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Assignments / Worksheets
S.No Date Subject Detail
1 18-08-2018 CLASS 1 ENG WORKSHEET 3 Download
2 10-08-2018 CLASS 1 MATHS WORKSHEET Download
3 08-08-2018 CLASS I - PHONIC LINK Download
4 04-08-2018 CLASS-1 EVS-TERM1 ANSWER KEY Download
5 02-08-2018 CLASS 1 EVS WORKSHEET Download
6 06-07-2018 CLASS I - EVS WORKSHEET Download
7 05-07-2018 CLASS I - EVS SAMPLE PAPER Download
8 04-07-2018 CLASS I - TERM 1 ENGLISH 1 Download
9 11-05-2018 CLASS I HINDI SWAR WORKSHEET Download
10 09-05-2018 CLASS I HINDI SAMPLE PAPER Download
11 04-05-2018 Class I English Download
12 27-04-2018 Class I Maths Download
13 26-04-2018 CLASS I MATH 1 TERM-1 Download

Sample Papers
S.No Date Subject Detail
1 04-05-2018 Class I English Sample Paper Download

S.No Date Subject Detail

S.No Date Subject Detail

We always feel that we would have done more practice with our little ones in Maths, English etc, so here are some useful resources in the form of web addresses:

For moral education

Main site


For Kindergarten Classes

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