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An adventure camp in school has a lot of benefits. Young children learn more and with enthusiasm when they are exposed to new concepts in familiar settings along with familiar people.

QVS organized a ‘Day Adventure Camp’ in school for two days for the princesses of Kindergarten and classes I and II on 30th and 31st of December 2013. A team of trained professionals transformed the school ground to an activity zone full of adventure activities like Burma Bridge, Commando Net, Web Master, Tug of War, Hamster Wheel etc. The excitement, enthusiasm and awe was obvious in the expression of the children as they thoroughly enjoyed each activity. The children gain a lot of satisfaction and a sense of achievement by participating in these activities as these activities require a lot of skill, effort and co-ordination. They made new friends and developed a felling of ‘camaraderie’ as they participated cohesively together to achieve their goal.


The purpose of a Story Telling Competition is to encourage the students to develop their speaking skills, to build their confidence in using the English language and to be able to stand in front of an audience and speak. QVS organised a Story Telling competition for the princesses of Pre-School and Pre-Primary in the month of December 2013. The princesses had to narrate a story in English and explain its moral at the end.

The competition saw children beautifully dressed in costumes and with props narrating stories, flawlessly, in front of an eager audience. There were a lot of interesting stories which took the teachers back to their childhood. It was difficult to judge the competition as everybody spoke well. However there are always best among equals. The result is as follows-

Name Section Position
Harmayra Kaur Ariel I
Vanshika Gupta Rapunzel II
Avanthika A. Kumar Rapunzel II
Seerat Kaur Angelina III
Nehal Sahni Angelina III

Name Section Position
Sweekriti Shekhawat Cinderella I
Yashna Mermaidia II
Adhya Jha Rosetta II
Siona Jasmine III
Sheryl Pradhan Rosetta III


“Act well your part; there all the honour lies.”
- Alexander Pope

At Queen's Valley School, it is believed that the overarching goal of education in a student's life is far beyond the limits of textbook and theoretical knowledge. Art plays an indispensable role in exposing learners to the immense possibilities of innovation and creative expression, thereby enabling them to experience the multidimensional facets of life. The institution believes in applying the concept of theatre-in-education to sensitize children about their surroundings through theatrical activities. Curriculum-based meticulously crafted plays are encouraged as part of a well planned strategy to encourage children to raise pertinent questions, make decision and choices.

As part of the same goal to infuse the minds of pupils with the practical dimension of the learning process, an Inter- Class Character Dramatisation competition was organised in the Cultural Hall for the students of class X on December 23, 2013. The participants had to enact a contemporary political leader on stage. To stimulate the youngsters’ minds, an interactive session on various popular political leaders was held. They learnt from each other through discussions and observation of each other’s performances. Moreover, they were trained to understand and execute stage movement effectively in order to develop a poised and controlled posture on stage. The participants were encouraged to indulge in exploring the life of the character chosen so as to examine the part effectively. The participants personified eminent political personalities of the contemporary times who have impacted change in the political landscape of the nation. They also added self-improvisations to explore the characters. The audience was enthralled as a few participants presented the characters with a touch of humour and music.

Such events help students to develop their literary and theatrical skills by understanding the processes and elements involved in creating works of dramatic art. At the same time, they develop self-confidence, self-discipline and self-motivation in students. The winners were selected through a gruelling process of judgement and were judged on the basis of content, stage presence, diction, intonation and costumes.

The winners are as follows:
Name Class Position
Mahima Shokhanda X C I
Mallika Malik X B II

21.12.2013 – Friendly Cricket Match

Cricket is in the air with the India – South Africa series and the Ashes series being played currently. The fervor associated with a cricket match was found in the grounds of Queen’s Valley School on 21st December 2013. The occasion was a friendly cricket match between the school cricket team and the teaching faculty.

The fifteen over match commenced with the two teams being introduced to the Principal. The toss took place in her presence and the teachers’ team won the toss and elected to bat.

The preparation of the students was evident from the fact that they restricted the teachers’ team to a score of 46 runs. The cheer leaders with their pom poms and placards could not lift the score.

The students’ team reached the required target in mere seven overs. Some sensible batting and the bowling effort of the teachers helped them tremendously.

The match ended with kudos to the students’ team and also provided them much needed match practice. Keerti Khushwah was declared the ‘Man of the Match’ for her stupendous bowling effort.

19.12.2013 – Inter Class – Flight of Fantasies Story Telling – Class VI

“The purpose of a story teller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.”

An Intra class story Telling Competition for class VI was held on 19th December in the school’s Cultural Hall. After the prelim round (held on 13th December, 2013), three participants from each class were selected to compete in the competition.

The competition was held with the images and sound often used by improvisation or embellishment with decorative details and ideas and it further encouraged the students to develop their speaking skills and build their confidence in using the English language. The competition targeted the originality and creativity to retain the attention of the primary learners.

The winners are:
Name Class Position
Garima Guleria VI C I
Maanvi Singh VI C II
Alankriti Aggarwal VI B II
Archana VI D III
N. Deebika VI A III

18.12.2013 – Inter Class Jingle Bells – Poetry Recitation

“Poetry is the language in which man explores his own amazement”.
- Christopher Fry

The quote perfectly describes the importance of poetry in a human being’s life. Poetry is communication and expression in a written form, Poetry opens venues for speaking and listening, the two basic language skills. Poetry is an art form that enhances the educational experience when it is recited. It helps students in various ways. Poetry recitation improves the ability of the students to read with expression. With recitation of poetry, students gain an appreciation of the poetry genre. Often students find poetry to be stuffy and unapproachable, and they would not choose to read it on their own. By reciting poetry in class, students develop more confidence when reading poetry independently. The students may increase their appreciation for particular poets as well. Recitation of poetry improves vocabulary of students.

An English poetry recitation competition was organised for our little princesses of Classes III and IV on 18th December, 2013. The theme for the competition was ‘Nature Poems’. Our little queens participated with great zeal. The preliminary round of the English recitation was taken on 11th December, 2013. One student from each section of class III and IV was selected for the final round of the competition. The participants recited beautiful poems of the famous poets like Wordsworth. The judgement was based on parameters like pronunciation, voice modulation, memory and presentation. The participants showed their confidence, expression and talent. Both the judges and the audience really appreciated and applauded the students.

The result of the competition is as follows:
Siya Tripathi III C I
Pratishtha Shukla IV B II
Laavanya IV C II
Prajna Gon IV F III

The competition was conducted successfully.

17.12.2013 – Inter–House What’s the Right Word Quiz on Often Confused and Misused Works (VII-VIII)

Learning to spell is important because having the ability to spell correctly adds so much to one’s life. Students need to be able to read, and write to a reasonable standard, and that usually involves having pretty decent spelling skills. Reading, writing, and spelling are important in the first place because it all helps children to develop good levels of literacy. In today’s world, written work is growing increasingly common. With the fairly recent introduction of text messaging, email, IM services and social networks, it is not only important how your words sound, it’s just as important, how they are spelt.

Queen’s Valley School organized an inter house English quiz ‘Words Often Confused and Misspelt’ for the students of classes VII and VIII. This quiz was organized to check the spelling skills of students and also to teach them the correct usage of words. Many such words were taken up in the quiz in which students often get confused and write the incorrect spellings of.

The quiz had 5 interesting rounds, namely:
  • Spellathon
  • Heal the word
  • What’s the right word?
  • Denting Painting
  • Rapid Fire

The students participating in the competition as well as the audience, had an enriching experience through the quiz. It was a good learning experience which will surely help them in improving their spellings in future.

House Name  Class Position
Peace House Swati
Rashi Shokeen
Integrity House Rashmi Dahiya
Madhulika Bhansali
Truth House Swati Rai
Kritika Kalia

16.12.2013 – Inter Class Turncoat : Balancing the Equation

“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.”
- Joseph Joubert

Debates have always been used as an effective method to examine a premise in order to reach a resolution and persuade the audience to consider the speaker’s point. Turncoat is a form of debate where the speaker, interestingly, debates against the self. An inter-class event ‘Turncoat: Balancing the Equation’ was organized for the students of class IX as a part of the English Month on the 16th of December, 2013.

At QVS, we incessantly strive to develop linguistic proficiency in our students. We understand that it is the exposure to varied contexts that facilitates learners’ natural mechanisms to operate on language and construct their own system. As they are encouraged to talk in real life situations, they spontaneously create new ideas, interpretations and conversational strategies. As we sought to pit the contestant against her own self through an expression of ideas and assertion of opinions, it was ensured that they develop public speaking as a skill.

The queens were focused and well- prepared to take on the challenge. The speakers managed to switch sides as they took the contrasting stance quite comfortably within the given two minutes of speaking time. They presented well- balanced content quite fluently. The implementation of the right vocabulary along with voice modulation and body language was impeccable on the part of all the participants.

The participants put up a brilliant show. All the performances were poised, extremely convincing and thought provoking. The judges and the audience were enthralled as they witnessed an event well beyond expectations. The event concluded with a few inspiring remarks by the judges which, on one hand, boosted the morale of the participants, and on the other, encouraged the audience.

The winners were:
Name Class Position
Tanishka IX C I
Hema Georgina Biswas IX B II

11.12.2013 – Beauty in Black and White – Calligraphy Competition

“Certainly, the art of writing is the most miraculous of all things....man has devised.”

We, at QVS, believe that good handwriting; neat and readable; reflects your personality. Like neat dressing and neat presentation, handwriting is another face of the person who presents it. A good handwriting would always attract others. Even Gandhi ji in his autobiography has mentioned the importance of neat handwriting. He has mentioned that he was quite upset with his handwriting when he found some of his colleagues' neat ones during his barrister days in London.

Handwriting is important for taking notes and writing test essays. Both speed and neatness are essential for good grades, so it's in a student’s best interest to learn to write neatly and in a way that doesn't fatigue the hand quickly. Therefore, we organised an English calligraphy competition for class III-V on 11 December 2013.

The competition was a success. Children participated with full zeal. Their effort shows that they not only understand the importance of neat handwriting but are also trying their best to master good handwriting skills. We heartily appreciate their effort.

The winners are:
III A Revanshi Grewal I
Aadhya Jha II
Ayushi Rai III
III B Kavya Sood I
Aashi Sharma II
Apoorva Singh III
III C Laavanya I
Muskaan Malhotra II
Bhoomi Khandelwal III
III D Mansi Solanki I
Mahika Singh II
Piyavi Ghosh III
III E Divsheen Kaur I
Nupur Gaur II
Udita Das III
III F Iha Goyal I
Anima Gangle II
Anshika Yadhuvanshi III
IV A Navya I
Arushi Garg II
Tanu Khurana III
IV B Aakanksha Khughshal, Priyanshi Soni I
Ritika II
Sameeksha Chauhan III
IV C Kairavi I
Khalida II
Anjali Sharma III
IV D Harnoor Kaur I
Shweta II
Sakshi Yadav III
IV E Aakanksha Dangri I
Hargun Kaur II
Kanishka Solanki III
IV F Prajna Gon I
Manini II
Reea Godara III
V A Khushi Raina I
Muskaan Yadav II
Ridhika Bhardwaj III
VB Tanisha Rana I
Dhimahi Doshi II
Sandhya Yadav III
V C Madhu I
Khushnuma Yasmeen II
Anshul Sen III
V D Samiksha I
Shreyshi Singh II
Chandni III
V E Ashwarya Jha I
Ritwika Nandi II
Bhavya III

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