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26.10.12 – French Quiz

“One language sets you in the corridor for life, Two languages open every door along the way.”
- Frank Smith

Foreign language study forces us to think about the structure and role of language in a whole new way. This deliberate examination of language gives the brain a workout. With this aim in mind QVS organized a ‘French Quiz’ on 26th-Oct-2012, which encouraged our queens to get closer to French culture which includes French monuments, French cuisine, French art and of course the French language.

French is spoken in more than 40 countries all over the world. So, learning of French opens not only avenues for jobs but also provides us with tools to interact with world at various levels. Marx often said – “A foreign language is a weapon in the struggle of life.”

Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going. The aim of this quiz was to ensure that our queens know all about the cultural, linguistic and artistic aspects of France and “LA VILLE LUMIÈRE” i.e. “City of Lights” – Paris.

Learning a language brings world in your hands. Language brings with it the whole history. Thus, by knowing more about history of France, learning of language becomes very easy. The queens having knowledge of French have a blooming future ahead.

Our queens were tested on their knowledge about France and its language. They took it very enthusiastically and it proved to be a great success. It inspired them to learn French with full zest. The winners were applauded for their performances by the respective judges.

The winners: Courage House

Name Class
Anuksha Arsh Gulati VIII B
Reema Singh VIII B
Disha Lamba VII B
Ishita Rana VII B
Ishika Budhiraja VI A

19.10.12 – Fancy Dress Competition – World of Animals and birds

“ The expression that one wears is as important as the clothes.”

Queen’s Valley School endeavours to make learning enjoyable and fun loving for its queens. QVS organized a “Fancy Dress Competition” on Friday 19.10.12 for the princesses of Pre-Nursery. The theme of the competition was the ‘world of animals and birds’. The aim was to spark the imagination and unleash the creativity of the children. It gave their thoughts a platform, while impersonating various animals and birds. Some of the characters represented were that of a cat , parrot, peacock, lion, tiger, elephant. It was a grand display of talent and imagination well portrayed by the children. The children beamed with confidence as they displayed their costumes and delivered their dialogues. It was a personal victory for every child who participated and faced the audience. The enthusiasm and zeal with which the children participated and performed is commendable.

The winners were:

Name Position
Vanshika Gupta I
Saanvi Bhadwal I
Shrishti Goswami II
Hitha Shree II
Shreshtha III
Sara Naseem III

17.10.2012 : Story Telling Competition

Story telling is an art. A story conveys ideas, images, thoughts, values, creativity with verbal decorative details. The aim of the story telling is to encourage children to present their creativity and enhance their language skills. Story telling also helps children to build their verbal skills and give them the confidence to use a language effectively. It also enhances their public speaking skills. QVS organized a story telling competition for the princesses of Pre-Primary on Wednesday, 17.10.12. The aim of the competition was to promote language skills, creativity and memory of the Queens. Children narrated stories with enthusiasm and confidence using variety of props, costumes and hand puppets. It was an exhilarating experience for the participants as well as the audience.

Name Section Position
Vijaya Rani Tinkerbell I
Rishidha Katna Elina I
Tanushka Jain Alice II
Hargun Kaur Dhingra Mermaidia III
Bhoomika Israni Mermaidia III

16.10.12 – Best Out of Waste

We often dismiss or throw away what is actually a good source of ideas or material. In fact, there could be just any number of valuable assets waiting for us in the nearest garbage can. Best out of waste is true recycling which describes a process of converting waste or unwanted materials into new materials or products of a better quality or a higher environmental value. This helps us in using less resource, creating less waste and living a more sustainable life.

The Queens of classes III-V, VI –VIII and IX-XI enthusiastically participated in this activity on 16th October by using waste materials for creation of products used in the festive season. This was an inter class activity wherein the best three was chosen from each grade. The girls put on their thinking caps and reused materials like waste cloth, paper, greeting cards and fancy decorative items to create products like decorative torans, fancy bags, wall hangings, lanterns and candy boxes. The articles were created beautifully and had practical use as well. By creating Best out of waste, the Queens learnt new skills which are eco-friendly and decorative also. The activity proved to be a success as each Queen got to learn from the other. It was easy and it is the future! The best three from each grade were selected as the winners.

Class III Winners:
Name Class Position
Chestha Dixit III E I
Pratishtha Shukla III F II
Shradha III F III

Class IV Winners:
Name Class Position
Sania Kataria IV E I
Hetvi Tailor IV C II
Karina Yadav IV E III

Class V Winners:
Name Class Position
Kavya Pandey V D I
Shubhangi Malhotra V A II
Dishita Kumari V D III

Class VI Winners:

Name Class Position
Mohita Dalal VI C I
Rashmi Dhaiya VI C II
Harshita Bhati VI C III

Class VII Winners:
Name Class Position
Alisha Mahajan VII C I
Kadambari VII D II
Plaksha VII A III

Class VIII Winners:
Name Class Position
Ritika Gupta VIII D I
Akshita Aggarwal VIII B II
Ashima Aggarwal VIII A III

Class IX Winners:
Name Class Position
Harshita Ghosh IX A I
Juhi Arora IX B II
Akanksha IX C III

Class X Winners:
Name Class Position
Shriya Mahajan X B I
Apoorva Juneja X C II
G. Soumya X A III

15.10.12 – Trash to Treasure ( Class I – II )

“Don’t throw away, recycle for another day!”

This was the motto of the ‘Trash to Treasure’ competition held on 15th Oct, 2012, and little queens from classes I and II actively participated in this competition. The purpose of this competition was to stimulate imaginative play among the students while, at the same time, teaching them the value of recycling waste material into something useful and beautiful.

The enthusiasm shown by the kids was heartening and the competition proved to be a big success. Students came up with innovative ideas and made various articles like jewellery, wall hangings and pencil holders, among others, from waste material like used foil, old candles, broken bangles, etc. All the materials were used very creatively by the students and it was a treat to watch the little queens engrossed in their work as they literally converted trash into treasure!

The winners are:

Class I :
Name Section Position
Idika Bhutani Lavender I
Anvesha  Dahlia II
Gunjan Yadav  Dahlia II
Meghna Yadav  Daisy III
Sanskriti Ray Daffodil III

Class II :
Name Section Position
Arushi Yadav Cranberry I
Srishti Verma Cranberry II
Shreen Sharma Huckleberry II
Ayushi Singh Raspberry III
Hana Arora Mulberry III

10.10.2012 : Tell a Tale

“Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience.”

From the times of Gurukul, Story Telling has been the most powerful tool of imparting value education and facilitating critical thinking in children. It has been the heart and soul of our traditional education. It creates excellent opportunities to enrich children’s knowledge about diverse point of views of various cultures.

Children love to listen to stories but more than that they enjoy telling different tales in their own unique way. Moreover when they create and narrate a story in their own language or a second language, it facilitates development of linguistic skills, imaginative skills along with verbal expression. The art of telling a tale especially ‘folktale’ also nurtures the affective domain of children’s personality.

Looking at the significant contribution of Story Telling in holistic development of our children, ‘Tell a Tale-Folklore’ competition was held on 10th October ,2012. Almost all the children of class I-II participated in it with great zest and zeal. The young story tellers suitably attired narrated stories from the Panchatantra, Arabian Nights and other fables using various props like hand puppets. They mesmerized the audience and captivated the minds of all the listeners.

Class I winners are:
Name Class Position
Siya Anwekar I Lily I
Barkha I Marigold I
Riya Bhalla I Daisy II
Pragya Rai I Marigold III

Class II winners are:
Name Class Position
Hemakshi Jain II Huckleberry I
Kavya Sood II Huckleberry II
Siya Tripathi II Blueberry II
Mansi II Cranberry III
Vani Jhingan II Strawberry III

10.10.2012: Investiture Ceremony

Queen’s Valley School held its Investiture Ceremony on 10th October in the school lawns. The Principal Dr (Ms) Namita Sharma was the Guest of Honour on this occasion. The ceremony commenced with the speech of the Principal where she spoke about the rich democratic traditions of the school. She also reminded the office bearers of their responsibilities. She told them that they are the link between the teachers and the students and have an onerous duty to perform.

After her speech it was time for the Investiture Ceremony. Marching smartly the Queen’s took their places on the dias with dignity and poise to receive their badges. The solemnity of the occasion could be seen on the faces of the members of the Student Council as they came forward to receive. As the badges were pinned on these young but responsible shoulders one felt that the school and the future of the country was in safe hands.

09.10.12 – Poster Making Competition

“Its not about ideas, its about making ideas happen”

Posters are designed to be both eye-catching and informative. It’s a visual presentation of information.

An effective poster shows not tells. It expresses your points in graphical terms. Posters are designed to attract the attention of passers-by . Poster making provides a unique platform to a person to think in a creative way and generate many ideas. We at Queen’s Valley School organized a Poster Making Competition for classes III-XI. The motive behind this competition was to make our queens creative and imaginative in their thinking as well as express their thoughts. The students designed posters on one of the topics given to them. The topics were:

III-V: We the Earth Warriors or Saviours of Mother Earth
VI-VIII: Kick the CO2 off or Subscribe to Green Life
IX-XI: Global Warming-A monster or Green Queen towards sustainability

III-V students designed their posters on A3 sheets. VI-XI students designed their posters on A3 sheets. The medium for the Queens varied as per their age group. For junior students they could use pencil colours and for the seniors it could range from poster colours to pastel colours. The Queens participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. They added vibrant colours to their posters which were really eye-catching. Each Queen had her own message to give. It provided them fun, entertainment and break from their daily schedule which relaxed and rejuvenated them.

The queens designed some really attractive posters. It was an enriching experience for the participants. This activity proved to be a success.

Class III Winners:
Name Class Position
Laavanya Yadav III-B I
Lavishka Sharma III-A II
Pratishtha Mishra III-F III

Class IV Winners:
Name Class Position
Shefali Singh IV-A I
Ritwika Nandi IV-C II
Sania Kataria IV-E III

Class V Winners:
Name Class Position
Prerna Singh V-C I
Archana V-B II
Dishita Kumari V-D III

Class VI Winners:
Name Class Position
Sofia Ahmed VI-C I
Jaanvi Bakshi VI-A II
Mohita Dalal VI-C III

Class VII Winners:
Name Class Position
Eshika Yadav VII-C I
Charvi VII-A II
Mriganka Sharma VII-D III

Class VIII Winners:
Name Class Position
Mansi Mittal VIII-D I
Taranum Khan VIII-C II
Ritika Sharma VIII-B III

Class IX Winners:
Name Class Position
Mahima Shokanda IX-C I
Indira Dasan IX-B II
Kritika Narayan IX-A III

Class X Winners:
Name Class Position
Shreya Mahajan X-B I
Anjali Rana X-A II
Apoorva Juneja X-C III

Class XI Winners:
Name Class Position
Deepti Tehlan XI-D I
Sudha Sindher XI-B II
Manisha Yadav XI-D III

08.10.12 - Inter House Badminton Competition

“Sport serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence.”

Games and sports cater to the all – round development of the personality of pupils. Sound mind is ensured in a sound body. Sports and games ensure the redirection of surplus of energy to fruitful channels. They have great potential to offer as career opportunities as well. It teaches children how to work as a part of a team and co-operate with others, while at the same time improving their physical health. Playing badminton keeps us strong, motivated, enthusiastic and young. It helps to ward off depression, anxiety, stress and at the same time increases self esteem. Sport activities contribute to the physical development of students and teach them important traits such as leadership, teamwork, fair play and respect for others. Therefore, we encourage our Queens to remain actively involved in their area of athletic interest. This is precisely the reason for which Queen’s Valley School gives importance to sports training.

The Queens of Queen’s Valley School displayed their prowess in the badminton Inter-House Competition organized for the Queens of classes VI-XI. The venue for the Badminton Match was the Badminton court where all the participants, the judges and the spectators gathered at the given time. The final match took place between Courage House and Integrity House. The training which had been imparted to them was displayed quite brilliantly in the final confrontation. The teams participated enthusiastically making the event a huge success. The panache and skill of the queens was appreciated by the audience and the judges alike. It was delightful to watch the students competing with all their might to emerge as winners. The Queens strived for fair play and courtesy towards teammates. Not just the teams but the audience as well enjoyed the event. Both the teams gave tough competition to each other .The event concluded with much applause.

The winners:

Name Class Position House
Keerti X A I Integrity
Charu Gill XI A II Courage

04.10.12 – Special Assembly: Deforestation

“Forests are the Green Lungs of the Earth: Please Save them.”

In order to create awareness among students a special assembly was organized by class V B students on the topic of Deforestation. The loss or continual degradation of forest habitat due to natural or human related causes is called deforestation. A healthy discussion was carried on causes and effects of deforestation. The participants presented a well rehearsed skit suggesting ways and means to control deforestation. All agreed that our environment is under threat due to the various agents like Urbanization, Commercial logging and Overgrazing of animals. The students gave the message that, we are on the brink of extinction. Population explosion too is a great threat to our environment. Trees maintain ecological balance in the nature. They bring rain and revoke soil erosion during floods. Most of the trees are useful for our lives as they provide precious medicines and timber for our survival.

The skit was followed by a dance performance on the Song –The Mother Earth. The placards displayed messages on how to make our Earth green and beautiful. The message to the common people was that we should plant more and more trees to maintain the ecological balance and greenery of our nature. To mark the culmination of their assembly the students of class V B planted a sapling in order to make Mother Earth Happy.

03.10.12 : हिंदी कविता प्रतियोगिता प्री-स्कूल, विषय - महात्मा गाँधी

"रघुपति राघव राजा राम, पतित पावन सीता राम|"

ये पंक्तियाँ सुनते ही हमारे मन में जो छवि आती है, वह है महात्मा गाँधी जी की | महात्मा गाँधी का जन्म २ अक्टूबर १८८९ में पोरबंदर गुजरात में हुआ था | उन्होंने जिस तरह सत्य और अहिंसा का मार्ग अपनाकर भारत को स्वतंत्रता के मार्ग पर अग्रसर किया, वह अविस्मर्णीय है | राष्ट्रपिता के इसी योगदान को एक बार फिर याद करते हुए और अपने विद्यालय की छात्राओं को उनके बलिदान से अवगत करवाने के लिए गाँधी जी के जन्मदिवस पर कविता पाठ प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन ३ अक्टूबर २०१२ को किया गया, जिसका विषय था " महात्मा गाँधी "| इस प्रतियोगिता में प्री-स्कूल की छात्राओं ने गाँधी जी के जीवन और उनकी विचारधारा से सम्बंधित कविताओं का उच्चारण किया | गांधीजी की वेशभूषा धारण कर, हाथ में लाठी पकड़ और धोती में घड़ी लटका कर ऐसा प्रतीत होता था कि मानो गांधीजी स्वयं हमारे सामने खड़े हुए हैं| अपनी मधुर वाणी में कविता पाठ कर छात्राओं ने सबका मन मोह लिया| यह निस्संदेह सभी के लिए एक प्रेरणादायक क्षण था |

कविता पाठ प्रतियोगिता के परिणाम

नाम अनुभाग स्थान
अवनि नागेश जैसमीन प्रथम
इवानिया कौर स्नो-व्हाईट द्वितीय
अनुष्का स्नो-ड्रॉप द्वितीय
याशिका मिश्रा जैसमीन तृतीय
असमी सेठी स्नो-व्हाईट तृतीय

01.10.12 – Special Assembly: Gandhi Jayanti

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

- M.K. Gandhi

Queen’s Valley School celebrated Gandhi Jayanti on 1st October with an aim to mark the birthday of Gandhiji who brought goodness to humanity.

The assembly started with the school prayer and then class Class-I Lily depicted the ‘Swadeshi Movement’ and ‘Quit India Movement’ with great zeal that reminded us of our historic past. Key elements of Gandhian philosophy like Satyagraha (truth-force), ahimsa (non-violence) and equality were also the highlights of the skit.

Li’l princesses of QVS put up an entertaining as well as motivational show that filled the audience’s heart with compassion for humanity and reminded us of Gandhiji’s principles, character and teachings. In the present scenario as terrorism and violence are widespread it is high time for all of us to follow Gandhiji’s philosophy which is based on truth and non-violence.

The assembly came to an end with the children singing and enjoying the song ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’.

01.10.12 - कहो कहानी अपनी जुबानी

“हिन्दी-दिवस” के उपलक्ष्य में "क्वींस वैली स्कूल" के प्रांगण में हमारी नन्हीं छात्राओं के लिए "कहो कहानी अपनी जुबानी" प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन किया गया| हमारी प्यारी- छोटी बाल प्रतियोगियों ने पूरे उत्साह के साथ भाग लिया व हमें हमारे बचपन की अठखेलियों की याद दिलाकर सभी का मन मोह लिया| हमारे विद्यालय की पहली व दूसरी कक्षाओं की छात्राओं की मनमोहक कहानियों ने सभी का मन आकर्षित कर लिया और श्रोताओं को उनके बचपन की सैर कराने का सफल प्रयास किया| नानी- दादी की कहानियों से आरंभ हुई कहानियों में रोचकता, विविधता, सरसता व मनोरंजन की मात्रा प्रचूर रही | छात्राओं के मुख से उच्चरित प्रत्येक शब्द , उनकी भावविभोर करने वाली भाव भंगिमा व उत्साह ने करतालों की झडी सी लगा दी| इसी उत्साह व जोश के साथ "कहानी कथन प्रतियोगिता" का अंतिम चरण बाल मन की परतों में व्याप्त निःस्वार्थ प्रेम व चंचल मन को उजागर करने के साथ समाप्त हुआ| |

कहो कहानी अपनी जुबानी के विजेता रहे

कक्षा पहली
नाम अनुभाग स्थान
बरखा जी प्रथम
गुंजन अहुजा जी द्वितीय
सिया अन्वेकर एफ द्वितीय
दिजा  जोशी बी द्वितीय
अनन्या डोगरा डी तृतीय
इदिका भूटानी तृतीय

कक्षा दूसरी
नाम अनुभाग स्थान
मौली सदाना सी प्रथम
इशिता गोसाईं बी द्वितीय
पियावी घोष           डी द्वितीय
आद्या झा बी तृतीय
आशी शर्मा जी तृतीय
कनक गहलोट          तृतीय
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