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21.03.2013 – Orientation Day Programme

Envisaging the contemporary and constantly changing global scenario, every parent expects to give the best of the best to his child. A child when shells out of his family cocoon and takes first step into a formal level of education called ‘school’, the parents remain utterly perplexed and anxious about the working, infrastructure and faculty of the institution. Questions like ‘What? How? Why? When?’ keep hovering over their mind turning into sleepless nights. We understand this anxiety and therefore to set things relatively easy and comfortable for the new students and their parents, QVS, this year too, organized an Orientation Programme on 21st of March 2013 in the School Cultural Hall for the formers. It not only gave a comprehensive overview of the institution and its working but also equipped them with almost every necessary detail required before stepping into the school life at QVS.

The programme inaugurated on a very positive note of an address by the Principal, Dr. Mrs. Namita Sharma as she emphasized on building up a healthy relationship between the school and parents. She also assured the parents that every princess at Queen’s Valley is nurtured to groom into multifaceted citizens of tomorrow. It was followed by a wholesome hamper of informative description of the latest infrastructural and technological trends at QVS by the respected Vice Chairman, Mr. Anil Sachdeva. He presented every curricular and co curricular advancement at the school in a straightforward manner to the audience. Later a power point presentation took the spectators along a journey through the corridors of QVS giving an insight into the school functioning and faculty.

The teaching faculty then staged a skit named ‘PTM at Jungle Valley School’ which showcased parents’ concern over their child’s future and the ways to deal with it. It was a musical and impactful treat for the audience that sent out a clear message that no child should be stressed to act upon a prescribed academic league but should be promoted and commended for his achievements in non academic fields too. This way the child is able to explore the horizons of hidden world and makes life worth living.

To culminate and compile everyone’s effort with a scientific approach, eminent counsellor and psychologist Dr. S Ravindran (also associated with the Institute of Counsellor Training, Research and Consultancy, CBSE and NCERT) took over the podium and conducted a communicative session ith the parents giving out vital parenting tips. He discussed about the useful set of behaviour expected from parents in order to become good parents. His session proved successful in bringing about positive response from the audience and to step out with a more confident parenting attitude.

QVS believes that the Orientation Programme (2013-14) forms a strong foundation for a long lasting union between the child’s school and family life.
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