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“The essence of Mathematics resides in its freedom.”

Sudoku is a mind enrichment game wherein you are required to concentrate a great deal. It is best game to exercise the brain and to improve a child’s IQ through logical thinking. Queen’s Valley School organized a ‘Sudoku Storey’ competition on 29th November, 2013 to boost the brain power of little queens of the classes IV and V. The competition was conducted at 2 levels- Preliminary Round and Final Round. Students selected in preliminary round went for the final round. Students were supposed to solve the Sudoku correctly in 20 minutes time. All the students participated with great enthusiasm and enjoyed the competition. The winners are:

Class IV:
Name Class Position
Arushi Garg IV A I
Harshita Arora IV E II
Chinmayee Sharma IV A III

Class V:
Name Class Position
Ashwarya Jha V E I
Megha Bhargava V A II
Khushi Khan V B III

27.11.2013 – QVS Maths Olympiad for Classes XI – XII

“The mathematical experience of the student is incomplete if he never had the opportunity to solve a problem invented by himself.”

The moving power of mathematical invention is not reasoning but imagination. This marks a departure from the legacy of bookish learning in an effort to inculcate logical thinking amongst students. In an attempt to discourage rote learning and to develop logical reasoning in the minds of our queens, Mathematical month was organized in Queen’s Valley School in the month of November 2013.

During the Mathematical month, QVS Maths Olympiad was organized on 27th Nov 2013. It was a competition to enhance the critical and logical thinking in the students.

It was open to all the interested students of classes XI to XII. The ‘Matheletes’ appeared for the Olympiad which contained 20 multiple choice problems. Out of the matheletes who appeared for the test, winners were declared from each class.

This activity definitely helped the students in the enrichment of logical thinking, critical thinking, decision making skills and common reasoning. It encouraged mind sensory mechanics, perception and cognition in the students.

Students participated in the activity with great interest and enthusiasm. It was an amazing experience for both the students as well as the teachers.

The Winners for class XI:
Name Class Position
Sanya XI C I
Nidhi XI C II
Shivangi Bhardwaj XI C III

The Winners for class XII:
Name Class Position
Manisha Yadav XII D I
Monika Gahlot XII B II
Pooja Yadav XII C III

27.11.2013 – Mathematical Chef

The Queens of class II enthusiastically participated in ‘Mathematical Chef’ competition held on 27th Nov,13. It was an inter-class activity wherein the students used their creativity and imagination and came up with some amazing ideas as how to cook without fire. They used different mathematical shapes to make delicious food. It was a refreshing activity for the li’l queens. This competition brought out their hidden talents. They were judged on the basis of their creativity and presentation. The enthusiasm shown by students was heartening and the competition proved to be a big success. Moreover, it was a treat not only for our tongues but for our eyes also.

The winners are:
Name Class Position
Idika Bhutani II Raspberry I
Aishna Kasliwal II Raspberry II
Alakshya S. Khare II Blueberry III
Anvesha II Blueberry III

27.11.2013 – English Calligraphy Competition – Classes I and II
“The art of writing is the most miraculous of all things man has devised.”
- By Carlyle

Calligraphy is certainly an art that just about anyone can do. It plays an important role in the personality of a person.

To inculcate the habit of neat and clean work presentation Q.V.S. organized an English Calligraphy Competition for classes I and II.

Children participated with rejuvenated enthusiasm and completed their calligraphy sheets neatly and beautifully. The main aim of this competition was to make children aware about the correct formation of letters and to use punctuation at the proper place.

The result of English Calligraphy Competition is as follows

Name Section Position
Alaya Farooqui Daisy I
Mahima Gill Dahlia II
Riya Tulip III
Manchint Marigold III

Name Section Position
Anjana Huckleberry I
Nidhi Dagar Blueberry II
Ekakshara Garg Blueberry III

25.11.2013 – Li’l Picasso Colouring Competition
Pre Nursery

Little hands at work look pretty, holding a crayon, busy in their own world of colours and concepts. Each one gives a different meaning to the picture in front of the eyes. That is how the princesses of Thumbelina appeared, as they filled colours in the picture during the colouring competition held in QVS on 25.11.13. The aim of the competition was to give an opportunity to the children to showcase their colouring skills. The li’l queens took their time and did not seem to be in a hurry to complete the colouring. The result was a kaleidoscope of colours and strokes. The best ones were-

Name Position
Charvi Satija I
Manvi Rana II
Sheza Naved III

22.11.2013 – Inter School Fest - AURORA 2013, An R4 Initiative

Queen’s Valley School is an eminent and dedicated torchbearer of the Go-Green Programme and has been actively playing its part in the environment conservation. This time it went a step further and brought the schools in Delhi to join hands and bear the initiative forth to higher level.

The school organized an inter-school event christened – AURORA on 22ND Nov’13 which aimed at providing a platform to voice ‘disaster management’ through R4 – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Re-leaf. For the same a wide range of activities was scheduled spanning artistic innovation, scientific experience, theatrical skills, technical knowhow and elocution.

The occasion was graced by the presence of honourable Vice Chairman Mr. Anil Sachdeva who was also the chief guest and our director Mrs. Kiran Gambhir who was the guest of honour. The eventful morning commenced on a legendary spiritual note with the lighting of the Mangaldeep. It was followed by a heartfelt prayer invoking the almighty and seeking his blessings. Thereafter, the independent panel of judges invited to impart unbiased and accurate decisions for each event, was acknowledged for their gesture of honouring us with their presence. It comprised of persons of expertise from their area of work. The bench of judges encompassed resource persons from reputed and recognized faculties of Education, Art, Music, Dance, Journalism and IT who hold the credit of holding a plethora of workshops in their field of work. They are eminent and proficient professionals allied with Delhi University, Prasar Bharti, UN offices, IIT –Delhi and Times of India. Their sensitivity towards children is attributed to the fact that they specialize in Montessori education and have been relentlessly working with gifted children and children with special needs. They were also presented with a small token of affection by the Queen’s Valley family.

Moving on, an energetic and breath taking aerobics display was presented by the flexible wonders of the school. The queens showcased their mettle and proved themselves fit enough to be an active participant of the R4 initiative.

Soon after, The Principal, Dr. N. Sharma declared the event ‘open’ and addressed the participants with her words of motivation and wished them luck. Following it, the participants and judges were escorted to their respective venues and a smooth conduction of activities was ensured by the teachers concerned and our dutiful volunteers.

Among the 700 over students from 21 participating schools, the event seemed to be dipped in the true spirit of competition and all participants gave their best shot to bag the most coveted positions. After a series of neck to neck competition, arrived the most exciting and exhilarating moment of the day which was the Prize Distribution Ceremony. The winners were bestowed with prizes in the form of a friend for life- books and also certificates of merit. The trophy for securing maximum points in all the events was bagged by SPS –Pitampura and following them was the runner up team from Sri VIS – Dwarka. Although our school won positions at many levels during the event, including the trophy for overall excellence, but it showed its true spirit of playing host and claimed only a mention and bracketed prize as the next best team was moved up to its position.

To culminate the day’s proceedings, a tribute was paid to the glory of our nation as all stood in pride for the national anthem. Before bidding goodbye to the guests a formal vote of thanks was proposed to the Chief Guest, Mr. Anil Sachdeva, Guest of Honour – Mrs. Kiran Gambhir, our expert panel of judges and all participant school.The eventful journey came to an end for the day but it ensured that everyone went with a heart lit with the fervour of environment conservation.

20.11.2013 – Math-O-Magic - Mathematics Quiz

“Mathematics is the art of saying many things in many different ways.”
- Maxwell

The National Curriculum Framework, 2005 recommends that a child’s life at school must be linked to his life outside the school. This principle marks a departure from the legacy of bookish learning. In an attempt to discourage rote learning and to develop a setup of logical reasoning in the minds of our queens, November 2013 was celebrated as Mathematical month in Queen’s Valley School.

During the event, Math-O-Magic - an Inter class Mathematics quiz for class VII, VIII and X and an Inter House Mathematics Quiz for class IX were organized. It was an effort to enhance the competitive spirit and numerical efficiency in the students. The quiz was open to all the interested students of class VII to X. Finalist students who appeared for the quiz were selected on the basis of a preliminary round. The Preliminary test consisted of questions based on logical reasoning and syllabus of the respective classes.

The final competition was contested among four teams consisting of 3 students from each house for class IX, three teams consisting of 3 students from each section of class X and four teams consisting of 4 students from each section of class VII and VIII. The quiz consisted of multiple rounds some of which were as follows:

This activity helped the students to enhance their logical and critical thinking, decision making skills and reasoning skills. It involved mind sensory mechanics, perception and cognition.

The students participated in the activity with great interest and enthusiasm. It was an amazing experience for both the students as well as the audience.

The Winners for class VII:
Name of the Students Class Position
Swati Rai VII  A I
Rashmi Dahiya
Ankita Raj

The Winners for class VIII:
Name of the Students Class Position
Sanya Modi VIII C I

The Winners for class IX:
Name of the Students House Class Position
Anjali Sharma Truth IX A I
 Sauravi Halder Truth IX C I
Tanya Singh Truth IX B I
Khushboo Integrity IX A II
Akanksha Godara Integrity IX D II
Sunali Dembla Integrity IX B II

The Winners for class X:
Name of the Students Class Position
Richa Mahajan X  B I
Smriti Verma X  B I
Shardha Yadav X  B I
Nisha X  A II
Isha Sehrawat X  A II
Jaagritie Prasad X  A II

20.11.2013 – Clay Moulding Competition

Moulding clay adds a new dimension to the creativity of children and also develops their eye-hand co‐ordination. A clay moulding competition was held for the princesses of Pre-School and Pre-Primary on Wednesday 20.11.13 in the school. The theme of the competition was fruits and vegetables. The little hands moulded clay perfectly and created perfect models of fruits and vegetables. The students thoroughly enjoyed the competition as it was fun and learning at the same time. It was difficult for the judges to decide the winners as all the creations had their own story to tell.

Results of Pre School:
Name Section Position
Agrata Pandey Ariel I
Avipsa Snow White I
Ananya Aggarwal Ariel II
Ashlesha Kharab Snow Drop II
Nishtha Rawat Angelina III
Harmayra Kaur Ariel Consolation

Results of Pre Primary:
Name Section Position
Sneha Samal Rosetta I
Ivania Kaur Tinkerbell I
Sweekriti Shekhawat Cinderella II
Zenobia Mermaidia II
Shivani Yadav Elina III
Bhavini Garg Jasmine III
Ishupriya Gupta Mermaidia III
Aayushi Alice Consolation
Aishwarya Shandilya Alice Consolation

18.11.2013 – Inter Class Mathematical Mascot Competition

Mathematics is a creation of human mind concerned chiefly with ideas, processes and reasoning. It is much more than Arithmetic, more than Algebra more than Geometry. Also it is much more than Trigonometry, Statistics, and Calculus. Primarily mathematics is a way of thinking and a way of organizing a logical proof. As a way of reasoning, it gives an insight into the power of human mind, with the same idea Queen’s Valley organized the Mathematical Mascot Competition on 18.11.13 for Class III to judge the creative hands of its queens. The students were curious, creative and learnt to develop spatial visualization. The competition supplemented, complemented, and extended the methodology by which they learn in the regular classroom. Students came up with innovative ideas and made various Mascots. The enthusiasm shown by the kids was heartening and the competition proved to be a big success. The Winners are:

Name Class Position
Khushpreet Kaur III A I
Srishti Verma III F II
Hemakshi Jain III B III

14.11.2013 – Inter Class Math-O-Train Competition

To test the knowledge of mathematical terms and their definitions, QVS organized the Math-o-Train competition. The preliminary round was open to all and the winners from each section participated in the final round that was held on 14th November, 2013.

The final round comprised of three rounds namely,
1 Definition Round
2 Alphabet Round
3 Chain Round

Participants were asked the definition of a mathematical term in the Definition Round. In the Alphabet Round, the participants were given 30 seconds and using alphabet using they had to tell as many mathematical terms as they could. In the last round, participants were given a mathematical term and they had to use the last letter of that term to say another mathematical term.

The winners are:
Name Class Position
Astha Kuhikar
Anushka Tomar
Riya Solanki
Jiya Adhikari
Simran Yadav
Arushi Arora

11.11.2013 – English Calligraphy Competition - Pre Primary

Handwriting is a means of expressing language, just like speech, and it also leaves a lasting trace. Some call it 'Language by Hand'. It is a physical way of expressing thoughts and ideas and a means of communicating with others. It is a skill which involves linguistic, cognitive, perceptual and motor components, all of which have to be coordinated into an integrated fashion.

Keeping in view the benefits of good handwriting, a calligraphy competition was conducted for the little Queens of Pre Primary on 11th November 2013. All the Queens participated in this competition with great zeal and enthusiasm as they got an opportunity and a platform to showcase their best work.

This competition encouraged them to develop a good handwriting and enlightened their li’l minds with the benefits of good handwriting. It was difficult to choose the winners of the competition but some of them wrote more beautifully than the other Queens. The winners from each class are:

Section Name Position
Cinderella Shreyasi I
Sristi Singh II
Alisha III
Goldilocks Bhani Jaggi I
Shravya Mishra II
Vaibhavi Yadav III
Mermaidia Zenobia I
Shagun II
Arshita III
Rosetta Preeti Chhikara I
Manasvi Vashishth II
Avni Nagesh III
Tinkerbell Riya I
Virsti II
Diya Kapoor III
Jasmine Deeksha Singh I
Aanshi II
Srishti III
Alice Simran I
Shagun II
Anushka Kapoor III
Elina Snehal Jain I
Meha II
Mahi III

06.11.2013 – Festivals are Full of Charm and Delight


As the festival season came closer, the excitement among the Queens increased. The younger queens took great interest in performing their best for the competitions with a blaze of ideas in their minds.

The festival of Diwali brings joy and happiness all around. It is marked with prayers offered to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. Everywhere light, diyas and candles spread colourful light. Rangoli adds to the tradition and sweets make this festival sweeter.

For worshipping and welcoming Goddess Lakshmi, people clean their houses and throw away the old to welcome the new.

The Queens made use of old and waste products and produced creative new things. The things they made were very useful, ‘The old was turned into new.’

Held on: 23-10-13
The Best Performers are
Name Class
Utisthaa Rathore I-Daffodil  
Nandini Singh I-Dahlia
Tanushka Jain I- Tulip
Pranjal Parihar I- Lavender
Vijaya Rani I-Lily
Srishti Koundal I-Daisy
Avni Sinha I-Marigold
Alakshya S. Khare II- Blueberry
Yashika Choudhary II- Blueberry
Riddhi Saini II- Mulberry
Parul Yadav II- Huckleberry
Gunjan Ahuja II- Strawberry
Alexandrine Kumar II- Raspberry
Vittoria Gautam Pal II-Cherryberry

As the festival of Diwali came closer, the enthusiasm was at its peak. For offering prayers, Thali is decorated carrying flowers, roli-chawal, incense sticks, diyas and sweets. Our Queens prepared wonderfully decorated Thalis and Diyas.

Held on: 31-10-13
The Best Performers are-
Name Class
Shruti Soni I-Daffodil
Ekparnika Mishra I-Dahlia
Yuvakshi Dahiya I-Tulip
Rishima Khare I-Lavender
Rashi Sharma I-Lily
Sana Sehrawat I-Daisy
Kavya Srivastava I-Marigold
Sanskriti Ray II-Blueberry
Aaliya Shoeb II-Mulberry
Yukti II-Huckleberry
Rashi Saini II-Strawberry
Yukti II-Raspberry
Navya Sharma II-Cherryberry

The Queens did not stop at this. To commemorate the occasion, clay took the attention of the girls as colourful clay attracts young children. Here too, they put their best foot forward and made interesting and innovative things from clay with the ideas from their highly imaginative minds.

Held on: 06-11-13
The Best Performers of Class I are-

Name Class
Chaitali Vats         Daffodil
Geet Gill         Dahlia
Sia Girhotra         Tulip
Saanvi         Lavender
Harshita Yadav         Lily
Alaya Farooqui         Daisy
Jennifer Nimesh         Marigold
Our Queens celebrated the festival of lights with full happiness, joy, zest and zeal and added feathers of success to their caps.
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