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How not to nag your child about studies

As a parent everyone wants to do the best for their child. Without realizing, parents can pile high expectations on child. It is done by
  • Always talking and comparing.
  • Maybe someone got into an elite school overseas or a neighbour's child scored very high on a test.
  • Perhaps an older sibling performed much better than the next child.
  • Maybe you've uttered some harsh criticisms.

Remember to keep everything in perspective.
  • Offer to help find a solution.
  • Meet and check in with teachers.
  • Make sure that teachers feel free to contact you if there's any problem.
  • A series of little rewards rather than one big prize can be more motivating in the long run.
  • Start celebrating your child's efforts and create a positive atmosphere by highlighting his success.
  • During exams offer hot relaxing baths or tea, jokes or funny movie
  • Remember to keep telling your child that you love them no matter how well they do at school.

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