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Taking care of your child's health

Healthy food + Exercise = Fit
  • Provide a clean, airy and well ventilated room to your child.
  • Sleep is the basic function so ensure a sound and complete sleep.
  • Always keep the first aid box ready at home-replace expired medicines espy.
  • Provide healthy food like sprouts, soya, milk, juices, fruits etc. as much as possible. Don't give into the demands of child. Junk food is o.k. once or twice a month.
  • Keep a vigil on the psychological health of your child. Don't put too much pressure or stress regarding academic or non-academic performance.
  • Make sure that healthy competition prevails. Shun jealousy as it can effect your child's mental health.
  • Personal hygiene is vital. Habits like brushing twice a day, washing hands before and after meals etc. can be imbibed with the help of stories and play way.
  • Involve the child in small physical exercises like walking, jogging, skipping etc.

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