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27.12.2012: Workshop on Robotics

“The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.”

The advent of robots is no longer an idea of science fiction; it has quickly becoming an intrinsic part of our lives. Over last two decades the robotics has in many ways transformed our daily lives from work routines to social networking. Today robotics allows us to perform better surgery, to automatically park cars, to clean our homes and to explore remote planets.

Technological innovations affect all aspects of our lives and the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. So, it is imperative to best prepare the students to be informed, conscientious leaders in a technologically advanced society. At QVS we always take such initiatives which help in providing opportunities to young queens and developing their young minds.In order to promote awareness among the Queens about Robotics, Queen's Valley School conducted a workshop on ROBOTICS on 27th December, 2012 so as to support children in their quest for better development and to make the students aware of the fact that ‘Robotics’ claims to be a prospect in career options. Queens of classes 6th and 7th participated in it.

The resource person was Mr. Tarun from “BULO LEARNING SYSTEMS”. They develop ‘Robomania’ which is Robotics curriculum designed on the ‘BuLo Robotronics Kit’ by Building Blocks. In this workshop, the Queens learnt to make actual working robots.

Queens showcased their talent by making a MOTORISED ROBOT. They participated with a great enthusiasm. Their excitement was unmatched. It was an enjoyable experience for all the participants. They also learnt about different kinds of Robotic models ranging from an object lifting crane to line sensing moving robot to a bulldozer. The event acted as a booster for their confidence and creativity. Undoubtedly, we all eagerly look forward to such an electrifying event next time!!!

27.12.12: Mental and Reasoning Ability : QVS Olympiad
(Classes IX – XI)

“Mathematics as an expression of the human mind reflects the active will, the contemplative reason, and the desire for aesthetic perfection. Its basic elements are logic and intuition, analysis and construction, generality and individuality.”

In an attempt to encourage logical reasoning and analytical thinking in the minds of our queens, Mathematics week was conducted in Queens Valley School from 24th Dec 2012 to 28th Dec 2012.

During Mathematics week, an online mental and reasoning ability test- QVS Olympiad was conducted on 27th Dec 2012.

Fifteen students from class IX to XI appeared for the test who were selected on the basis of a preliminary round. Preliminary test contained questions based on logic reasoning.

The finalists appeared for the online test which contained multiple choice logical reasoning questions. All the queens participated with zeal and enthusiasm.

It was an enjoyable learning experience for all!

The Winners:
Name Class Position
Manisha Yadav XI - D I
Kritika Chahar XI - D II
Sherry Sharma X - B III


“The Universe is written in Mathematical language and letters........Galileo”

Most of the times, the understanding of fundamental concepts alone does not help the students to crack competitive exams. Students need regular training to familiarize themselves to the style of the exams they are attempting.

With this aim in mind Math Week was celebrated in QVS from Dec 24 to Dec 28, which enriched our queen’s knowledge about math.

One such event-‘Mental Maths QVS Olympiad’ was organized on Dec 27, 2012.

Mathematical Olympiad was a problem solving competition which was open to all “Mathletes”. The main purpose of this competition was to identify and encourage the mathematical creativity among queens.

All students of classes (III-V) were eligible to take part in MMQO. The questions were designed to fill the gap in problem solving and to build up the confidence in the students. Olympiad question paper was based on objective type questions.

This Olympiad will definitely help those students who participate in competitions and who are interested in math. This was an amazing and knowledgeable event for the queens as well as for the teachers.

Name Class & Section Position
Dishita Sharma
Surabhi Ghosh
Arushi Garg
Ritwika Nandi
Ashwarya Jha
Arooshi Sharma
Arushi Arora
Divya Suri
Jiya Adhikari


“Mathematics is both the queen and the hand-maiden of all sciences.”

The National Curriculum Framework, 2005 recommends that a child’s life at school must be linked to his life outside the school. This principle marks a departure from the legacy of bookish learning. In an attempt to discourage rote learning and to develop a setup of logical reasoning in the minds of our queens, Mathematics week was conducted in Queen’s Valley School from 24th Dec 2012 to 28th Dec 2012.

During Mathematics week, an online aptitude test – ‘Bent of mind’ was organised on 26th Dec 2012. It was a competition to enhance the critical and logical thinking in the students.

The Aptitude test was open to all the interested students of classes IX to XI. Twelve students who appeared for the test were selected on the basis of a preliminary round. The Preliminary test consisted of10 multiple choice questions based on logic.

The finalists appeared for the online aptitude test which contained 20 multiple choice logical reasoning problems. Out of the 12 mathletes who appeared for the test, two students were selected for the First prize and two students were selected for the second prize.

This activity definitely helped the students in the enrichment of logical thinking, critical thinking, decision making skills and common sense. It involved mind sensory mechanics, perception and cognition.

Students participated in the activity with great interest and enthusiasm. It was an amazing experience for both the students as well as the teachers.

The Winners:
Name Class & Section Position
Tanya Sethi XI B I
Mahima Sokhanda IX C I
Princess Priya X C II
Pooja Kumari X B II

24.12.12 : Inter – Class Sudoku Storey Competition

QVS celebrated Mathematics Week from 24th to 28th December 2012. As a part of it, Sudoku Storey Competition was organized for classes IV – V.

Sudoku is a mathematical puzzle which helps the learner to use skills like logical reasoning and analysis. It involves dealing with variable inputs at one time. It also involves the method of forming hypothesis to verify the solution.

On 17th December the prelim round for Sudoku Storey was conducted for classes IV and V. In the Prelim round students were given a 6x6 Sudoku to solve. All the students participated with zeal and enthusiasm. Beautifully decorated Sudoku’s were collected and the result was announced the same day.

Students selected in the Prelim round went to the final round which was conducted on 24th December. Selected students were given a higher level Sudoku to solve. The student who solved the Sudoku correctly in the least possible time was selected as the winner.

It was an enjoyable learning experience for all!

The Winners:

Class IV
Name Class
Megha Bhargava IV - C

Class V
Name Class
Anshu Ahlawat V - B

24.12.2012 : Math-a-Toon Activity

Drawing is a form of visual art that makes use of any number of drawing instruments It is one of the simplest and most efficient means of communicating visual ideas. It is a form of visual expression and is one of the major forms within the visual arts.

The Queens of III classes enthusiastically participated in the activity Math-a-Toon. It was an inter-class activity wherein the students used their imagination and drew some cartoons to symbolize Math Week, on an A4 sheet. They used pencil colours and crayons to make their cartoons eye-catching. Our Queens successfully created innovative and colourful cartoons by putting in their best.

It was a refreshing activity for the little Queens. This activity brought out their hidden talents. The activity was enjoyable and exciting. Queens were judged on the basis of their creativity and presentation.

The winners are :
Name Class & Section Position
Laavanya III-B I
Kairavi Bhansali III-C II
Prajna Gon III-F III
Manini III-F III

21.12.2012 : Show and Tell Competition

The purpose of a show and tell competition is to give a platform to children to present their thoughts about their immediate environment. They develop the confidence to face an audience and exercise their oral and presentation skills.

QVS organized a Show and Tell competition on Friday 21st December2012 for the princesses of Pre-Nursery .The theme of the competition was Fruits and Vegetables.QVS saw a riot of colours on 21st December2012, as the li’l princesses entered the school dressed as an apple, tomato, cauliflower, mango, orange, banana etc. They surprised the audience by their performance, describing each fruit and vegetable in detail. They specified the qualities of the vegetable and fruit kingdom and the harmful effects of staying away from them. It was a personal victory for every child who participated.

The result is as follows:
Name Position
Vanshika Gupta First
Sneha Nayak Second
Saanvi Bhadwal Third
Rhythm Sirohi Third
Shivani Pratap Third

18.12.2012 & 19.12.2012 : Spin a Yarn – Story Telling Competition

Storytelling is a universal and traditional art form that has featured strongly in all cultures as an effective communication tool. Story telling has mental, social and educational benefits for children. People of all ages love stories. Children are fond of stories and love to listen to them. Stories help children to visualize the plot and characters. Story telling introduces new vocabulary to children.

Keeping in mind the benefits of storytelling, QVS organized a story telling competition- “Spin a Yarn” for the li’l Queens of Pre-School and Pre-Primary on 18th and 19th December 2012 respectively. The response was overwhelming and it amazed us with the hidden talent of our young storytellers. They took us far and wide with their stories. The result of the competition is as follows:

Pre School :
Name Section Position
Navishtha Priya Snowdrop First
Sweekriti Shekhawat Sarah Second
Avishi Chaudhary Snowhite Third
Asmi Sethi Snowhite Third

Pre Primary :
Name Section Position
Vijaya Rani Tinkerbell First
Garima Zalpuri Elina Second
Riya Kharbanda Mermaidia Third
Sukriti Jhamb Mermaidia Third

11.12.2012 : Footloose – Dance Competition

Dance transcends all art forms. It gives wings to hands and feet and takes the dancer to another world. it is important to develop a sense of rhythm in children, as children love to experience movement in different forms.QVS organised FOOTLOOSE-Dance competition for the princesses of Pre-Nursery to Pre-Primary on three consecutive days in the month of December 2012.This competition showcased performances on English and Hindi music, folk songs and bhajans. The little Queens danced beautifully and enthralled the audience by their captivating and scintillating performances.

The result is as follows:

Name Position
Sneha Nayak First
Shrishti Goswami Second
Vanshika Gupta Third
Rhythm Sirohi Third
Saanvi Vartak Third

Pre School :
Name Section Position
Manasvi Vashishtha Sarah First
Yashika Mishra Jasmine Second
Bhavini  Garg Sarah Third
Yashika Sarah Third

Pre Primary :
Name Section Position
Hargun Kaur Dhingra Mermaidia First
Manvi Yadav Alice Second
Sampada Chauhan Tinkerbell Second
Chahat Tiwari Mermaidia Third

11.12.2012 : Be a Designer – Badge Making Competition

A badge is a symbol of disambiguation or a simple means of identification. The little queens of Queen’s Valley are undoubtedly the future reigning queens across the various fields. So what better way could it be to represent this status than to design a badge for themselves.

It is said that every individual is born with some natural ability. The prowess of elders in recognizing these abilities and thereafter harnessing them plays an important role in developing the young mind. For talents may do wonders for them if recognized and encouraged at the right time. So “Design a Badge” competition was organized in the premises of Queen’s Valley School where our little designers of class I and II got an opportunity to show their creativity and talent.

It was a grand display of talent and imagination well portrayed by the children. The enthusiasm shown by the kids was heartening and the competition proved to be a success. Students came up with innovative ideas. The designed badges were amalgamation of the child’s personality and the school’s motto. Each badge turned out to be as unique as our little designers. The whole event induced a sense of belonging in the students towards their school and vice-versa.

The winners of this inter-class competition are:

Class I :
Name Class & Section Position
Sanskriti Ray I Daffodil I
Riddhi Grover I Lily II
Siya I Lily III

Class II :
Name Class & Section Position
Srishti Verma
Sneha Sharma
II Cranberry
II Mulberry
Iha Goyal
Nishka Lundia
II Strawberry
II Cranberry
Ayushi Rai
Mansi Solanki
II Cherryberry
II Raspberry
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