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29.06.2013 – PSA Workshop for Teachers

Pondering over a problem and finding the solution has been a conventional method of teaching but how much of the skills acquired by a child are applied by him in real life situation is a million dollar question. This question nevertheless became a part of the ongoing amendments in the evaluation pattern of CBSE and emerged in the form of PSA (Problem Solving Assessment). PSA has a firm motive to assess the problem solving approach and thereby buildup thinking and reasoning skills among the students. It shifts the attention of learner as well as the teacher to a new paradigm of learning wherein the application of knowledge absorbed by the student comes to fore. It also comes with an interesting series of well fabricated questions encompassing almost all major subjects and skills.

In order to acquaint the teachers with the underlying specifics of PSA, Sachdeva Group of Schools organized a workshop for its teachers at Sachdeva Global School, Dwarka on 29th June 2013 of which Queen’s Valley Teaching fraternity also became a part. Teachers from Sachdeva Public school Rohini and Pitampura also attended the workshop. The interactive session was presided over by Mr. R.P. Sharma.

The workshop began with an address by the Principal of the host school, followed by a brainstorming session by the Guest Speaker Mr. R.P. Sharma. He threw light on every miniscule detail of PSA and cleared all existing doubts regarding it. Questions like- What is PSA? ; Why PSA? ; How to prepare for PSA? -were answered to the satisfaction of the audience. All the cobwebs regarding the assessment were cleared. The factual details like weightage (marks break up), skills covered and types of questions were discussed along with examples for teachers to solve. The speaker constantly shared several learning anecdotes from his life too. The workshop emphasized on the fact that theoretical knowledge fails to flourish if it is not empowered by its practical utility and the major share of responsibility to inculcate the problem solving approach among students lies on the shoulders of the teachers. Hence the workshop endowed the same.

The teaching faculty at QVS has pulled up its sleeves to reap maximum benefits for its students in the field of problem solving.


“The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.”

Teachers of Queen’s Valley School attended a three day workshop on “Vedic Maths” by “Ms. Reena Narang” at Sachdeva Global School from 24 th June to 26th June.

The workshop was organized with a view to keep the teachers updated with the new developments in the field of mathematics. The workshop was aimed at equipping the teachers with the modern and innovative techniques of Vedic Maths.

In Vedic system difficult problems or huge calculations can be done quickly by Vedic methods.

The simplicity of Vedic Mathematics means that the calculations can be carried out mentally.

The main features of Vedic Mathematics are:
  • Flexibility
  • Improves memory
  • Efficient
  • Easy
  • Fast

Pupils can invent their own methods and they are not limited to one correct method.

Teachers enjoyed and learnt many techniques to solve difficult problems easily using Vedic math techniques.


We at Queen’s Valley School believe in equipping our teachers with the latest trends in their field.

A very interesting innovative workshop on CCE, Capacity Building Program on Life Skills , Attitudes , Values and Health and Wellbeing Education was conducted by ‘PRABHAAV’ on 21st June 2013 at Queen’s Valley School Dwarka.

The workshop was a CBSE initiative and its purpose was to familiarize the teachers with the scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of the CCE, they were made aware of the different areas under which life skills, attitudes, values, health and physical education were judged. All these aspects were judged with the help of group activities, which was a fun-filled way to evaluate each one of the above mentioned aspects.

The questionnaire and activities served the purpose of evaluating their existing knowledge in different areas of the CCE. The teachers were instructed on ways to deal with different problems pertaining to children so that it would lead to a better development and growth of the child.

Another aspect that was talked upon was Life Skills , here teachers were spoken to about different types of life skills , which include problem-solving , creative thinking , decision making , critical thinking , empathy , interpersonal relations , intrapersonal relations , stress management etc. Each of these skills has been broadly categorized under three categories namely Thinking Skills, Social Skills, Emotional Skills. These concepts of Life Skills were made clear with the help of 10 different stories and then interacting with other groups for the proper evaluation.

The teachers were given an idea about Attitudes and Values and how they would judge children under the CCE pattern.

During the workshop , the teachers were asked to relate these 10m values to their children while evaluating them. They were also instructed about the health and physical wellbeing of their students through different activities performed by teachers themselves in groups.

“Everyday of your life is another lesson. If you learn the lesson well and apply it whether positive or negative, you determine what happens in your tomorrow.”

The workshop cleared the doubts and brought to light many aspects that are important for fair and effective implementation of CCE. The interaction was informative as well as entertaining, as it involved various activities for teachers.

Every activity was relevant as it gave practical knowledge and experience to the teachers on how to deal with diverse aspects of children life.

20.06.2013 – Workshop on Innovative Teaching Techniques, Self Awareness and Newspaper Usage

“People who smile tend to teach, manage and sell better.”
-Dale Carnegie

QVS believes in equipping its teachers with all the possible tact and techniques to have an effective session with the students in a classroom along with imparting life skills. In order to take a step further, QVS organised a workshop on ‘Innovative Teaching Techniques’ hosted by Mr. Lokesh N. Darira from Promise- Personality Development for Kids. It started with a discussion on the important life skills that we expect our students to possess. From there on it went to the vital roles played by parents and teachers to inculcate these life skills amongst the students.

The emphasis was on the significance of creating a “class-culture” for an exceptional teaching-learning atmosphere. As for any child, a teacher is a role-model; therefore, personality of the teacher affects her students a lot. Thus, having an optimistic attitude was stressed upon. With the changing needs of society, an entirely different class set-up, teacher-student interaction and variations were suggested with the help of numerous activities. Techniques like “You are Incredible!” and “Cross-Teach” were particularly mentioned to build confidence amongst our queens and to help them face challenges even after school-life. The session was indeed highly enriching and interactive. Teachers could share their experiences and discuss their problems in handling a new “class-culture.”

Another workshop was conducted by NIE on ‘Self-Awareness’ on 24th June’13 which emphasised on various human emotions and different ways to deal with them.

Newspaper utilization in classroom was highly emphasised by NIE in a workshop conducted on 27th June’13. Various techniques to improve the concentration of students using newspaper were suggested.

The unprecedented innovative techniques proposed in all the workshops will be incorporated in the teaching technologies used by the teachers in the classroom for the Generation Z.

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