graceful movements to gain flexibility and vigour in their body as well as mind.

Table Tennis, Chess and Carom Rooms:
Table tennis, Chess and Carom Rooms also add variety and spark to the wide range of sports offered at QVS.

Yoga Room:
India's heritage has Yoga in its roots, so, how can these roots be ignored? This venue for yogic asanas and introspective meditation is instrumental in generating bliss, peace and serenity amongst the Queens.

Assembly Ground

Amphitheatre - Stage:
The Amphitheatre Stage of QVS stands out majestically at the head of its lush green lawns. Its structural beauty adds to the grandeur of QVS. It is used for all out door stage presentations, competitions, house and club meets. It is also a favorite haven for budding young artists, where they enhance their theatrical skills.

Botanical Garden
'Flora-The Garden of Five Senses' is a beautifully landscaped and maintained botanical garden. It gives a visual peep into the diverse world of flora and the fauna as - butterflies, lady birds, bees, caterpillars etc who make there habitat among the flora. Maintenance of the terrace garden on one side of the central hillock and the cactus - rock garden on the other, as well as the artificial channel flowing through this diversity is a great source of joy, aroma and knowledge for the Queens.
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