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15.05.12 – Web-Page Designing Competition

At QVS, it is believed that creativity is not just a skill but more of a gift and those who can show and execute it successfully and proficiently are worthy of admiration and reward. Organization of Web-Page Designing Competition for the students of class IX-X was just another step in the same direction.

Technological innovations affect all aspects of our lives and the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. So, it is imperative to best prepare them to be informed, conscientious leaders in a technologically advanced society. The Web-Page Designing Competition aimed at making the queens of QVS adept and efficient in preparing appealing and enthralling web-sites. It was an opportunity for them to manifest their web-designing skills. It was a pleasure to see the participants displaying great deal of confidence. They showcased good designing skills and thorough understanding of the various aspects of web-designing. It was laudable that the students at such a young age were able to compile and present information so effectively. The sites were judged on content, structure and navigation, visual design, animation, functionality, interactivity and overall impact.

The following students emerged out as the winners:

Indira Dasan I
Mahima Shokhanda II
Smriti Verma III

Nitya Khare I
Shefali Chakrawarty II
HArshita Gaur III

14.05.12 – Multimedia Expressions

“The principle goal of education is to create men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generation has done”
- Jean Piaget

Nobody can deny the importance of right education in today’s scenario. Education today is not limited about what we read in books, it is about letting the learners explore and paint their own canvas. At Queen’s Valley, we believe that the future belong to only those who cannot just create but find new meanings, who are ready to take the challenges and explore the world on their own. We, at Queen’s Valley try our best to equip our queens with all the tools needed to excel. Equipping them with computer knowledge is one such aspect. With the same thought in mind, an inter class Power Point competition was held for class IX. An interesting topic “Could a Robot take over your job? ” got them thinking. The queens came up with brilliant and creative presentation. Looking at the slides prepared by the queens, made us believe that “the whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows” – Harris, Sydney J.

Smriti Verma I
Indira Dasan II
Mahima Shokhanda III

12.05.12 – SAFETY FIRST...!

QVS leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the safety of its queens. Following the same we joined hands with IGL (Indraprastha Gas Limited) and conducted GAS SAFETY COMPETENCY TRAINING for all the drivers of QVS, through their Mobile Training Van. The training was held in QVS premises on 12th May 2012 and all the drivers who operate our buses participated and took advantage of the safety tips given by the faculty resource person.

Apart from the mandatory quarterly leakage checks, the need for regular/daily checks to be carried out by drivers/helpers before starting each trip, were highlighted in the training.

The trainer used very simple language and also used slides to convey the various aspects of safety precautions, which helped our drivers to easily understand the points. Some of the more important safety hints highlighted included:
  • Daily Checks of the valve/knob of the gas cylinder to rule out any rusting/corrosion.
  • Pressure indicator on the fire extinguisher to be checked on daily basis.
  • Leakage should be checked by using liquid detergent, wherein bubbles would indicate leakage. Drivers were STRICTLY WARNED against the use of lighted match stick or cigarette lighter to locate leakage.
  • The mandatory ban on smoking in the bus was emphasized.
  • Whenever there is any sign/indication of leakage, all occupants should be immediately evacuated, after stopping the bus at a safe place.
  • All the three exits (including the EMERGENCY EXIT) should be opened for evacuating the passengers.
  • Emergency Exists should be checked periodically, to avoid jamming due to constant dis-use.
  • In case of fire, all the passengers should be evacuated quickly using all the three doors, and even making way by breaking glass panes.
  • Immediate assistance of local people/Police/Fire Squad should be sought to avoid spreading of fire.
  • At the CNG filling Stations all electric/electronic gadgets including mobile phone/inbuilt radio system, etc should be in switch off mode.
  • Sufficient gap should be kept from the vehicle which is filling gas.
  • After switching off the bus, the key should be handed over to the personnel at the CNG Station, to rule out the possibility of accidental ignition.

The efficient/safe operation of the Fire Extinguisher was also explained in detail and the drivers were asked to exhibit their practical experience.

After all every safety measure counts and knowledge of the same makes us armed for imminent mishap.

10.05.12 – Inter House Kabbadi Competition “Good health is the key to success.”

It is very important to keep ourselves healthy by actively involving ourselves in sports. Sports are important not only for physical fitness and growth of a child, but also for their mental growth. It teaches them quick decision-making and team spirit. It helps in building their confidence and allows them to use their time constructively. It also helps in channelizing their extra energy. They get to learn lessons from their failure as well as success. The Queens of QVS showed active participation in Kabbadi Competition organised for the Queens of classes VI-XI. They showed great team work.

The following were declared the winners:

Neha Yadav XI
Shalu Shokeen XI
Ashima Yadav XI
Kaushiki Kashyap XI
Garima Godara X
Preeti Yadav X
Pratibha Yadav X
Apoorva Juneja X
Aditi Panwar XI
Bhavya Kashyap X
Anjali Rana X
Anju Sehrawat IX

Sudha Sindher XI
Shweta Gahlot XI
Vaishali Choudhary X
Abhilasha Sharma X
Vaishali Saini IX
Roma Yadav VIII
Vanshika Sangwan XI
Jyoti Sehrawat XI
Parul Adhikari X
Muskan Yadav IX
Neha Kumari VIII
Niti Godara VII

08.05.12 – Mother Earth Day Celebrations

Every year the second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day. It is a day to show one’s gratitude and appreciation for the unconditional love a mother showers on her children. Mothers have always been considered harbingers of wellness in the lives of their children. Each one of us appreciates our mothers but how many of us spare a moment for the greatest of all mothers – Mother Earth.

Queen’s Valley School celebrated Mother’s Day on 8th May as Mother Earth Day in order to raise awareness about the way mankind is exploiting and ravaging its Mother. The aim of this celebration was two pronged:
  • To show one’s love and appreciation for Mother Earth
  • To take a pledge to do the best to save and protect Mother Earth

The celebrations commenced with the welcome of the Guest of Honour Mr. Ashish Shah, Deputy Coordinator, Environment Education Unit, Centre for Science and Environment by Tanmaya Murthy and Kavneet Singh. Mr. P. K. Datta, a noted environmentalist was welcomed was also welcomed.

Next on the programme itinerary was a musical rendition of the fight to save the earth by being a ‘defender of the earth’. This musical composition with its inspiring lyrics was well appreciated by those present.

‘Prakriti ka vandan karen’ a ballet was an amalgamation of the Traditional and the Contemporary, giving the message that we need to work in harmony through traditional yet contemporary methods to look after the environment and Mother Earth.

It was indeed a great moment for the Queens when it was time for Mr. Ashish Shah to address them. He appreciated the school for achieving a state rank in the prestigious Green School programme. He advised them that once they have achieved this exact position they must work hard to sustain it. He exhorted the students to work even harder to save the environment and Mother Earth.

As a part of the special rapport that he shared with the students he gave them holiday homework. Being a part of the Environment Education Unit of CSE, Mr. Shah’s home work had to be related to the environment. It was to observe any organism for a week and tabulate its activities-A fun filled, chilled out activity.

The celebrations rekindled the spark of Environment Protection among all the Queens ensuring that they do their bit for their own mothers and Mother Earth as well.

07.05.12 & 10.05.12 – Talent Hunt Contest
Classes : Pre School & Pre Primary


QVS recognizes the importance of talent. We believe that it is important for children to do well in academics as well as in extra- curricular activities like painting, dancing, theatre, public speaking, music and many more. Latent talent if recognized and encouraged at the right time blossoms. The initiative at QVS was aimed at discovering a child’s hidden talents so that it is nurtured to its full potential. QVS organized a talent hunt on 7th May for the Little Queens of Pre-School and on 8th May for the Little Queens of Pre-Primary to explore and enhance their hidden talents. The princesses got the opportunity to show their talents in a plethora of fields like Painting, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Dramatics, Public Speaking, Dance , Recitation etc.

It was a novel experience as the princesses performed extremely well in their chosen area. They were confident and performed with great panache on stage.

Pre School Result :

Music : Vocal and Instrumental
Kanishka Rana Angelina First
Janya Chand Sarah Second

Dramatics :
Khanak Jasmine First

Public Speaking :
Riya Seth Sarah First
Tiara Kashive Jasmine Second
Harsimhar Snow-white Third

Poem Recitation :
Avni Nagesh Jasmine First
Diya Kapoor Snow-white Second
Snehal Ariel Second
Siona Snowdrop Third

Classical and Folk Dance :
Ivania Kaur Snow-white First
Ishupriya Angelina Second
Priyanshi Angelina Second
Kavya Rapunzel Third

Zenobia Snow-white First
Preeti Chhikara Jasmine Second
Asmi Snow-white Third
Himanshi Angelina Third

Pre Primary Result :

Music : Vocal and Instrumental
Raajull Bhatnagar Alice First
Amulya Cinderella Second
Shivanshi Alice Third

Public Speaking :
Angel Preet Goldilocks First
Chahat Tiwari Mermaidia Second
Priyal Jain Tinkerbell Third

Poem Recitation :
Sukriti Jhamb Rosetta First
Hargun Mermaidia Second
Angel Elina Third
Mehak Mermaidia Third
Anubhuti Mermaidia Third

Classical and Folk Dance :
Anna Verma Cinderella First
Asmi Basu Sarkar Tinkerbell First
Rishima Mermaidia Second
Saanvi Mermaidia Second
Sania Alice Third
Manya Tinkerbell Third

Aayushi Cinderella First
Sania Goldilocks Second
Harleen Dutt Goldilocks Second
Anushka Mermaidia Third
Lavanya Lukhar Tinkerbell Third

Class I & II Result:

Aaliya Shoeb I Lavender Drawing & Painting
Bhoomi Gaba I Lavender Drawing & Painting
Shreen Sharma II Huckleberry Public Speaking
Jiya Singh II Huckleberry Public Speaking
Piyavi  Ghosh II Cranberry Public Speaking
Danika Khanna I Tulip Poem Recitation
Suhani Trivedi I Dahlia Poem Recitation
Aaisha Shoeb II Blueberry Poem Recitation
Shagun Jindal II Strawberry Poem Recitation
Divsheen Kaur II Strawberry Casio
Darshdeep Kaur II Strawberry Casio
Gauri Saanvi Dutta II Blueberry Casio
Manvi Satija I Marigold Dance
Riya Bhalla I Daisy Dance
Anusha Vashishtha II Blueberry Dance
Deep Ashnoor II Cherryberry Dance
Vartika II Mulberry Dance
Mouli Sadana II Huckleberry Dance

07.05.12 – Queens Shine at the Inter Class Solo Dance Competition

School Talent Shows have always been great fun for the students as well as the school. It’s a perfect gateway for the students to show their talent and develop confidence. One such event was organized by Queen’s Valley School on 7th May, 2012.

Our queens participated in the Inter-class Solo Dance competition where they showcased their talents with colorful performances. The little princesses were a bundle of energy and enthusiasm as they danced and lit up the stage with their vibrant and colorful costumes and graceful moves.

The sheer stamina of these young competitors of QVS was fascinating and awe inspiring. Despite the physical and mental strain, sheer enjoyment was evident in their eyes with every step that they took. Great applause from the audience increased the confidence of our Queens to new heights and made their endeavour successful.

Overall, the little queens of classes III-V altogether put up an impressive show. The following were declared as winners:

Dhruvi Narang III I
Lavanya Yadav III I
Antra Batra III II
Srishti Chetterjee III III
Manyashri III III
Vashvi Raj IV I
Snigdhaa Rai IV II
Rishika Pandey IV II
Monika Nukella V I
Riya Solanki V II
Vanshika Jha V III

04.05.12 – Multimedia Expression - PPT

Multimedia is a field concerned with the computer controlled integration of text, graphics, drawings, still and moving images, animation, audio and any other media where all kind of information can be represented, stored, transmitted and processed digitally. This field finds realisation in the software called PowerPoint. A PowerPoint presentation arms an individual with a lot of tools to standardise, beautify and create professional presentations.

Queen's Valley School organised an Inter- House Multimedia PPT competition for its students of classes VI-VIII on the 4th of May' 12. The topic on which the students were expected to make the presentations on was Computer VS Books.

The queens made most of the unique interface offered by the software to bring out the tussle between the print and the non- print media as it is evident today. They, quite imaginatively, brought to the fore the importance, advantages as well the limitations of the two kinds of media with respect to the learning opportunities that each one of them can offer. The relevance of the topic and the medium through which it was explored gave our queens a platform to showcase their multimedia skills which has become extremely important for creating effective presentations.

It proved to be a brainstorming session with an aim to encourage active learning in our students. The students made the most of all the features of the program and produced absolutely astonishing presentations on the given topic. They did not shy away from utilising the variety of options that the program offers and stumped the judges with their dexterity in using them. The participants managed to captivate the judges with the skill with which they integrated text, animation, sound and effects to make the product thus made extremely informative and effective. This display of skill made the judges believe that the queens would certainly stand head and shoulders over others in their fields in future.

It proved to be an extremely difficult for the judges to select the top three presentations as they found all of them equally well- made.

After much consideration though the result was announced and the following students managed to scrape past the others.

The winners who walked away with the accolades as follows:

Punya Thakur VI I
Harshita Rana VI II
Rashmi Dahiya VI III
Charvi VII I
Ananya Pant VII II
Yukti Sharma VII III
Riya Gupta VIII I
Tarannum Khan VIII II
Tanishka VIII III

03.05.12 – Talent Hunt: Solo Song Competition

Music is well said to be the speech of angels. Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue. Singing rejuvenates the soul. Keeping this thought in mind a solo song competition was organized in the auditorium of the Queen’s Valley School on 3rd of May 2012. Students representing classes III to V participated in it with a great deal of zeal and enthusiasm. The students came decked up in colourful dresses as per the mood of the song they were to present.

They came well prepared with some of the most melodious compositions in various languages .The students entertained one and all by their soulful presentation of these songs. Students presented bhajans, folk songs, classical music, light music, western songs and patriotic songs, which left the audience spell bound and mesmerized and proved that the music can’t be restricted within the boundaries of language or genre. The criterion for judgment included the composition, selection of song, presentation and rhythm. Our queens presented their songs accompanied by a range of musical instruments including the keyboard, harmonium, table and guitar which appropriately complimented their melodious voices.

Such competitions provide our students an opportunity to present their talent on stage and give them an exposure and an experience of performing in front of a larger audience in future with confidence. This event enriched and benefited both the audience and the participants alike as the judges gave valuable tips for improvement to the participants.

The winners who walked away with the accolades are as follows:

Aafia Asif III I
Mehak Bhatia III II
Aakansha Dangri III III
Rishika Bandyopdhay III III
Samridhi Setia IV I
Tanisha Rana IV II
Rishika Pandey IV III
Sampoorna Ghosh V I
Garima Guleria V II
Prerna Singh V III
Jiya Adhikari V III


“We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors: we borrow it from our Children”

Mother Nature is all we have and to protect and preserve its beauty, we need to do our bit each day. Our Earth is not just ours but our children’s too. If we don’t use judiciously what we have, then our children will have to suffer. The earlier we teach our little Queens about the need to preserve the environment, the better it will be for our earth. The Queens of classes III-V participated in this drive by creating presentations on the theme “Save Earth.” They created colourful pictures of the planet with ways to protect the planet and make it a beautiful place to live on MS-Paint. Their nimble fingers created pictures that were not just attractive but informative as well. The exercise not only sensitised the Queens about the growing need of the day but also to present their ideas in a coherent manner on a screen. The best one were declared as winners

Laavanya III I
Shradha III II
Shalu Kashyap III III
Mahima Chundawat IV I
Ananya Vijay IV II
Shefali Singh IV III
Anushka KAur V I
Vanshika JHa V II
Alankriti Aggarwal V III

01.05.12 – Sports Quiz

As they say “The beginning is the most important part of the work”. A new session - a new beginning, along with it, come new responsibilities and experiences. Faces lit with excitement, beaming smiles ready to give answers; this is how one may describe the atmosphere of the sports quiz. To make our queens more comfortable in this new and exciting phase of their school life, Queen’s Valley School organised an Inter Class Sports Quiz on 1st May for classes IX and X. It not only served as an ice breaker for our new queens but also encouraged them to prepare for the coming academic year. Representatives from each class were asked multiple choice questions based on topics ranging from Yoga, to Wimbledon, to Table Tennis. All the teams participated enthusiastically making the quiz a huge success. Not just the teams but the audience as well enjoyed the quiz to the hilt.

The result of the same are:

Tushita Sinha IX I
Deepshikha Sehrawat IX I
Manaswini Sharma IX I

Anjali Rana X I
Taruna Yadav X I
Garima Godara X I
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