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18.03.12 – Parents’ Orientation Programme

Every novel experience in our life brings anxiety, confusion and lot of queries too. A parent undergoes the same feeling while seeing off his most treasured and valuable possession, i.e., his child at the gate on the very first day of school. But at the same time, the experience becomes healthy, confident and reliable if they are oriented positively towards the institution. QVS understands that every child is special and needs to be nurtured with a lot of care especially at this tender age. Therefore to familarise the new parents with the work process of the school, thereby making them confident and doubt free about the institution, QVS organized a Parents’ Orientation Programme on 18th March’12 in the school premises. It commenced on a welcome note by the Principal, Dr. Ms. Namita Sharma. It was followed by an address by the Vice – Chairman , Mr. Anil Sachdeva who highlighted the innovative curriculum and methodologies followed in the institution. Thereafter a Powerpoint Presentation let the parents have a peep into the various aspects of learning followed in the school. Ranging from the decorum maintained in the school to the familarisation with the faculty, the presentation gave an insight into the complete package of learning at the institution. Later a skit “PTM at Jungle Valley School” was performed that emphasized on the fact that every child is born with a latent talent which needs to be nurtured rather than imposing our will on them. Another skit presented by the teaching faculty gave a message that everyone cannot be satisfied at every point of time, so we should keep working towards achieving our goal rather than thinking about what people say/think.

The programme was taken to an interactive mode by the eminent counselling psychologist and trainer Dr. S Ravindran , who is associated with the Institute of Counsellor Training, Research and Consultancy, CBSE, NCERT etc. Dr. Ravindran not only settled the queries of the parents but also provided them with a good deal of tips regarding child development. The audience witnessed a great session and went home with a hamper of compassion, care, awareness and trust.
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