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Common Mistakes parents make

Debunking the 'Perfect Parent' Myth
There are no perfect parents- there are only good parents and bad parents. Here are some of the most common mistake parents make:
  • Broken promises- Why make a promise that you know you are going to break? You may have appeased your child for the moment, but consider the price you pay. You lose precious credibility with your kid. Also, you have compounded the original problem by this deceitful postponement - you will have an insistent and finally sorely disappointed child on your hands tomorrow. It sets a sinister tone for the future - your child will stop expecting anything from you.
  • Expecting your child to be the best- Expecting too much too soon can be self-defeating. Expecting child to excel in something of our choosing despite the fact that they are completely disinclined to it is even worst. We need to let our kids find their own inner talents and nurture those.
  • Criticism verses Guidance- A child who is constantly berated for whatever reason will feel demoralized and eventually give up trying. It can lead to low self-esteem since your child has been severely criticized. Instead of focusing on what is wrong it is far better to lavish praise on children when they are doing something right. When they do something wrong, you don't have to say a word of criticism - your silence will have said it all.
  • 'How - Many - Times'- Inquisition - A child drops some milk, breaks a glass or misplaces something. Parent wagging a threatening finger at the child and going, "how many times have I told you to keep your things in place?" Do we actually think children keep tab of ' how many times' we tell them to do or not do something.

A far better way to deal with the situation would be to cool off first. Stop questioning, shouting, threatening or blaming. Unless your child is in some immediate danger it is far better to turn around and count to ten to cool off. When you return to the scene of the 'crime', you will be better able to deal with your child calmly and maturely.
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