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27.08.2012 & 31.08.2012: Fancy Dress Competition – National Symbols
“If I Could Talk……

National symbols are intrinsic to the Indian identity and heritage as they infuse a sense of pride and patriotism in every Indian's heart. Queen’s Valley School has always striven to promote the spirit of patriotism amongst their students and in keeping with this thought was the Fancy Dress Competition which was organized on 27.9.12 for all sections of class I and on 31.9.12 for class II. Representing National Symbols as a theme, the hall was full of dancing peacocks, blossoming lotus, lush green banyan trees and tigers. The participants shared their knowledge about the national emblem, national flag and other national symbols. Through this depiction of National Symbols the students also acquired knowledge about over 100 varieties of mangoes available in India and they were amazed to know that each and every portion of a peacock’s train changes color when it is struck by different angles of light. The competition was an audio-visual treat for all.

Class I
Name Class Position
Pragya Rai I Marigold I
Siya Anwekar I Lily I
Ananya Dogra I Daisy II
Alakshya.S.Khare I Tulip II
Maanvi Satija I Marigold III
Suhani Trivedi I Dahlia III
Yashita Kaushik I Lavender III

Class II
Name Class Position
Srishti Verma II Cranberry I
Tinisha Dixit II Raspberry I
Mouli Sadana II Huckleberry II
Archi II Cranberry II
Nupur Gaur II Mulberry III
Mansi Solanki II Raspberry III
Anima Gangele II Raspberry III

27.08.12 to 31.08.12 – Roller Skating - Inter House Competition

Etymologically, sport comes from the Old French desport meaning "leisure", with the oldest definition in English from around 1300 being "anything humans find amusing or entertaining”. Sport is all forms of competitive physical activity which, through casual or organized participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical fitness and provide entertainment to participants. At QVS, we constantly try to balance academics with sports so as to further the all-round development of our queens. Keeping this in mind, a Roller Skating Competition was organized for the students of classes III to XI as part of the series of Inter-House competitions for the session 2012-13.

Roller Skating is one sport which involves travelling on smooth surfaces with roller skates. It is a form of recreation as well as a sport, and can also be a form of transportation. Sport is generally recognized as activities which are based on physical athleticism or physical dexterity, and roller skating falls in the second category.

It was delightful to watch the students compete for the title of ‘The Skating Queen’. They showcased their finesse in the said sport with utmost grace and poise. The queens displayed balance and fine footwork as they maintained their posture. They upheld the spirit of healthy competition throughout as they strived for fair play, courtesy toward teammates and opponents, ethical behavior and integrity, and grace in victory as well as defeat.

The selection process took three days to complete. It commenced on the 27th August ’12 for the students of classes III-V and it went on for classes VI-VIII on the 28th of August. The students from classes IX-XI appeared for it on the 29th of August. After the process got over, the Finals were held on the subsequent days. The final event for classes III-V took place on the 30th of August 2012 and for classes VI-XI on the 31st of August. The panache and skill of the queens was appreciated by the audience and the judges alike. The event concluded with much furor and applause.

The Winners:


House Name Class Position
Meethi Vats
Prothoma Deb
Ananya Batra

House Name Class Position
Poorva Solanki
Snehashree Patra

House Name Class Position
Jiya Adhikari
Simran Yadav

House Name Class Position
Devangi Shukla
Eshparsi Gupta

House Name Class Position
Vanshika Jha
Tanisha Rana

House Name Class Position
Garima Godara
Divya Singh

House Name Class Position
Saloni Chahal
Yati Yadav

House Name Class Position
Smriti Shokeen
Ishita Rana

House Name Class Position
Monika Sharma
Anshu Sharma
Parul Adhikari
Pratibha Yadav

23.08.12 - Interschool Extempore Competition

“Public speaking is the art of diluting a two-minute idea with a two-hour vocabulary” and it takes a lot more when it comes to an extempore.

As truly called, 'A speaker's worst nightmare', an extempore is a brain boggling situation to put your thoughts together and present it in a crisp manner.

An extempore is a stage performance that is carried out without preparation or forethought. It puts to test one’s ability to think on the spot and also their spontaneity. The key to extempore speaking is that the words spoken are chosen as we speak them in our humdrum life, and what is delivered is a stream of consciousness that is fluent, erudite and articulate, while being unscripted. Effective extempore speaking always has the purpose of the presentation and the impact on the audience at its heart.

To imbibe a true spirit of learning and competition amongst students of various schools, an Inter School Extempore Competition, was held at the Bloom Public School, Vasant Kunj, on the 23rd of August 2012. More than 20 schools from all over Delhi and Gurgaon were a part of this event.

Every participant was given three minutes precisely to prepare the speech on the topic allotted at that moment.

The students were asked to pick up chits for the sequence of participation and also for the topic being assigned. The topics in the competition varied from being associated with current news, issues and happenings, to topics that were completely abstract. The most integral part of the speech is that it should be long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create the interest amongst the audience. A few topics that were picked out at the event were:
  • ‘What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember, and what I do, I know’
  • Health, wealth, or fame. What would you choose and why?
  • Social responsibility as a world citizen
  • War-a hindrance to success of all nations
  • To win a rat race you have to be a cat
  • Google maharaja, though I know, sometimes I fail

The extempore competition was conducted in an excellent manner, and the judges who were invited were linguists of high profile.

The judgment was based on the content, confidence, oratory skills and diction.

Shriya Mahajan and Indira Dasan represented Q.V.S. in this event.

Shriya spoke on the topic- ‘Health, Wealth or Fame. What would you choose and why?’

She faced tough competition and stood third on the basis of her fluency and well orchestrated thoughts. Through her achievement Shriya made her alma mater and her parents proud.

23.08.12 – “Claymates”

Modelling clay is a simple yet effective replacement of electronic games to stimulate a child’s mind. It adds a new dimension to their creativity and also develops their hand eye co-ordination. It is an artistic technique of bringing three-dimensional details to reality, through molding, shaping and sculpting techniques. Modeling clay comes in many textures and compositions but real potters’ clay is the best medium to use if you want a truly professional finish. The palpable, hands-on nature of this material makes it interesting for even very young children allowing a high degree of creativity. It is truly said,

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct”
- Carl Jung

The true spirit of creation and innovation was celebrated once again by Queens Valley School in the Inter School Competition, “Face To Face: Claymates” organized by Sri. Venkateshwar International School, Sector 18 for class III on 23rd August, 2012. The theme was “Mother and Young One” (Wildlife). The students used potters’ clay and come up with truly original creations. The time duration provided to students was an hour. Divya Mehta of Class III bagged the third prize by putting together imagination and passion thereby creating an elephant and its young one with the help of potters’ clay. She acquired the mastery of molding through activity based learning. The little hands did the school and her parents proud.

23.08.12: Paint – O – Mania Competition

Aaisha Shoeb of Class II Blueberry brought laurels to the school by winning the I Prize in ‘Paint – O – Mania’ part of an Inter School Competition – Face to Face at Sri VIS, Sec-18, Dwarka on 23rd August’12. She had to create a beach scene on MS-Paint without referring to any external material in an hour.

The judgement was done on the basis of colour combination, creativity and choice of graphics. She successfully completed her task within an hour.

An immensely talented Aaisha indeed did her school and her parents proud by not only winning the compettion but also by giving a message ‘SAVE THE SEA, SAVE THE FUTURE’ through her masterpiece.

23.08.12 – Rhythmic Yoga

"Inhale and God approaches you. Hold the inhalation, and God remains with you. Exhale and you approach God. Hold the exhalation, and surrender to God .For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth."

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word "Yuj" meaning to yoke, join or unite. This implies joining or integrating all aspects of the individual. Yoga is usually seen as a physical practice and does offer many health benefits including greater strength and flexibility. But the main goal of yoga is to unite the body, mind, and soul - to achieve a happy and balanced life.

Yoga is the study of balance, and balance is the aim of all living creatures. In terms of its effects on individuals in educational institutions, recent research has found that yoga benefits students, not only in reducing basal anxiety levels, but also in attenuating further increases in anxiety as they experience stressful situations like exams. This is the main idea behind motivating the students of QVS to take up yoga as their daily exercise routine.

On 23rd August, 2012, the queens of Queens Valley School participated in a ‘Rhythmic Yoga’ Competition during the ‘Face to face’ fest organized by Sri Venkateshwara International School, Setor-18 Dwarka. Our little queens of class V brought home laurels by winning the first position in this competition. They performed a very well choreographed routine of twelve different asanas in various positions (standing, sitting and lying down )set to a melodious background musical track in a scintillating synchronized sequence with amazing dexterity. Each one of their asanas got a big round of applause when they managed to change and hold their positions and postures with absolute grace and poise.

Our queens won accolades for their amazing balance, control, flexibility and precision in performing this two and a half minute routine. They were judged on the basis of their skills to perform these difficult asanas in proper sync with music and their partner.

Our queens who brought back the first prize in this competition are:

Name Class
Diksha Chauhan V B
Simran Yadav V C

23.08.12 - Inter House Gymnastics Competition

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.”

Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of exercises requiring physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and balance. Participation in gymnastics helps children become physically active, stay fit and healthy.

The challenging nature of gymnastics requires commitment and concentration. The structure of gymnastic lessons teaches children how hard work and dedication pays off. The Gymnastics Academy of Boston also believes that gymnastics gives children an opportunity to learn about social skills like listening, following directions, taking turns, being quiet and respecting others.

This is precisely the reason for which Queen's Valley School has included gymnastics as part of its curriculum. To promote gymnastics and increase an interest among its students, QVS organised an Inter House Gymnastics competition on 23rd of August, 2012 in the school premises ensuring maximum participation and mesmerising performances by the flexible queens of the school.

The young gymnasts warmed up the stage with some floor exercises, cart wheels, routines on the balancing beam and various trampoline and rhythmic gymnastics. The audience was left spell bound as they witnessed a variety of difficult exercises.

The queens of QVS participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The prowess they displayed in every move was awe-inspiring. They successfully proved that gymnastics helps children build a range of motor and coordination skills. Whether it is recreational gymnastics or competitive, skills learned in gymnastics can benefit a child's overall development.

“Gymnastics will never be equal or fair, but it should be fun and accessible to as many kids as possible.”

The result for the semi – final were:
House Winner
Peace  v/s Courage Courage House
Truth v/s Integrity Truth House

The winner: Truth House
Name Class
Meghna Rao  V - C

The result for the semi – final were:
House Winner
Peace  v/s Courage Courage House
Truth v/s Integrity Integrity House

The winner: Courage House
Name Class
Saloni Chahal  VI – B

22.08.12 - Health and Hygiene Programme at QVS

“Washing hands is by far the best way to prevent germs from spreading and to keep the children from getting sick.”

When children come into contact with germs, they can unknowingly become infected simply by touching their eyes, nose or mouth. And once they're infected, it’s usually just a matter of time before the whole family comes down with the same illness.

Good hand washing is the first line of defense against the spread of many illnesses, from the common cold to more serious illnesses such as meningitis, bronchitis, influenza, hepatitis A and most types of infectious diarrhea.

Hand washing is only effective at killing germs if it is done properly. One should wash one’s hands at least three times a day. Hand washing with soap and water is an important way to help children safe from germs.

One simple way to help stop the spread of germs is to raise awareness of the importance of washing the hands with soap and water and encourage them to do it at home, at school and in their communities.

At QVS we aim at imparting knowledge which helps the students in their growth and personal hygiene in order to promote this awareness in its Queens, Queen's Valley School conducted a workshop on Proper Hand Washing on 22nd August, 2012 so as to support children in their quest for better personal hygiene.

The workshop enlightened the students with a famous quote, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” Hand Washing offers germ protection and ensures protection of little hands from germs that cause diarrhea and stomach infections. The Resource Person demonstrated the correct way of hand washing while cleaning with liquid soap. It also educated the students about the six steps to proper hand washing.

The workshop ended with the overwhelming response from the students as they pledged to always follow a proper hand-wash regime. The workshop was an enriching experience for the students as well as the teachers.

21.08.12 & 22.08.12 - Fancy Dress Competition
Class : Pre School & Pre Primary

Every country represents itself through symbols, thoughts and ideas which are a source of inspiration and pride for its citizens.

The princesses of QVS are aware about the National Anthem and National Flag. In order to enhance the knowledge of its Li’l Queens about our National Symbols , the school organized a Fancy Dress Competition. The aim was to sensitize the Li’l Queens about the important images and symbols that represent and unite the people of India. The response was overwhelming and appreciable. All the Princesses shared their thoughts about the national symbols with pride and panache. Through this competition the students not only gained knowledge but also improved the oratory skills. The competition was held on 21-8-12 for Pre-school and 22-8-12 for Pre-Primary. The result is as follows:

Name Section Position
Ivania Snow-white I
Priyanshi Angelina II
Diya Snow-white III

Name Section Position
Hargun Dhingra Mermaidia I
Shkriti Jhamb Mermaidia II
Vijaya Rani Tinkerbell III
Manchint Cinderella III
Sanskriti Tinkerbell Consolation

19.08.12 - Preserving the Legacy of the Past

“Historic buildings are irreplaceable, and contain information about the past that is available from no other source. They must be treated responsibly, and the understanding that is essential to their proper treatment or conservation can only be reached by making use of the best possible information about them by ensuring too, that future generations understand what the present generation has done for their care.”

Heritage refers to anything inherited from the past. It means legacy of physical artifacts, tangible and intangible attributes of a group or society. It can be culture, tradition, customs, practices and virtues inherited from our ancestors. Conservation means all the processes of looking after a place so as to retain its cultural significance. It includes maintenance, preservation, restoration, reconstruction and adaptation. Therefore, conservation doesn’t necessarily mean keeping a place as it is without allowing change. But, over time, buildings and places need to adapt and change to different circumstances.

Heritage preservation is an endeavour that seeks to preserve, conserve and protect buildings, objects, landscapes or other artifacts of historical significance. The aim of heritage conservation is to ensure that the cultural significance of heritage buildings is retained for future generations to treasure and cherish. Heritage conservation is an informed process that manages and allows for the transformation and at the same time perpetuating the cultural significance of the place.

To encourage heritage conservation, Shahjahanabad Redevelopment Cooperation (SRDC) organised a heritage walk. The purpose of the walk was to create awareness among the educational institutions and society to conserve the beautiful souvenirs of history. The walk was conducted by Dr. Navina Jafa, Consultant SRDC. Teachers from Queen’s Valley School also participated in the walk on Sunday, 19 August, 2012 and visited a few sites in Mehrauli namely; Hijro ki masjid, Shamsi talab, Jahaz mahal, Adam Khan’s tomb and Jharna (built under the Delhi Sultans and Mughals). These places are of huge historical importance but still are not maintained and completely neglected.

17.08.2012 – Special Assembly EIDs

“You and I are but specks of that rhythmic urge which is Brahma, which is Allah, which is God.”
– Ruth St. Denis

To mark the auspicious Eid celebrations, a special assembly was conducted by the little Queens of Class I Dahlia on 17th August 2012. The theme of the assembly was to enlighten the students about the importance of this festival. The assembly began with Hindi and English thought. Then the Queens presented a skit on the celebrations of Eid. Students presented their thoughtful notes with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Dressed in ethnic dresses, the faces of the little ones were resplendent with excitement as they perfectly essayed their lines on the stage. The students offered prayers to ‘Allah’ and explained the festivities. The precision with which the dance, songs & play was conducted by the students was commendable. The ground echoed with the sounds of applause when the students danced on the dance number “Kun Faaya” and “Eid Mubarak”. The message of world brotherhood was learnt as everyone on the stage wished each other with pious words ‘Eid Mubarak’.

17.08.12 - Workshop on Heritage Conservation

“The old buildings do not belong to us only…they have belonged to our forefathers and they will belong to our descendants unless we play them false. They are not…our property. We are only trustees for those that come after us.”

Heritage is an integral part of our life. It is anything inherited from the past. It means legacy of physical artifacts, tangible and intangible attributes of a group or society. We, at QVS believe in conserving this glorious cultural tradition and to develop overall understanding of our rich cultural heritage the School has organized the National Integration and Heritage Week. It was huge platform for the Queens to learn and treasure the past. A number of activities were organized such as Know thy country, quiz on monuments of India, Culinary Skill- Taste of India and Constitutional Quiz.

Our ancestors have built some magnificent and marvellous monuments for the generations to watch and admire. We, at QVS believe in conserving our precious heritage and with this message the school organised a workshop for the Queens with the help of an organization, namely, Sahajahanabad Redevelopment Cooperation (SRDC), to create awareness among the Queens for the same.

Heritage is the legacy of the past linked with our present, to treasure the future and with these words the guest of honor Dr. Navina Jafa Consultant Shahjahanabad Redevelopment Cooperation (SRDC) and an eminent Cultural Activist introduced the subject. She followed it up with the meaning and significance of historic preservation. Students of class IX and X attended the workshop. Dr. Jafa’s words were persuasive and managed to grab the thoughts and attention of the Queens by making them eager to learn more about historic preservation and to certainly work on it.

Dr. Jafa stressed strongly on the fact that preservation of our heritage is important. Historic buildings are a proud and significant part of our nation’s heritage. They are an irreplaceable element of the collective memory of local communities. They contribute both to our sense of identity and to that regional distinctiveness which is so valuable and so vulnerable.

Imbued with this message from the past, Dr. Jafa concluded that the historic monuments are living witnesses of their age old traditions. It is our common responsibility to safeguard them for future generations and keep their authenticity intact.

17.08.12 - KNOW THY COUNTRY A Documentary Making Competition

“India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only.”
– Mark Twain, American Author

Mother’s love and affection is the sweetest thing in the world because it is unselfish. It demands nothing in return but one’s has duties towards her. Same is in case of one’s native land. We, at Queen’s Valley School are proud to be Indians. Our country is a beautiful country of lakes, rivers, gardens, monuments. It is a hub of different cultures, traditions, religions, festivals, languages. Her great and mighty rivers, her vast and fertile fields, her verses of Vedas are well known all over the world. She has a great past; great present and a greater future.

Apart from books, co-curricular activities are a platform, where students can learn, number of things in an interesting manner. It gives them a chance to participate and showcase their talent. It not only increases their confidence but creativity and stage presentation. We, at QVS, believe that as citizens of our country, we all should know our country well and co-curricular activities can prove a means to it. Therefore, we organized a ‘Documentary Making Competition; titled ‘Know Thy Country’ on 17 Aug 2012 as part of the ‘Heritage Week’ celebration. Queens of class VI-VII prepared a power point presentation and queens of class IX-XI prepared a movie on the same. The power point presentation and movie showcased the culture, tradition, heritage, facts and figures and unity in diversity of our country.

The joy, zeal to work and creativity of our queens knew no bounds. Their efforts and creations were remarkable and praiseworthy. The event acted as a booster for their confidence and creativity. It was a learning experience for participants as well as for the audience. The winners were chosen on the basis of creativity, presentation, innovation and the content.

The Winners:

Name Class
Alisha Mahajan VII C
Tanya Singh VIII C
Ishika Bhudhiraja VI A

IX-XI (Movie)
Name Class
Saumya Shah X A
Sudha Sindher XI B
Jagriti Prasad IX A

16.08.12 - Inter Class Competition Culinary skills – Taste of India (III – XI)

It is said that children can be moulded the way you want. Taking a cue from this, Queen’s Valley School offered young students a different ‘menu’ all together. Apart from the daily routine of assigning kids with homework and class work, children got an opportunity to learn the art of cooking. A competition on ‘Cooking Without Fire’ was organised in the school on 16th of August, 2012.

Cooking techniques and ingredients vary widely across the world, reflecting unique environmental, economic and cultural traditions. Cooks themselves also vary widely in skill and training. Our own ‘Little Chefs’ in the making tried their hands at cooking. The Queens had a wonderful time using ladles and spoons to mix veggies and create tasty dishes. The school made the little kids explore the kitchen and prepare a variety of dishes which don’t require the use of cooking gas.

An inter class competition was held amongst the students from class III to class VIII. Catering to the tastes and cuisines of India, the Queens prepared a variety of dishes which included fruit salad, vegetable salad, sandwiches, papri chat, bhel puri etc.

Students of class IX, X, and XI organised different stalls to display the dishes prepared by the master chefs of Queen’s Valley. Participants were judged on the basis of taste as well as presentation of the dish keeping in mind that if the food was decorated well, it added a different flavour to the food.

Activities on cooking enable the students to become independent in thought and work. This also builds an attitude of sharing among students. When they cook, they have to share and similarly while eating they share their food. Organising various stalls will help to develop the organisational skills.

The Winners:

Class - III
Name Class Position
Meethi  Vats  Vaibhavi Godiyal III E 
Aakanksha Khughshal III B II
Spreeha III E III

Class – IV
Name Class Position
Yashika Sharma IV A I
Samridhi IV C II
Aditi Jain IV E III

Class - V
Name Class Position
Aakanksha Yadav V D I
Gracy Singh V B II
Archana V B III

Class - VI
Name Class Position
Kamya Pandey VI A I
Ria Choudhari VI C II
Kavita Yadav VI C III

Class - VII
Name Class Position
Anjali VII C I
Ashima  Pradhan VII D II
Mriganka Sharma VII D III

Class - VIII
Name Class Position
Sahej Preet Kaur VIII C I
Ashima Aggarwal VIII A II
Paluck Jhingan VIII D III

Class – IX – XI
Name Class Stall Position
Shriya Mahajan
Ritika Tayal
N. Shanmugapriya
Shifali Chakrawarty
Apurvi Dwivedi
X B Tamil Nadu I
Harshita  Gupta
Mahima Shokanda
Rageshwari Chundawat
Shruti Dayal
Sapna Sehrawat
IX C Rajasthan II
Rakshika Haritash
Prerna Sangwan>
Nidhi Udar
Kriti Karar
Swati Yadav
XI D Andhra Pradesh III

14.08.12 - Inter Class Skit Competition
Class : Pre Primary

In keeping with the fervour of the month an inter-class skit competition with the theme “Patriotism” was held on 14-8-12 for the princesses of Pre-Primary. The aim was to teach them about the people who were a part of the freedom struggle as our country achieved independence after great deal of hard work, sacrifice and struggle. It is the endeavour of the school to give the Queens exposure to the concept of Patriotism and Freedom. This is an abstract topic for the young princesses to grasp as they can relate only to their immediate environment. However, children build into their base understanding each time they are exposed to new ideas.

All the sections of Pre-Primary, depicted the theme ‘Patriotism’ in varied and innovative ways. It was an emotional moment to see young children representing the heroes of the bygone era who were an important part of the freedom movement. The children presented all the skits enthusiastically, transforming the present into the past. The result is as follows :

Section Position
Mermaidia First
Elina Second
Cinderella Third
Alice Consolation

14.08.12 - Inter House Quiz, Classes III to XI

“ A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.”
- Mahatma Gandhi

We at Queen’s Valley School believe in the cultural development of our Queens and to ensure this a Heritage Week was organised wherein activities which enrich our Queens’ knowledge about our country, India, were taken up. One such activity a quiz- Monuments of India for classes III-V and Constitution Quiz for classes VI- XI was organised in the Cultural Hall. The main purpose of this activity was to make our Queens aware of our rich heritage.

The historical monuments in India are the silent witnesses of the bygone era. Every monument has a story behind it and has a landmark status in the history of India. The historical remains have a unique significance and legend. Indian culture has always amazed all other countries and has mesmerized people across different beliefs and origins. There are dozens of famous monuments throughout the country, each one an important part of India's rich heritage. The little Queens were tested on their knowledge about the monuments of our country. The audience thus was motivated to more places of cultural importance.

The Constitution of India lays down the framework defining fundamental political principles, establishes the structure, procedures, powers, and duties of government institutions. It specifies the fundamental rights, directive principles and the duties of citizens. Our senior Queens were tested on their knowledge about the Constitution of India. It proved a great success as it not only checked our Queens’ awareness but also enriched their knowledge.

The Queens participated with great enthusiasm. Their performance was a pleasant surprise for the judges. The winners were applauded for their performance and encouraged to go deeper into the ocean of knowledge.

The Winners:

Winner: Integrity House

Name Class
Snehashrees Patra III A
Ritwika Nandi IV C
Navya Solanki V A

Winner: Integrity House

Name Class
Rashmi Dahiya VI C
Komal Kakkar VII C
Akanksha Gupta VIII A

Winner: Courage House

Name Class
Priyanjali Pratap Singh IX-C
Shraddha Yadav IX-B
Richa Mahajan IX-B
Anashwara Pradeep X-C

13.08.12 – Independence Day Celebration

“ Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high; Where knowledge is free; …….. Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.” “Geetanjali”
- Rabindranath Tagore”

August 15 is a day of great significance and importance in every Indian’s life. We celebrate this day to honour our nation and its people. We pay our tribute to the people who sacrificed their lives for us. On this day people from all religions come together in the spirit of national belonging and unity. For every Indian, it signifies growth, prosperity, peace and unity. It is a time to remember the time when India awoke to life and freedom and discovered herself all over again after a period of repressive colonial rule.

The 66th Independence Day in Queen’s Valley School was celebrated with great pomp and show. The function was presided over by the Chairman Mr. S.K. Sachdeva and other members of the Managing Committee. The National flag which speaks a thousand stories of selfless sacrifice, progressive patriotism and the tolerant triumph of truth was unfurled by the Chairman and the National Anthem sung with a great deal of national fervour to pay respect to the flag and to uphold the sovereignty of our country. After this, the Chairman addressesd the gathering. He infused the fervour of the moment into the young minds by reminding them of our martyrs who did not give up in the face of adversities and thus, set a pedestal for themselves for future generations to follow suit.

Throughout the past, India has preached and practised tolerance and understanding. It permeates the whole fabric of Indian life. Showcasing the same charm and ubiquity of our philosophy of life, the queens of classes 6th and 7th brought to life our national motto and national emblem through their performances filled with patriotic zeal and fervour.

The mesmerising themes for the revelry were a mix of education and culture. To showcase the motto ‘Satyamev Jayate’, an amalgamation of Indian Classical and Western forms was presented. It symbolised India’s ideal of peaceful coexistence with the West. While on one side was showcased the idea of our nation’s strength and combative spirit through ‘Singham Dance’ and ‘Chhau Dance’, the other side demonstrated the cultural heritage of the country in the Grand Finale which showed a blend of all the dance forms. This could be seen as a miniature of our nation on the stage as it signified our cherished ideal of ‘Unity in Diversity’.

At the end, the honoured dignitaries released the balloons which mark the release of age old chains and symbolise embracing of modern thoughts for progress and betterment in the direction of becoming a future global leader.

This filled the entire atmosphere with patriotic zeal and left the audience spell‐bound.

09.08.2012 – Janmashtami Celebrations

The l’il queens of class I Daffodil celebrated the festival of Janmashtami to recreate Krishna’s legendary powers. They presented a mesmerizing and beautiful skit on lord Krishna’s birth and his life. They came dressed as Krishna and Radha in vibrant colours and set the mood for the celebration. The assembly began with the school prayer conducted melodiously by the students. The enactment began with the birth of Lord Krishna in prison which was then followed by the gleeful yet naughty activities of Krishna. The grief and agony of Kalia Naag was brought out beautifully by the budding queens. They danced to the tunes of ‘Woh kisna hai’ and ‘Makkhan chura le gaya’. The war between Krishna and King Kans was also presented. The assembly ground resounded with the echoes of Lord Krishna’s name when class II queens showed the glimpses of Krishna’s life. ‘Darshan do bhagvan’ was beautifully sung by Divsheen Kaur of class II- Strawberry. The audience became a part of the celebration by singing and humming along.

03.08.12 & 04.08.12 - QVS moves up to the National Level

“ What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing”
- Aristotle

At QVS, we have always believed in learning by doing and preparing a science model is a perfect example of hands-on, innovative and creative learning.

Our girls participated in CBSE Regional level Science Exhibition 2012-13 held in Bloom Public School, Vasant Kunj on 3rd and 4th August’ 2012. As many as 85 CBSE affiliated schools from south-west Delhi region displayed approximately 130 projects/exhibits on various themes. The theme of the exhibition was ‘Science, Society and Environment.’

Out of the 130 projects on display only 15 projects were selected for the next level i.e. National-Level. The judgment was based on the involvement of the child's own creativity and imagination, originality and innovation, scientific principle, technical workmanship and craftsmanship, utility and educational value for layman and children, economic aspect, portability, durability and, explanation and demonstration.

Our School was represented by two teams who displayed models on the theme, ‘Energy-resources and Conservation’ and ‘Agriculture and Food security’-

Exhibit : Intelligent Washing Machine
Nikita Singh X B
Avni Singh X B

Exhibit : Soil Moisture Sensor
Apoorvi Dwivedi X C
Tanmaya Murthy XI B

Both the exhibits were a result of days of hard work put in by students. The model ‘Soil Moisture Sensor’ under the theme ‘Agriculture and Food security’ was selected for the NATIONAL LEVEL SCIENCE EXHIBITION. The exhibit aimed to conserve soil, sense its moisture requirement for better irrigation practices. Judges showed keen interest in the project and appreciated it for its uniqueness, low monetary inputs and great utility for the agricultural sector. The girls were awarded certificates for their outstanding performance at the exhibition

01.08.12 - Rakhi Making Competition

A festival like “Raksha Bandhan” stands out as a unique tradition of Indian Culture that emphasizes on the importance of relationships and emotional bonding. This “bond of protection” reaffirms the sacred bond of love between brothers and sisters. The simple threads of Rakhi symbolize the celebration of love and affection.

To celebrate the forthcoming festival of 'Raksha Bandhan', the students of class III to V participated in a Rakhi Making Competition on 1st August 2012. It is rightly said,

“It is better to create than to be learned, creating is the true essence of life”

It was truly a delight to watch the young hands of our little queens put together variety of materials like mirrors, stars, colourful flowers, sparkles, beads, ribbons, ornaments, all put together with adhesive of love and affection to deliver extremely creative masterpieces.

They crafted beautiful Rakhis exhibiting not only their talent but also their emotions while designing an exclusive Rakhi which would adorn the wrist of their brothers. The little hands of the students made sure that they put in their very best and therefore left no stone unturned while designing the perfect Rakhi.

This competition brought out the hidden artistic talents of our students and helped them exploit their creative skills to the maximum.

The winners:

Class III
Name Class Position
Shweta Dalal III A I
Bhoomika Gupta III B II
Akansha Bhatia III A III

Class IV
Name Class Position
Akansha Bhatia IV D I
Mitraa Nair IV B II
Khushi Bhardwaj IV D III

Class V
Name Class Position
A. Mahathi Poornima V C I
Kavya Pandey V D II
Jaishree Rana V D III
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