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27.07.12 - Show and Tell Competition

”Public Speaking is the art of diluting a two minute idea with a two hour vocabulary”

To train the students on the finer points of public speaking such as body language, facial expression, intonation, confidence and dramatic delivery, Queens Valley School organized a Show & Tell competition for Classes I & II on 27.7.12. The students brought the objects of their choice. The objects ranged from macaw, newspaper, CFL to the toys of their choice. The stamina and the depth of knowledge of these young competitors about the object they brought, was fascinating and awe inspiring. They mesmerized the audience with their performance and made the show extremely enjoyable and a true learning experience for everyone

The winners are:

Class II
Name Class Position
Piyavi Ghosh II Cranberry I
Shreen Sharma II Huckleberry I
Hana Arora II Mulberry II
Hemakshi Jain II Huckleberry II
Srishti Verma II Cranberry III

Class I
Name Class Position
Diya Wadhwani I Tulip I
Siya Anwekar I Lily I
Parnavi Yadav I Lily II
Barkha I Marigold II
Aayushi Bisht I Daisy III

27.07.12 : Inter House Competition - Science Through Expressions (Classes VI - VIII)

“ Man is unique not because he does science, and he is unique not because he does art, but because science and art equally are expressions of his marvelous plasticity of mind”
- Jacob Branowski

Science, as a subject is universal and knows no boundaries. Science has almost revolutionised human life and proved indispensable for the very existence of man. Now, supremacy of Science has been established in every field. In fact, so great is its importance for man and society that the present day people live in an ‘age of science’.

Knowledge of the methods of observation in the different branches of Science helps pupils to develop a logical mind, a critical judgment and a capacity for methodical organization.Facial expressions are the main method of communicating the emotion of the subject to the viewer. But the value of observing and understanding facial expressions goes much further.

We at QVS make an endeavour to make learning science enjoyable and fun-loving and therefore we organized ‘Science through Expressions’ event on 27 July 2012. Our queens participated in an inter-house competition. The theme of the competition was ‘Science Through Expressions’ which aimed at enacting and interpreting scientific terms through expressions. Our queens showcased their talent by enacting the scientific terms given to them. Members of the participating teams enacted scientific terms given to them as per their turns while others observed and tried to guess. The event was conducted in four rounds. Our queens participated with a great enthusiasm. Their excitement was unmatched. It was an enjoyable experience for the teams as well as for the audience. The event acted as a booster for their confidence and creativity.

The effort made by our queens for their commendable performances are heartily appreciated. Queens were judged on the basis of their creativity, confidence and presentation.

Winner: Truth House

Name Class
Jaanavi Bakshi VI A
Kaushkee Vats VII B
Souravi Halder VIII B

27.07.12 : Accolades for Weave-A-Tale Competition

”Weaving a tale of success or competition is the mother of invention”

A story telling competition was organised at 'The Indian Heights School' on 27th July' 2012 where the queens of Queen's Valley School outshone the other participants and brought scintillating laurels to the school. Our queens stood third in the event in which twenty five other schools of Delhi/NCR also participated.

The girls of QVS presented their innate talents and the audience squealed in delight at every twist in the tale that they wove with their ideas, creativity and imagination. The girls were judged on their fluency, pronunciation, voice modulation, expressions and giving an appropriate title to their tale. The tale presented by the students enlightened the audience. The schools of Delhi showcased a plethora of talent to the stage showing different expressions, settings and excellent speech delivery.

The queens of QVS are unmatched in their quest for excellence. The event was an enriching experience for the participants as well as the audience. The girls who made the school proud are:

Name Class
Lavanya Yadav III B
Ritwika Nandi IV C
Krittika Ghosh V B

26.07.12 - Inter Class Science Time Sketch Time (Classes III-V)

Sketching is considered a visual thinking tool. A sketch is about generating ideas, solving problems, and communicating ideas more effectively with others. Sketching provides a unique space that helps a person to think differently, generate a variety of ideas quickly, explore alternatives with less risk, and encourage constructive discussions.

To bring out this expression skill, Queen’s Valley School organized Science Time Sketch Time for the students of classes III- V on the 26th of July’ 12. This was a competition with a difference. It gave an opportunity to the students to combine science fiction and animation on paper and t-shirts.

This intra-class competition was organized at two levels with a common theme- Science Fiction Cartoons. The students of class III executed the sketches on paper using graphite pencils. The queens brought their artistic ability to the fore by working the sketches on lightweight paper first and then tracing the finished drawing onto a new sheet for a clean, crisp result. On the other hand, the students of classes IV and V displayed their work on t-shirts using fabric colours. The queens painted brilliantly and gracefully intertwining the scientific theme with the art form.

The purpose of the competition was to hone the queens’ ability to record impressions through sketching since the technique has found varied purposes in today's culture such as designing, coding and writing. This intention of the organizers found fulfillment when they saw the queens perform brilliantly. The students had worked on figure drawing, oil painting skills and had learnt to master light, shade and color as well as human anatomy.

They used their imagination and drew characters from classic comic book fantasy, alien landscapes and space ships. There were some truly excellent cartoons which brought science fiction and animation together in absolutely awesome ways which left the judges spellbound.

The winners are:

Class III :
Name Class Position
Mimangsha  K Bhuyan III D I
Laavanya III B II

Class IV :
Name Class Position
Aananya Jha IV A I
Khushi Khan IV A I
Mehak Yadav IV A II
Ritika IV C II

Class V:
Name Class Position
Arooshi Arora V B I
Anshu Ahlawat V B II

27.07.12: Inter Class Slogan Writing Competition

Slogans are memorable phrases often used in conjunction with logos for advertising campaigns or propagating new ideas. They are the most effective means of drawing attention to one or more aspects of a product, brand or a campaign.

A good slogan is short, sharp and relevant and has a bit of alliteration. It holds the promise of fun and entertainment. It puts across different expectations and creates anticipation for the idea it propagates.

An interesting slogan writing competition was conducted at Queen’s Valley School on 27th July 2012. The theme of the competition was ‘Sustainable and scientific living styles’. In this inter‐class competition the students of classes 9 to 11 were asked to create slogans to highlight the importance of saving natural resources and minimizing their wastage.

Through their slogans the students brought out the ways in which our lives will be enriched and made easy if we save, reuse and recycle our natural resources. The slogans coined by the students taught us to be more responsible towards our environment and Mother Earth. The competition brought out the fact that putting three words together is within the capabilities of most students. Rhyming is the secret to successful slogan writing, but importance needs to be given to the key words also. It proved that writing a good and useful slogan is a form of art ‐ the simple the better. When a good slogan is seen or heard on its own, away from other stimuli, it immediately strikes a chord in our minds and connects us to the cause.

The Winners:
Name Class Position
Shriya Mahajan X I
Mahima Shokhanda IX II
Archana Aswal IX III

26.07.12 & 27.07.12 - Solo Song Competition Classes Pre School and Pre Primary
“ Music is the universal language”.

It is said that ‘Music is the food for soul!’ and our li’l Queens truly justified this saying by creating such a mesmerizing aura where everyone enjoyed the beautiful combination of music and sweet voices.

The morning of July 26 and 27 was marked with the wonderful musical tunes for Queen’s Valley School. Students of Pre School and Pre Primary came out with their vocal talent and charmed the audience with the sweetness of their songs. As the li’l Nightingales presented their songs and the audience was thoroughly spell bound by the budding artists of Queen’s Valley School. The Queens sang bhajans, children’s songs and patriotic songs. The idea was to provide an opportunity to showcase their talent and to further polish and refine them.

The sweetest singers of the event as identified by the judges are:

Name Section Position
Anushka Tripathi Snowdrop I
Preeti Chikkara Jasmine II
Ojasvi Saluja Jasmine II
Rahi Bhalerao Angelina II
Yashna Bhutani Snow white III

Name Class Position
Garima Zalpuri Elina I
Anshika Goswami Cinderella II
Manchint Kaur Cinderella II
Rashi Sharma Mermaidia III
Sukriti Jhamb Mermaidia III

26.07.12: Science Jingle Competition

“I want to be a Scientist”

I want to be a scientist I want to own a lab
I want to be a specialist you might think I’m mad
I want to use a laser beam I want to win awards
I want to measure gravity and study different laws
I don’t want to be a circus clown I don’t want to be a nurse
I don’t want to be an undertaker and drive around in a hearse
I don’t want to be a fireman and battle fires all day
I want to be a scientist a scientist of today!

Students are naturally curious, which makes science an ideal subject for them to learn. Science allows students to explore their world and discover new things. Moreover, learning Science becomes very beneficial when linked with other subjects such as Geography, Mathematics and English which forms a base for integrated learning.

We at QVS, endeavour to make learning Science as an enjoyable experience and one that the children will remember for a life time. We are aware that learning Science is an on‐going process and it will continue even when these children have stepped out of the school. Reading or hearing quality poetry can enliven traditional science content and extend learning. Therefore, as a melodious link in the learning process QVS organized an inter class Science Jingle competition on 26th of July wherein the queens turned up with wonderful poems based on various aspects of science. Amalgamation of science with the art of poetry proved to be a creative experience and fostered a sense of wonder, enthusiasm, and interest in science for the learners. Mother Earth would have indeed woken up from its slumber on hearing the sweet notes of our nightingales. Science poems were meaningful, frolicsome, amusing, and diversionary which emphasized observation, imagination or emotion.

The students who were on the other side of the stage were completely engrossed and appreciated the various poems based on science and its concepts. A common response to good poetry was: “I never thought of it in that way.”

Using poetry in science education was indeed an aesthetic experience, stimulating students’ observation, imagination, and emotion leading to a three dimensional growth.

The result was as follows:
Riya Gupta VIII D First
Adriza Mishra VII C Second
Aastha Chakrawarthy VI A Second
Aanchal Thapar VIII D Third

26.07.12: Inter House Role Play – Science Analogy

Role play is a product of ‘play’, ‘games’ and ‘simulation’. In science education, role play may be seen as an interaction between these three components and the child who ‘performs’ the activity. This results in positive learning outcomes. The theory behind the use of role play in science teaching and learning – as with ‘active’, ‘experiential’ or ‘child‐centered’ learning – is that children are encouraged to be physically and intellectually involved in their lessons to allow them to both express themselves in a scientific context and develop an understanding of difficult concepts.

With the aim of imparting knowledge through experimentation, “Role Play‐ Science Analogy” was organized in Queen’s Valley School on July 26, 2012. The inter‐house competition was conducted with 6‐7 members each, representing classes IX to XI. The students acted as objects and elements and enacted scientific theories, principles and concepts like Global Warming, Space, Robotics and Nervous System. They used small props like placards and posters for enactment.

Our queens faced the challenge with great enthusiasm and came out with flying colours. Their wholehearted participation was equally applauded by the nonparticipants. The competition encouraged the spirit of scientific temperament, experimentation and reasoning in our Queens and at the same time led to clarity of concepts and improvement in presentation skills.

Winner: Integrity House

Name Class
Shifali Chakrawarty X
Shriya Mahajan X
Harshita Mamman X
Indira Dasan IX
Anushka Arora IX

25.07.12: From Trash to Treasure with Tetra‐Packs
(Classes III–V)

“The onion you are eating is someone else’s water lily”

This old Chinese saying rightly expresses what we mean when we say ‘someone’s trash is somebody else’s treasure.’ We often dismiss or throw away what is actually a good source of ideas or material. In fact, there could be just any number of valuable assets waiting for us in the nearest garbage can. Turning trash to treasure is true recycling which describes a process of converting waste or unwanted materials into new materials or products of a better quality or a higher environmental value. If we manage to look beyond the current purpose of a product or thing and see its next life hidden inside, we turn trash to treasure. This helps us in using less resource, creating less waste, living a more sustainable life and feels good about it.

The Queens of classes III‐V enthusiastically participated in this activity on 25 July as part of ‘Science and Technology Week’ by re‐using tetra‐packs. They put on their thinking caps and reused tetra‐packs to create products like a potted plant holder, mini greenhouse, a purse made from strips of juice cartons, a business card holder, a wallet, a penholder. Interesting shapes of plant and animals with quotes and sayings on them were also created. The articles were decorated beautifully and had practical use as well. By turning trash to treasure, the Queens learnt new skills which are eco‐friendly also. The activity proved to be a success as each Queen got to learn from the other. It was easy and it is the future! The best three from each grade were selected as the winners.

Class III Winners:
Name Class Position
Priyanshi III F I
Surabhi Ghosh III D II
Sanika III D III
Saumya Gelani III F III

Class IV Winners:
Name Class Position
Asmit Kaur Narang IV E I
Ishmeet Kaur IV E II
Aananya Jha IV A III

Class V Winners:
Name Class Position
Anushka V A I
Alankriti Aggarwal V B II
Himanshi Vats V A III
Bhavya V C III

24.07.12: Inter-House Science Quiz (Classes VI-XI)

“ A quiz is a mind sport in which the players attempt to answer questions correctly.”

A quiz provides us with fun, promotes our knowledge and at the same time, increases our information. They inculcate scientific temper in the students and create awareness and sensitivity in the students towards their environment. It helps to measure growth in knowledge, abilities and skills of the students. Believing in the same, an inter-house Science Quiz Competition was conducted at Queen’s Valley School on 24th July’12 for classes VI to XI as a part of the Science Week being observed in the school. Participants of the quiz made the most of the opportunity and displayed their knowledge very enthusiastically.

The quiz was a diagnostic evaluation of the students regarding their basic knowledge about the three streams- Physics, Chemistry and Biology. There were various rounds like Science ke superstars-Boojho to Jaanein, Rapid Fire, Know Thy Scientific World, Bull’s Eye, Scrambled words and Memory Round which aimed at evaluating the students’ knowledge and understanding of the scientific concepts and principles.

The quiz-stars geared up and exercised their brains. The quiz uncovered the hidden arenas of the Queens. They took on the quiz master’s challenge with great enthusiasm and came out with flying colours. The students really enjoyed the quiz and their pool of knowledge was enriched through this exercise.

The Winners:

VI-VIII : Winner - Integrity House
Name Class
Rashmi Dahiya VI-C
Adriza Mishra VII-C
Akanksha Gupta VIII-A

IX-XI : Winner - Peace House
Name Class
Sakshi Agarwal IX-A
Anjali Rana X-A
Anushka Yadav XI-B

23.07.12 - Inter Class Sci-fi Cartoon Making Competition
(Classes VI–VIII)

Everyone loves cartoons. They’re little bite-sized tit-bits of humour and satire that can bring a smile or a laugh while at the same time delivering a subtle (or not-so-subtle) message. We at Queens Valley School organized a sci-fi cartoon making completion for classes 6th to 8th on the 23rd of July 2012 as a part of the Science and Technology week being held at the school. The main idea behind this competition was to bring out the imaginative and creative skills of our queens.

This interclass competition provided a platform to the students to create cartoon characters out of the famous sci-fi characters, super heroes, scientific concepts and various animals on the drawing sheets provided to them. They made funny and amazing cartoons about various scientific concepts being taught in their syllabus, the science fictions that they read and various scientific and environmental changes happening in today’s world. Using various artistic techniques they added a sketch effect to their cartoons or coloured them in vibrant colours.

The short, effective and catchy captions of these cartoons really left a lasting impression on the judges’ mind. It proved that writing a grammatically correct slogan or a tag-line to bring out the complete impact of a cartoon is essential. These cartoons brought out the fact that lettering is extremely important - it tells half your story, while the pictures tell the other half. Hand lettering can be time consuming and difficult, but it looks superb when done by a talented calligrapher.

The students conveyed a plethora of ideas for safeguarding the environment through their cartoons. They produced some truly excellent cartoons that combined science fiction and education in absolutely awesome ways.

The winners:

For Class VI
Name Class Position
Jaanavi Bakshi VI A I
Mohita VI C II
Ishika Budhiraja VI A III

For Class VII
Name Class Position
Charvi VII A I
Kaushkee VII B II

For Class VIII
Name Class Position
Riya Gupta VIII D I
Meghna VIII D II
Priya Singh VIII  A III

23.07.12 to 28.07.12 - Science Week, The Inauguration Ceremony

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
- Carl Sagan

Science has become an indispensable part of our lives. Imagine a day in our lives sans scientific gadgets and equipment. Just think about the distance we will have to cover up walking, in case there are no vehicles, or worse, imagine no vaccines or cures for diseases. As scientific advancement has become the need of the hour, Queen’s Valley School organized ‘Science Week’ from July 23, 2012 to July 28, 2012 and gave its Queens a brilliant platform to engage in the spirit of scientific exploration and experimentation and at the same time, showcase their vision of a scientific future.

The Science Festival began with great pomp and show in the school playground. It began with the lamp lighting ceremony by the Principal and the science teachers who always inspire the students to think about new ways to explore the universe. This was followed by a pledge in honour of science and the sustainable scientific living that the school promotes. After this, the captivating Nature Song was presented by the choir group of the school which again infused the spirit of sustainable development and eco-friendly living in our Queens.

The next event was a Science Analogy Play by the girls of class X. It was based on ‘Light’ and unravelled the unique characteristics of ‘Light’ and the enigmatic discoveries of the various scientists and inventors. At the same time, it illuminated the light of knowledge among the Queens. The final event was a Biodiversity Rap presented by class XII girls which again encouraged the sense of judicial use and preservation of environment in the young girls. Finally the Principal declared the science week open. It was a moment of great pride for the students and teachers to be a part of an institution which works so wholeheartedly for the promotion of science and scientific knowledge.

This festival is aimed at engaging the students in interactive science activities and generating scientific excitement and awareness. It was an exciting and learning experience for our queens who pledged to continue taking steps to minimize environmental damage and make a judicial use of resources. The activities to be conducted throughout the week are:

SCIENCE WEEK (23-28 July 2012)

Date Activity Class
23-Jul Happy Food Items III-V
23-Jul Sci-Fi Cartoons VI-VIII
23-Jul Debate IX-XI
24-Jul Science 'o' Mania-The Science Quiz VI-XI
25-Jul From Trash to Treasure with Tetra-Pak III-V
26-Jul Science-Time-Sketch Time III-V
26-Jul Science Jingles VI-VIII
26-Jul Role Play- Science Analogy IX-XI
27-Jul Science through expressions VI-VIII
27-Jul Slogan writing: 'Sustainable and scientific living styles'                       IX-XI
28-Jul Science Exhibition  

23.07.12 – Inter Class Competition : Happy Food Items
(Classes III – V)

“ Wisdom is to the mind, what health is to the body”

Good nutrition and a balanced diet helps children in maintaining good health and uniform growth. Abiding by this saying Queen's Valley School organised a fancy dress competition on 23rd July, 2012 to highlight the importance of Healthy Food in a child’s life. Fancy dress competitions are the best platform to showcase a child's talent, as well as overcome stage fear and increase a child's confidence.

Our queens participated in the inter class competition where they showcased their talents through colourful performances. The theme of the competition was “Happy Food Items" which aimed at educating the students about the importance of eating a balanced diet and including fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. The little Queens were a bundle of energy and enthusiasm as they came dressed as variety fruits and vegetables like ladyfinger, spinach, apple etc. and demonstrated the importance of eating green vegetables.

The children were judged on their creativity, costume, confidence, presentation and dialogue. Such events aim in helping spark the imagination and unleash the creativity of the students. The enthusiasm and zeal with which the children participated and performed was commendable.

At QVS competitions such as Fancy Dress are not only restricted to the students but also extend to the parents. The effort made and interest taken by the parents was evident in the costumes of some of the children. It can be rightly said that

“Creativity is inventing, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun..."
Mary Lou Cook

The winners:
Name Class Position
Laavanya Yadav III - B I
Prerna Singh V - C II
Soumya Singh IV – A III

23.07.12 – Inter-House Debate Competition (Classes IX-XI)

Debate is an interactive and representational argument where two teams are presented with a topic that they debate on. For the mental maturity and intellectual cultivation of young minds, it is always considered healthy that teachers and students are encouraged to exchange their views. Research has shown that participation in debates increases students’ academic performance, reasoning and logical ability.

With an educational and recreational purpose in mind, Queen's Valley School organized an Inter- House Debate competition for the students of classes IX- XI on the 23rd of July 2012 in the Science and Technology Week. An Intra House preliminary round was conducted to choose the speakers from each House. Teachers played a vital role in honing the research and speaking skills of the students. The winners of Intra House Debate competition competed at the Inter House level.

The topic chosen for the Inter House Debate Competition was “Every scientific advance we make brings us closer to our destruction”. A framework defining how they will interact was provided to the participants to discuss and decide on their differences.

Two students from each house showcased their impressive debating skills in favour of and in opposition to the given topic. It was an interesting experience to watch the queens come up with rebuttals to the opposition’s arguments. The panel of judges judged the queens on the basis of factual accuracy, logical consistency, fluency, pronunciation and degree of emotional appeal to the audience.

The event was a learning experience where the queens performed extremely well highlighting the pros and cons of scientific advancement. They successfully learnt the art of persuasion too.

The winner Team : TRUTH HOUSE
Name Class
Nikita Singh X B
Anshika Sood XI B

The runner up Team : PEACE HOUSE
Name Class
Sakshi Agarwal IX A
Manaswani Sharma IX A

20.07.12 - Solo Song Competition

“ Singing rejuvenates the soul”.

Queen’s Valley School organized a Solo Song Competition for classes I & II. The theme for the competition was Patriotism. It was an attempt to evoke the patriotic spirit among the queens and to capture their heart and ignite their passion for the nation. The budding singers of classes showcased their vocal talent and left the audience spellbound with their foot tapping music and finger snapping songs. The response to the competition was overwhelming. 225 students participated in the preliminary round and 42 students were selected for the final round which was conducted on 20.7.12. At the end of the competition, the hall echoed with ‘Vande Matram’ and rang with the sound of applause for the following winners:

Class I
Name Class Position
Suhani Trivedi I  Dahlia First
Parnavi Yadav I Lily Second
Riya Bhalla I Daisy Third
Diya Joshi I Tulip Third

Class II
Name Class Position
Gauri Sanvi Dutta II Blueberry First
Divsheen Kaur II Strawberry Second
Devika Bisht II Cherryberry Third
Prachi Dahiya II Mulberry Third

20.07.12 - Show and Tell Competition

“ One important key to success is self confidence and an important key to self confidence is preparation”

Queen’s Valley School organized a Show and Tell Competition on 20th July for class Pre-Primary with an aim to provide an opportunity to the Li’l Queens to describe the theme ‘A Blessing from God’ or a shape in a creative and expressive way. Each student had 2 minutes to express their thoughts on the topic chosen. Queens kept the listeners on the edge of their seats with their knowledge about the object or what they thought was a blessing from god. Their thoughts were delivered in crystal clear English, with perfect timing and spell binding effect. The result is as follows. The best performances from each class were

Name Class
Tanushka  Jain Alice
Kavya Shrivastava Cinderella
Garima Zalpuri Elina
Angel Preet Kaur Goldilocks
Chahat Tiwari Mermaidia
Asmi Basu Sarkar
Priyal Jain

12.07.12 – Inter-House Volleyball Competition

Inter- House Volleyball Competition (July 2012-13)

Volleyball originated in the United States and there are 800 million players worldwide who indulge in the sport at least once a week. Our girls at Queen’s Valley School are no less. They too are passionate about the sport and are inspired by its attributes in their life off the field as well. Volleyball involves team work of the highest level. It involves high standards of fitness and strategic planning. The Queens proved equal to the task during the Inter- House Volleyball Competition which was organized in the school the second week of July ’12.

The event was organized for the girls of classes VI to XI from all the four houses – Truth, Courage, Peace and Integrity. The semi- finals were held on 12th July’12. The audience was thrilled to witness a tough competition between the girls from Truth and Courage House on the one hand and, Peace and Integrity House on the other. It was overwhelming to watch that the teams had mastered the six basic skills of the sport: serve, pass, set, attack, block and dig. Volleyball is essentially a game of transition from one of the above skills to the next, with choreographed team movement which materialized on the Queen’s Valley sports field quite well.

The results for the semi- final were:
House Winner
Truth v/s Courage Truth House
Peace v/s Integrity Integrity House

The Inter- House Volleyball Final match was held between Truth House and Integrity House on 12th July ’12.

The queens maneuvered on the field quite effortlessly and impressively. The training which had been imparted to them in managing the team’s strategy as well as basic skills was displayed quite brilliantly in the final confrontation. Their footwork, body positioning in relation to their surroundings, and ball contact kept the audience glued to the field. Their swift movement, anticipation, timing, communication, and team-work were applauded by all.

The winners: Truth House:
Name Class
Kritika Chahar XI D
Vanshika Sangwan XI A
Jyoti Rana XI B
Purnima XI D
Swati Yadav XI D
Komal IX C
Chetna Bhargava IX A
Ritika Tehlan VII D
Riya Yadav VI A
Simran Diwan VI C

10.07.12 – Inter-House Yoga Competition (IV – XI)

“Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame”

The word yoga comes from Sanskrit, the language of ancient India. It means union, integration, or wholeness. It is an approach to health that promotes the harmonious collaboration of the human being's three components: body, mind, and spirit. The ultimate goal of yoga is, however, to help the individual to transcend the self and attain enlightenment.

Children soak in the inputs available to them, which are embedded in their psyche. As they get exposed to myriad experiences in life, it is imperative to arm them with strength of character. Integrity in thought, word and deed are abiding qualities that would hold the children in good stead all through life.

It is here that yoga comes in like divine intervention. Yoga is a science applicable to all age groups. Inculcating the habit of yoga from a very young age is perhaps the ideal way to achieve balance in the mind-body-soul realm. Holistic health, which includes prevention of diseases by improving the thought pattern, regulating the energy flow in the body and realizing the divine within, is as important for children as much as it is for adults.

Yoga acts as a catalyst and unravels the many wonderful qualities that children possess. Apart from the apparent physical benefits, it helps the child become aware and focused. Even special children with learning disorders benefit immensely through the practice of yoga.

School, a home away from home for children, where maximum learning takes place, does well to include health education in the curriculum. In keeping with its aim of health for all effort high, QVS organized an Inter-Class Yoga competition on 10th of July in the school premises ensuring maximum participation. The mesmerizing yogasanas performed by the flexible queens proved that the students are adept in all fields of activity.

The Yoga Queens emphasized the fact that yoga is a way to freedom and by its constant practice, we can free ourselves from fear, anguish and loneliness. The audience was left spell bound as they witnessed the various difficult asanas like Dhanurasana, Suryanamaskara and were also motivated to adopt this healthy and sure shot way of tranquil living. They successfully proved that the yoga mat is a good place to turn to when talk therapy and antidepressants aren't enough.

Yoga is almost like music in a way, there is no end to it.

The result for the semi- final were:

House Winner
Truth v/s Courage Truth House
Peace v/s Integrity Integrity House

The winner: Truth House

Name Class
Sapna VII - C
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