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30.04.12 – Special Assembly on Deforestation

What is Deforestation?
Deforestation means cutting trees and the land is thereafter converted to no forest use.

Forest Under Seige:
Urban constructions, agriculture, grazing land, trees used for fuel, illegal logging and other commercial purpose have all led to the cause of Vanishing Forests.

Sounding the red alert for the vanishing forest:
Erosion of Soil, disruption of the water cycle, loss of biodiversity, flooding and droughts, climate change are some of the drastic consequences of deforestation.

Moreover planting trees can be more difficult when the canopy has disappeared, top soil has been eroded and growing conditions have changed.

The global temperature has risen by 0.74 degge celsius in the last 25 years, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 30% more than it was 100 years ago.

The Ozone hole above Antarctica is getting larger and 20% of wetlands around the world have vanished. The glaciers and polar ice are melting.

DIAGNOSIS: Sick and Warm.
CAUSE: A bug called Human.
ADVICE: Operation ‘EDUCATE THE HUMEN’ suggested.

Planting trees provides a myriad of benefits so it becomes our duty to protect them but how?

By following some of the little things like: replant a tree, people cutting down trees should be charged high tax, punish those who do not take care of the environment.

To address the problem of Deforestation the students of Queen’s Valley School of class VII presented a special assembly on the same. It emphasised on the needs of AFFORESTATION as well as it also condemned deforestation as one of the major factors of depleting the forest cover.

The assembly comprised of a well rehearsed skit, a dance performance by the students on the song – THE MOTHER EARTH, with a poem and a song sung by some students based on deforestation. The Placards displayed messages on how to make our EARTH more green were put up, and finally each student showed their dedication and awareness by planting a tree, their way of passing on the message of saving the world by planting a TREE.

27.04.12 – Self Introduction Competition, Class : Pre School

We at QVS aim at the all round development of our Queens. Competitions that are organized aim at improving public speaking skills. Keeping this aim in mind QVS organized a Competition for the Princesses of Pre-School on 27th, April 2012, where the Queens had to introduce themselves in a unique way. The aim was to integrate the topic MYSELF with conversational skills and public speaking. The result was amazing as the girls spoke about their preferences, their ambition in life, their idols, how queens carry themselves etc. A few of them gave important messages like ‘protect nature’ and ‘love the girl child’. The result is as follows:

Siona Vatsayan Snowdrop First
Bhani Jaggi Angelina Second
Reya Seth Sarah Third
Avni Nagesh Jasmine Third

24.04.12 – Basket Ball Match
27.04.12 – Judo Competition

The importance of sports in the life of a student is invaluable. They instill lessons that are essential in the life of a student athlete and play a pivotal role in her all round development, as she learns values like discipline, responsibility, self confidence, sacrifice, and accountability. Pupils learn how to cooperate with one another and to subordinate their selfish desires to the interests of the team. In other words, they cultivate the quality of sportsmanship, which lies in playing a game according to its rules and accepting defeat with a positive spirit. One can say that students are likely to follow the ideal of sportsman spirit in life too, showing honesty and uprightness in their dealings with others and never using unfair means to attain personal ends.

This is precisely the reason for which Queen’s Valley School gives importance to sports training. The Inter-House Basketball Match and the Judo Competition held on April 24, 2012 and April 27, 2012 respectively are recent examples of this endeavour. The venue for Basketball Match was the Basketball court where all the participants, the judges and the audience gathered at the given time. The match took place between Truth House and Peace House. Our queens were teeming with confidence. Both the teams played with vigor and enthusiasm and gave tough competition to each other. Finally the girls of Peace House emerged victorious and the court was filled with the sound of applause for the winners.

Neha Yadav XI
Pratibha Yadav X
Anjali Rana X
Aamira Ashraf VII
Garima Godara X
Aashima Yadav XI
Shalu Shokeen XI
Anju Sehrawat IX
Alka Meena VII
Vartika Chaturvedi VII
Preeti Yadav X

Vaishali Chaudhary X
Niti Godara VII
Ritika Tehlan VII
Shubhangi Shukla IX
Sudha Sinder XI
Vaishali Saini IX
Bhuvana Banerjee X

The Judo Competition was contested between Courage House and Peace House. All our queens participated with great zeal displaying their talents in various steps and moves. The ability they displayed and the enthusiasm they displayed in every move was awe-inspiring. After a tough competition Courage House grabbed the first position. However there was no trace of disappointment on the faces of the girls of Peace House as everyone had enjoyed the game thoroughly.

Winner - Courage House
Runners up – Peace House

Mahima Chakma VIII Integrity
Anushka VII Peace
Shubhangi V Courage
Ruchika V Peace
Harshita Yadav IV Peace
Prachi V Courage
Varsha VIII Courage
Taruna Yadav X Courage
Anjali Rana X Peace
Bhawna Yadav X Courage
Shivani Gulia X Courage
Garima Godara X Peace
Deepshikha IX Courage
Vanshika XI Truth
Simran Solanki IV Courage
Disha Solanki III Peace
Kanishka VIII Courage

Both the competitions inculcated a spirit of sportsmanship and self-accountability in the girls.

23.04.12 – Li’l Picasso Colouring Competition
Classes : Pre Nursery to Pre Primary

Children learn easily through play. They tend to remember things with the help of images and colours. and learn faster when exposed to practical learning. To make them interactive with the environment and to teach them to identify the colours of nature a colouring competition was organized on 23rd, April 2012, which marked the beginning of the Earth day celebrations. The aim was to teach the princesses their responsibility towards environment and nature. The teachers had a detailed discussion with the children about nature; subsequent to which they were given a sheet for colouring. The result is as follows:




21.04.12 – Workshop on Handwriting Analysis

New Delhi, April 21, 2012: The teachers of Queen’s Valley School were enlightened by the presence of Mr. Mohan Ray, an eminent graphologist who conducted a workshop in the school in order to make the teachers aware of the role of handwriting in analyzing one’s personality. Mr. Ray began by emphasizing the importance of handwriting in identifying the changes in behavioral patterns of pupils. Handwriting, according to him is symptomatic of one’s social behavior and mental tendencies and thus, the teachers can make effective use of this science to correct faulty thinking patterns in pupils. Further, she can replace the faulty behavioral patterns by a set of alternate behavior contingencies for the betterment of pupils.

Mr. Ray asserted that common sense is the basic guiding principle of handwriting analysis and thus one can apply this science quite effectively even without formal training. He also dwelled on Sigmund Freud’s theory of personality and suggested that the three primary structural elements of personality (Id, Ego and Superego) play a predominantly significant role in the construction of personality. A close analysis of one’s handwriting, he claimed, could reveal the predominance of one of these elements in the personality. He also elaborated upon the importance of slants, margins, iballs, and tbars in analyzing handwriting.

The session ended with a lively discussion on handwriting analysis. The teachers asked questions and were satisfied having learnt something new which they could apply confidently in the teaching- learning process.

20.04.2012 – Tetra Pack Craft Competition

The world is changing at a rapid pace and these changes are all encompassing and have a far – reaching impact on our present and future. The model of development that we have adopted is often discriminatory and non-inclusive. Amidst all this, our environment has been completely ignored. The ecology is being gradually taken over by the economy with disastrous consequences for the planet.

Keeping environmental sustainability in mind, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in collaboration with Tetra Pak India Pvt. Ltd. Initiated Project SEARCH (Sensitisation, Education and Awareness on Recycling for cleaner Habitat) to conduct awareness and sensitisation drives in schools in order to instill a habit of reducing, reusing, refusing and recycling amongst students, teachers and school community.

In order to educate students on benefits of carton packaging and to raise awareness amongst school students on environment in general, TERI organized a Teri and Tetra Pack Carton Craft

Competition on 20th April’ 2012 at Indian Habitat Centre in New Delhi. Various schools from Delhi participated in this competition. Amongst the forty leading schools of Delhi Queens Valley School participated and bagged the first prize. The queens of our school carried a model which showcased that nature is indispensable and we need to save the fauna and flora. The princesses of our school were named as ‘Green Warriors’ where they pledged to work towards saving the environment.

Renowned environmentalist and polar explorer Mr. Robert Swan was the guest of honour who urged the school students present to raise the bar on recycling. It was a moment of great pride for to receive such a prestigious award from the honorary chief guest who motivated our students to reach even greater heights. An exhibition created entirely from recycled Tetra Pak cartons was also on display on the occasion. The competition was an exciting and learning experience for our queens who pledged to continue taking steps to minimize environmental damage. This, they felt would merge into a larger, nationwide movement for the protection of the environment.

20.04.12 – Seminar on E-waste : EVENT DIARY

On 20th April 2012, Kavneet along with our class teacher Ms. Neha Khanna and me went to St. Mary’s School to attend a seminar on the topic ‘e-waste’ organized by NOKIA.

E-waste is a popular word for electronic waste. Any electronic product which is not in use or is less in use is called e-waste. One of the major products causing e-waste is mobile phones. Mobile phone contains harmful chemical substances like mercury, cesium which have a harmful effect on the atmosphere. Major reason why mobile phones largely contribute towards e-waste is that people don’t feel like giving away their mobile phones and want to keep it for memory sake.

The Seelampur market in East Delhi is the largest illegal e-waste market of India.

The first step towards responsible recycling is taking initiative. Also along with this we have to be smart which in turns means making smarter decisions and performing smarter actions.

This problem of e-waste is dealt by NOKIA. They recycle mobile phones, ear plugs , cable wires and batteries. The recycling process is carried out by trained professionals. By recycling our mobile phones our mobile can get a new life. Recycling a mobile phone is easy. To recycle a mobile phone visit any NOKIA outlet and drop the mobile phone there. After this the mobile phone is sent to recycling plant. They take out metals and plastic and recycle it to make useful products. So no extra mining which in turn means no cutting of trees. Also NOKIA plants a tree for every phone it recycles. Thus in this way we help the earth to be Green and Clean and become ’PLANET KE RAKHWLE.”

Avani Vats
Class IX

20.04.2012 & 23.04.2012: Fancy Dress Competition – Earth Day

“We haven’t inherited our Earth from our forefathers...
We have borrowed it from our future generation”

It is a well known fact that teaching children to care for the Earth at a young age is of great importance and when instilled early, is something that they will incorporate throughout their lives. Keeping this in mind Queen’s Valley School organized a fancy dress competition for classes I (20.4.12) & II (23.4.12) to mark the 42nd Earth Day. Students’ response to the competition was overwhelming. They were dressed as trees, paper bags, taps, CFLs etc. They depicted the whole gamut of issues ranging from deforestation to pollution and safety of animals. They also depicted the ill effects of the growing use of plastics and amazing and innovative ways to protect the Earth from global warming .At the end of the programme the students made a human chain and pledged to make the earth free of pollution. It was a fun filled learning experience where the students learnt to keep their planet safe.

Class I
Name Class
Srishti Singh I Daffodil
Ekakshara Garg I Tulip
Suhani Trivedi I Dahlia
Ananya Dogra I Daisy
Gayathry Haris I Lavender
Siya Anwekar I Lily
Manvi Satija I Marigold

Class II
Name Class
Aaisha Shoeb II Blueberry
Naysa Madrele II Cherryberry
Himakshi Jain II Huckleberry
Srishti Verma II Cranberry
Nupur Gaur II Mulberry
Diya Ahlawat II Raspberry
Vani Jhingan II Strawberry

19.04.12 – Tinkle Toes: Inter Class Solo Dance Competition

Refined postures, brisk movements and elegant style of the princesses of QVS made the audience hold their breath during Inter-class Solo Dance Competition- TINKLE TOES held on 19 April’12.

Dance is an old art and besides being a natural form of expression, it is also an art form that unites people across different cultures and nations of the world. Dancing has manifold advantages. It contributes immensely to the personal improvement of the child and thereby enhances all types of skills that are required for better education. It not only boosts the child’s self-esteem and enhances confidence in them but also enables them gain a positive attitude. The same was the aim of ‘Tinkle Toes’.

The competition saw the participation of forty six contestants who participated with great zeal displaying their talents in various dance forms like western dance and classical dance.

The ability they displayed and the enthusiasm and energy they contributed to every move was awe-inspiring. The variety of steps used was astounding and gave the Judges tough time in adjudging the better out of the best.

Following were the winners who conquered the dance floor with absolute style, elegance and ability:

Jahnvi Mathur VI I
Ishita Rana VII I
Nikita Meshram VIII I
Jaanvi Bakshi VI II
Mahima Chakma VIII II
Sanika Joshi VIII III

16.04.12 – Solo Singing Competition

It is said that music has the power to stimulate the senses, captivate the imagination and motivate the being in a positive direction. It gives us an insight into our soul and an opportunity to share a part of ourselves with others. There is little doubt that a beautiful set of notes can act as a powerful instrument in bringing together people with diverse tastes.

This is precisely what was witnessed on the 16th April 2012 when a solo singing competition was organized the Queen’s Valley School. The competition was meant to bring out the talent of our queens of classes VI to VIII. It was the first in the line of events that will be organized throughout the year as part of our Inter House Competitions.

The venue for the event was the Cultural hall in which all the participants, the judges and the audience gathered at the given time. Our queens were teeming with confidence. There was no place for anxiety or nervousness on the faces of the talented girls. We, at QVS, tried to capture one of the most fascinating components of music which is the ability of different sounds to create a different influence on the listener. We provided our queens with a range of musical instruments including the keyboard, harmonium, table and guitar to accompany their melodious voices. These musical instruments gave them the opportunity to present a variety of songs including folk songs, bhajans, qawwali, Sanskrit songs and classical as well.

The criterion for judgement included the composition, selection of song, presentation and rhythm. The queens sang passionately. The rhythm and the variety in song selection enthralled the judges and the audience alike. Reema Singh (VIII B) proved to be an effective compere who did not give the audience a chance to get distracted in between the performances. In no time, it seemed, the event came to a close. Our esteemed judges congratulated all the participants for their talent and appreciated their level of preparation. The only complaint that everyone had was that this magical experience ended too soon.

The Cultural Hall rang with the sound of applause for the following winners:

Name Class Position
Harshita Rani VI  First
Priscilla N. Samuel VIII Second
Ananya VII Second
Anila Singh VII Third

The event was a great success since it proved to be a great learning experience for our audience and participants alike. It was an attempt to enable our queens realize their potential and at the same time to exert a positive influence on their development and education.

16.04.2012 – Sports Activity Classes I & II

“Champions are not generated from the championship.
Champion is generated from something they have in them,
desires, dreams, and visions”

Back-to-school anxiety is normal and understandable. Many kids may feel anxious about going back to school after a break. Others may feel nervous about being in a new classroom or meeting a new teacher. To alleviate these concerns, Queens Valley School organized a day full of fun and frolic to create a welcoming environment &, successful beginning of the new session. The day included various outdoor games like Collect the bean bag, Catch the dragon tail, Relay race, Follow the leader and various fun activities. Games and group activities help in developing team spirit, dexterity and concentration in the students.

All the students participated in the event with great enthusiasm. The day helped the queens to re-connect with old friends, make new ones and added a big smile to their faces.

12.04.12 – English Calligraphy

“As long as you can read your own handwriting,
you can do anything in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

English Calligraphy is a medium which helps students not only in enhancing their writing skills but also in getting good marks. One such event was organised in Queen's Valley School on 12th April, 2012.

The queens of classes III- V participated in this English Calligraphy Competition. The little queens worked up all their strokes and calligraphic talent in writing a page long piece for judgement, which was appreciated by one and all. At Queen's Valley School, such competitions are always held in order to give an opportunity to all the students to participate and exhibit their handwriting skills.

QVS always strives to make learning more fun and helps in enlightening young minds. All in all, the day's activity was well cherished.

The following were declared as winners:

Name Class Position

11.04.2012 – QVS Teen Goes Green!

It goes without saying that nature has endowed us with a plethora of resources which enable us to sustain life on earth. But do we ever ponder over the question – What if the precious flora and fauna gradually disappear from the face of the earth? In the search of answer to this question, the ‘GO GREEN’ flag bearer – QVS invited eminent plantologist Mr. M.S. MURTHY to deliver a workshop on ‘Importance of Plants’ in the school premises for classes IX, X and XI on 11th April’12. Mr. Murthy commenced on an interactive note and throughout the session kept the learning experience lively.

Supplementing his lecture with interesting slides, Mr. Muthy shared a lot of useful information about ‘how plants curb indoor and outdoor pollution’, ‘specific uses of different plants’ and lot more. Students made the maximum use of the opportunity and came up with questions that had been boggling them for a long time. For sure, it was a good beginning for the ‘Go Green’ campaign by QVS.
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