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31.07.14: Inter Class Competitions – Classes I & II

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”
- Gail Devers

Keeping this thought in mind, the students of class I and II participated with great zeal and enthusiasm, when QVS organised various competitions in the months of July and August 2014. Some of the events which were held were Show and Tell , Tip Tap Toe Dance Competition and Li’l Picasso Colouring Competition.

QVS works towards the overall development of its queens and aims at bringing out the best in them. Such competitions provide a platform to students to come out of their comfort zone and make an effort to overcome their fear. They also provide great opportunities for students to discover their talent, work in teams and learn sportsman spirit.

In the Show and Tell competition, classes I and II were each given a different topic to prepare, i.e. 'My Family’ and ‘Fruits and Vegetables’ respectively. Students had to bring different props and explain their topic in an innovative and impressive way. It helped them gain confidence and improve their oral skills.

QVS not only held academic driven competitions, but also had some fun activities lined up for the students. Dancing with the feet is one thing but dancing with the heart is another. Our students proved this when they set the floor on fire with their awe-inspiring performances. The different dances showcased by the li’l princesses were breathtaking and the judges had a tough time deciding the winners.

During the Li’l Picasso Colouring Competition, our queens explored their imagination while choosing the colours of their choice to colour their pictures. They created a vibrant atmosphere and gave meaning to the phrase “Colour in a picture is like the enthusiasm in life.”

Students showcased their best performances.

The winners are as follow:

Avni Nagesh Daffodil
Siona Vatsayan Dahlia
Pratha Waldia Tulip
Asmi Sethi Daisy
Aanya Kashyap Lavender
Yashna Bhutani Lily
Snehal Samal Marigold
Sweekriti Orchid

Rayna Gandhi Blueberry
Garima Zalpuri Cherryberry
Shirin Moza Cherryberry
Riddhima Singh Huckleberry
Chahat Tiwari Mulberry
Medhya Verma Raspberry
Kavya Srivastava Strawberry

Prisha Daffodil
Siona Vatsayan Dahlia
Ananya Singhal Tulip
Tanishka Tulip
Diya Kapoor Daisy
Devanshi Dahiya Lavender
Leisha Malik Lily
Snehal Samal Marigold
Disha Paupuleti Orchid

Anjika Gupta Blueberry
Nilakshi Chandra Cherryberry
Yukta Shokeen Huckleberry
Chahat Tiwari Mulberry
Rishima Khare Raspberry
Navdha Sharma Strawberry

Fatima Hasnain Daffodil
Gunika Yadav Dahlia
Muskan Gupta Tulip
Asmi Sethi Daisy
Meetali Sharma Lavender
Aarushi Yadav Lily
Trisha Marigold
Zenobia Orchid

Pari Blueberry
Harshika Dagar Cherryberry
Sia Girhotra Huckleberry
Alaya Farooqui Mulberry
Oindrilla Sarkar Raspberry
Palak Rao Strawberry

31.07.14 - INTER HOUSE YOGA (Class: III-XII)

“Yoga is almost like music, there is no end to it.”

Yoga, the Sanskrit word for “union”, is a practice that uses posture and breathing techniques to induce relaxation and improve strength. Yoga has immense benefits for students. It not only improves their health, concentration level but also helps to create an atmosphere of confidence, enthusiasm where everyone can succeed.

Keeping the importance that Yoga carries for students, QVS organized an Inter- House ‘Yoga Competition’ for our Queens. The competition was organized in the school playground on 31 July 2014. The competition was organized for classes III-V, VI- VIII, IX- XII.

The competition was a success. The ‘asanas’ depicted by our Queens reflected their hard work, discipline, flexibility and balance. It perfectly reflected the patience achieved in behaviour and calmness of mind in agile body. The serene atmosphere created by Yoga was divine in its own way. Our queens participated in full zeal. The event not only gave them a chance to showcase their skills but also acted as a confidence booster for them. The effort of our queens was highly appreciated.

The winners:
Group Name Class House Position
III - V Anshika Yaduvanshi IV-F Courage House I
VI - VIII Riya Rana VII-A Peace House I
IX - XII Vandana Verma IX-C Integrity House I


Dancing provides great benefits, it allows one to express ones self. It also provides physical/mental refreshment and relaxation. With the aim of honing the dance skills of its Queen’s. Q.V.S organized TIP TAP TOE – SOLO DANCE COMPETITION for the students of Pre-Nursery, Pre-School, Pre-Primary on 24th ,28th and 30th July 2014.

The vivacious tiny dolls set the stage on fire with their energetic performances. The fun filled extravaganza offered dances on Folk music as well as English songs. The little Queens captivated the audience with their breathtaking performances in beautiful costumes and props. The result as follows:


1. Aishani – Sarah
2. Kanishka- Angelina
3. Swasti-Angelina
4. Ashini- Sarah





“The change we long for comes from our will. Let's start becoming the people we were meant to be. Let's start becoming Earth warriors.”

Mother Earth is all we have and to protect and preserve her beauty, we need to do our bit each day. Our Earth is not just ours but our children’s too. If we don’t use judiciously what we have, then our children will have to suffer. It is essential to make the inhabitants of the Earth aware about the changing condition of our planet and how we all can save Earth from the clutches of disastrous calamities

It is high time that we put in our concerted effort as this planet Earth belongs to us and it is not only our duty but also our need to do everything in our ability to set it right. Each small step and every small action will count in the big scenario and will bring about the necessary difference we need.

We at Queen’s Valley School believe in the overall development of our Queens. The emphasis is laid not only on curricular but on co-curricular activities as well. A pupil should be able to relate not only to the textbook but also to the world around us. The best way to show how well one can connect is through the dramatization of the social milieu. Keeping this in view, Queen’s Valley School organized INTER CLASS PAGE TO STAGE COMPETITION - WE ARE EARTH WARRIORS on 30th July 2014 for the students of class IX. The queens announced themselves to be the saviours of the earth.

The Queens participated with great enthusiasm. It was an excellent display of talent and creativity. We hope that the contribution, sensitization, enthusiasm and awareness generated by our queens would encourage others as well to work for the betterment of the environment and thereby create a more environment – friendly world.


“Look for something, find something else and realize that what you’ve found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for”

In an era of constant innovation and discovery, we may not realize that most inventions take years to develop. But sometimes all it takes is an accident. A surprising number of discoveries owe a lot to chance. From plastic and potato chips to matches and microwaves, these strokes of scientific serendipity have had a big impact on our lives.

The students of class X got a chance to know about many such accidental discoveries through an interclass competition. ‘Serendipity’ – Inventions by chance. The competition was organized as a part of Science and Technology month and was held on 30th July, 2014.

The participants prepared a power point presentation on an invention which occurred by chance or by accident. The story of the accidental discovery was presented by each participant in a clear & logical sequence. The participants brought forward dozens of examples of serendipity from just about every conceivable field from Isaac Newton and his famous apple, to Edward Jenner and the vaccination of small pox & to the discovery of many of the chemical elements.

The presentations were effective in capturing & maintaining the attention of audience. It was a very informative experience and helped to widen the range of students’ knowledge.

“Open your ears and mind and may be one day you will also be hit by ‘Eureka’.

The Winners:
Name Class Position
Anjali Sharma X-A I
Ritika Sharma X-C II
Khushboo X-B III
Shivani Sharma X-B

25.07.14 Inter Class Blend – Indo Western Group Song Competition

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything”

Since time immemorial, music has been embedded in our lives. It seeps into art and culture, finds expression in language, and has great effect on lifestyle. It fuels the mind and thus fuels our creativity. It transcends all boundaries.

Music, as has been observed helps in improving students’ self discipline, dexterity, coordination, self-esteem, thinking skills, creative abilities and personal expression. It has therefore become an integral part of school curriculum. QVS always tries to give its students a platform to showcase their innate talent and hone their skills. In its attempt, the school organized an Inter Class Blend-Western Group Song Competition for the students of class VIII.

Participants presented melodious songs. The cords which they struck left the audience spell bound. Students participated with great zeal and fervor. They surprised everyone with their love for the art. Their effort was well appreciated by the judges.

The winners:
Name Genre Class Position
Aditi Bhattacharjee
Jahnavi Mathur
Ishita Garg
Akshita Garg
Karishma Sharma
Sakshi Kaushik
Mantra Sharma
Kavita Yadav
Prachi Sharma
Yashi Yadav
Shreya Jain
Anjali thakur
Ishika Aggarwal
Monalika Chaudhary
Nidhi Arora
Divya Singh
Pooja Pandey
Smriti Sharma
Punya Thakur
Tanvee Shehrawat
Western Music VIII-C I
Divyansha Jharwal
Shreya Singh
Aayushi Singh
Deepali Mehta
Priyanka Rana
Ananya Gaur
Pritika Godara
Jaanvi Bakshi
Harshita Rani
Kashish Arora
Tanya Pokhriyal
Sharanya Tiwari
Priyanka Mann
Tanvi Dhillon
Anjali Mulukutla
Prachi Jindal
Shruti Shokeen
Tanweer Nishant Islam
Classical Music VIII-D II
Sonia Dabas
Ria Chaudhary
Himanshi Yadav
Yukti Bharadwaj
Muskan Sharma
Rashmi Dahiya
Nalini Singh
Shivani Sahni
Simran Gupta
Diksha Mehta
Simran Singh
Sofiya Ahmad
Aarushi Singh
Deepanshi Yadav
Komal Yadav
Rashi Mahajan
Classical Music VIII-A III

25.07.14 - Inter Class Catchphrase Slogan Writing Competition

“To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival”
Wendell Berry

With the growing hazards of pollution, biodegradation and warnings of global warming, turning eco-friendly is not just the suggestion but the need of the hour.

When you go green you help to maintain the equilibrium of the environment. Global warming, land pollution, air pollution and other such environmental hazards can be reduced by following green practices.

A slogan writing competition was organized on 25th July for Class VIII students during the science and technology month in order to hone their skills of expressions by using brief, memorable and powerful catchphrases. Students participated enthusiastically in this competition of expressing themselves. Their slogans emphasized the need of energy conservation, reducing pollution and minimizing waste in today’s scenario.

The lucid and thought provoking slogans were appreciated a lot by the judges. The slogans were judged on the basis of content, presentation, relevance and legibility.

This slogan writing competition promoted an understanding among students that they each individually can play a significant and effective role in tackling environmental issues.

The winners of the competition are:

Name Class Position
Ishika Budhiraja VIII C First
Komal Yadav VIII A Second
Aditi Bhattacharjee VIII C Third

25.07.14 Inter Class Poster Making Competition (Class VII)

The colors live a remarkable life of their own after they have been applied to the canvas.
Edvard Munch

To hone the artistic skills of the students, an Inter-Class Poster Making Competition was held for the students of class VII on 25th July, 2014. The topic of the poster making was “Science-Everywhere Everyday”.

Science is part of our daily lives: all day, every day, everywhere we go. Our personal lives are real world contexts for learning science and understanding the impact of science on our lives. The students were given an opportunity to explore any aspect of science in society – their locality, school or neighbourhood and display their creative talents with an array of colours on the canvas.

Our Queens participated actively in the poster making competition which was celebrated as part of Science and Technology Month. They displayed their representation ability along with their scientific observation. They showcased relevance of science in their lives with vibrant colours giving a captivating and suitable heading for their poster. All the students were excited to showcase the best of their work. The competition witnessed an enthusiastic participation by the students.

The judgment was done on the basis - creativity, presentation, relevance and message.

The winners:
Name Class Position
Divya Suri VII-C I
Vaidehi Vats VII-A II
Kavya Pandey VII-A III
Tamanna Mohapatra VII-D

24.07.2014 – Rendezvous With Indian History

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”
Nelson Mandela

Freedom is an essential part of our life. It is probably one of the most important civil liberties in a democratic society. Freedom is so important for a living being that without freedom there is no meaning of life. The idea behind freedom is to be respectful and useful to our society. Freedom is important to everyone so nobody should be deprived of this innate right.

Today we move freely around in our country without anyone questioning or imposing any kinds of restrictions on us, we feel satisfied and contented. But this satisfaction is due to the effort made by our freedom fighters to free our country from the British Raj. Its because of our freedom fighters that today we are enjoying our freedom. Their satyagrahas, sacrifices and the tortures they went through have resulted in the freedom that we enjoy today in our motherland India.

We at QVS are of the view that we must teach the next generation the importance of freedom so that they can become responsible citizens of our country.

Keeping this in mind an inter-class fancy dress competition RENDEZVOUS WITH INDIAN HISTORY-FREEDOM FIGHTERS was organized for all the sections of Std. IV on 24th July`14 in the Cultural Hall.

The queens enthusiastically participated in the competition and gave the judges a tough time in selecting the winners. However, the winners were selected on the basis of confidence, content and presentation.

The Winners:
Name Class Position
Srishti Verma
Ishita Yadav
Shagun Sinha
Aditi Kapoor
Prachi Dahiya
Diya Ahlawat

24.07.2014 - Class VI Inter-Class Scientist Anagrams Quiz Competition

An anagram is a type of word play which is the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters exactly.

Recreational activities are a major part of the curriculum today where a sense of inquiry is generated among the students through a series of mind storming activities such as puzzles, game shows, anagrams etc.

We, at Queen’s Valley School believe in providing enriching experience to our queens and to ensure this a number of recreational activities are structured to enhance acquaintance of our queens about our scientific world. An inter- class, anagram competition was organized for class VI on July 24, 2014.

The preliminary round of the inter class anagram competition was held on July 14, 2014. Students selected after the preliminary round took part in the final round in the Cultural Hall. The main purpose was to make them aware of the world of science and technology.

The queens were tested on their knowledge about the scientific awareness. It proved a great success as it not only checked our queens’ responsiveness but also enriched their knowledge. The queens participated with great zeal.

The event acted as a confidence booster for them and gave them an opportunity to display their aptitude and knowledge. It was a learning experience for the participants.

The Winners:
Ashwarya Jha
Ritwika Nandi
Aishwarya Sharma
VI -  E I
Akshita Bhatt
Gurpreet Kaur
Nishtha Thakur
Shreya Shakya
Tanisha Rana
Sandhya Yadav
Gurneet Kaur Narang

23.07.2014 – Page to Stage – Rhyme Recitation Competition

Rhymes enjoy an undisputed importance in the life of any kindergarten student. Teaching of nursery rhymes not only develops speaking skills but it also helps children to express their feelings using facial expressions and gestures.

QVS organized ‘Page to Stage’ English Rhyme Recitation Competition for Pre-Nursery on 22nd July 2014 and for Pre-School on 23rd July 2014 to enhance the oratory skills of the Queen’s. The children charmed their teachers and classmates with their poise and grace. They recited rhymes with confidence and enthralled every one with their articulation and memory skills. It was an excellent opportunity for them to gain confidence through stage exposure. The result of the competition is as follows:-

Name Class Position
Dhriti Gambhir Angelina I
Kshirin Dua Snowdrop II
Devyana Ariel II
Prisha Bhatia Snowdrop III
Hanna Yadav Sarah III
Avneet Rapunzel    Consolation
Aayushi Bisht Snowwhite Consolation
Avani Parashar Snowwhite Consolation
Pratisha Rapunzel Consolation

22.07.2014 – Class X-B Special Assembly (TSUNAMI)

‘Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose’

We cannot stop natural disaster but we can arm ourselves with knowledge and disaster preparedness.

Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength. No matter - what ever the difficulty, how painful an experience – if we lose our hope that’s the real disaster.

Students of Class X-B presented a special assembly on the topic ‘Tsunami’ on 22nd July 2014, wherein they endeavoured to give a message on how the damage and loss of lives caused by a tsunami can be averted by taking heed of natural warnings and by not ignoring them.

The students presented a skit depicting the pain, suffering, struggle and shattered emotional lives of the survivours of a village in a coastal area who have lost their family and loved ones. The loss of lives could have been averted if the villagers took heed of natural warnings and promptly moved to higher ground. The act was supported by dance performances. The students also conveyed the message of inculcating a humanitarian approach towards the victims as relief cannot be measured solely in monetary terms. The victims need emotional and psychological touch to come out of their severe trauma and resettle their shattered emotional lives. With this message the special assembly came to an end. The performance was applauded and appreciated by all.

22.07.2014 - Manisha Yadav does her alma mater proud

Manisha Yadav of Class XII qualified for award of Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE) under Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research ( INSPIRE ) by virtue of her performance in the Senior School Certificate Examination 2014 ( Class XII ) conducted by CBSE during academic session ending March/April 2014.

This award of scholarship to Manisha is given to only those students who are within top 1% of the AISSCE exam. She has done her parents and school proud.

18.07.2014 – Inter Class Global Dancing Sensation (Class VI)

By nature, dance is the expression of emotions, feelings and opinions through the movement and manipulation of the body. Dance, very often finds itself in the form of telling a story or conveying emotion through choreography.

Queen’s Valley School students not only showcased and focused on the multi-cultural growth in today’s world through their competition on Global Dancing Sensation held on 18th July 2014. This competition cum project was taken as an activity under the action plan of British Council for ISA 2014. The competition infused a spark in every student to ponder over a few questions like: How can dance forms be meaningful outside their original culture? How does globalization entail the preservation and ownership of dance traditions? How does the global circulation of dances reproduce or challenge international power relationships? Within dance, how is globalization reconciled with the articulation of local, regional or national identities? How has globalization affected the creativity and production processes of dancers and choreographers? What is the connection between dance globalization and multiculturalism?

Under the influence of globalization, many dance genres have become international and grown roots in locations far from their birthplaces. Hip-hop, salsa, tango, ballet and bharatanatyam exemplify this trend. Students of Queen’s Valley School have accelerated the creation of hybrid dance forms that fuse elements from various cultures, as illustrated by choreographers who interweave Indian dancing and international aesthetics. Dance is also cultural in a lot of cases; many cultures express their religion and values through dance.

Queens of our school created mesmerizing dance performances of different countries that left everyone spellbound.

The winners:
Class Dance Form Name Position
VI-C Belly Dance Ishika Rana
Lavisha Mehta
Kajal Jhangu
Medha Nimbhal
Ritanshi Rana
Akshita Bhatt
Agreema Doodraj
Nishtha Thakur
VI-B Hawaii Dance Anjani Khandelwal
Sandhya Yadav
Dhimahi Doshi
Uditi Bisht
Jyotsana Panchal
Vanshika Kaushik
Pawni kaushik
Riya Singhal
Soumya Singh
Shefali Singh
Aditi Pandey
Gurneet Kaur
Khushi Khan
Tisha Akharia
Murika Bajaj
Pakhi Gerwal
Sieya Bhatia
Khushi Priyadarshini
Mehak Yadav
VI-E Spanish Dance Aanya Daftaur
Vaishvi Raj
Rishika Pandey
Pragya Arya
Bhavya Saxena
Akansha Godara
Deepanshi Sharma
Nikita Dalal
Dipanshi Mann
Sneha Singh
Khushi Bharadwaj
Aishwarya Sharma
Neeti Singh
Grace Jemima

18.07.2014 – Inter Class - “Food Fight - Healthy vs Junk”
(Class III)

“Health is like money, we never have true idea of its value until we lose it.”

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.

The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.

If there would be a fight between healthy and junk food then what would happen? If food could tell their qualities to everyone then how would they?

Healthy food or junk food?To remove this confusion, our queens of class III came dressed up as food and participated in this fancy dress competition which was held on 18.07.14.

Our little queens were dressed up in different costumes representing different food items. They came confidently and spoke effortlessly. They wore wonderful costumes and carried interesting props. Each one of them spoke flawlessly and mesmerized the audience with their performance. Our queens made the show extremely enjoyable and a true learning experience for everyone.

Name Class Position
Dishita Dahiya III C I
Diza Joshi III B II
Diya Wadhwani III A III

17.07.2014 - Inter House Gymnastics Competition

"Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance."

Gymnastics is a sport that emphasizes on the performance of exercises requiring physical strength, flexibility,agility,coordination and balance. It helps children become physically active, fit and healthy.

Its challenging nature requires commitment and concentration. The structure of gymnastic lessons teaches children how hard work and dedication pays off. A scientific notion holds that gymnastics gives children an opportunity to learn about social skills like listening, following directions, taking turns, being quiet and respecting others.

This is precisely the reason for which Queen's Valley School has included gymnastics as part of its curriculum. To promote gymnastics and increase an interest among its students, QVS organised an Inter House Gymnastics competition on 9th of July 2014 (preliminary round) and 17th of July 2014(final round) in the school premises ensuring maximum participation and mesmerising performances by the flexible queens of the school.

The young gymnasts rocked the stage with some floor exercises, cart wheels, routines on the balancing beam and various trampoline and rhythmic gymnastics. The spirit of healthy competition among the four houses was quite evident. The audience was left spell bound as they witnessed a variety of challenging exercises and balancing postures.

The queens of QVS participated with great zeal and the dexterity they displayed in every move was awe-inspiring. They successfully showcased their well-developed motor and coordination skills. Whether it is recreational gymnastics or competitive, skills learned in gymnastics definitely benefit a child's holistic development.

The winners:

Group A: III-V
Category Name Class Position House
Artistic Vaibhavi Yadav V-E I Truth
Rhythmic Rishika Bandyopadyay V-F I Peace

Group B: VI-VIII
Category Name Class Position House
Artistic Smriti Shokeen VIII-D I Truth
Rhythmic Deepti Gandas VII-A I Truth

Group C: IX-XII
Category Name Class Position House
Artistic Vinita Yadav IX-A I Integrity



It’s upon us what type of future we want for the Future generations, For our Children…Save Environment and let our Children Enjoy it too.

Saving Environment is the need of today, the way we are destroying the environment it will lead to the destruction of the life from this earth. Therefore it’s necessary that we should Save Environment and each one of us should contribute and should do something to save Environment. The best way to encourage others for the cause of saving environment is to write and share some short messages on saving environment. This will encourage others to do heir bit to save environment. In order to spark the spirit to save the environment in our queens, the school organized a Poster making competition for class IV students on 16th July 2014.

Students participated in the event with joy and enthusiasm. The topics of poster making broadened their imaginative horizons; children positively enjoyed the colorful activity based competition. The competition was open to students of grade 4. The little queens made colourful posters with appropriate and thought provoking slogans which acted as a wake-up call and reinforced the need to take some action to save our precious Earth. The posters were beautifully decorated and children displayed their creativity and imagination. The competition gave the children a platform to showcase their talent and made them realize the importance of our Mother Earth

The winners are:

16.07.2014 - Inter Class - Science Crossword Contest (Class V)

“This is a puzzling world.“
- George Eliot

Crossword puzzles are said to be the most popular and widespread word game in the world. The first known published crossword puzzle was created by a journalist named Arthur Wynne from Liverpool.

Solving crossword puzzles has many advantages. It enhances vocabulary, strengthens word recall and memory, stimulates problem solving skills, and improves focus and attention.

Keeping these wonderful benefits in mind Queen Valley School conducted an Inter Science Crossword Contest for the Queens of class V. The preliminary round was on 14.07.2014 followed by final round on 16.07.2014.

The aim of this contest was to seek out maximum participation from the students and promote experiential learning. Crossword puzzles caters two important needs i.e. Variety and novelty which is an important part of our cognitive reserve. It also incorporates visual perception component.

It is based on the combination of various branches of science i.e. life science, physical science, earth science.

The students participated in the event enthusiastically.

The Winners:
Name Class Position
Laavanya V B I
Ishita Sharma V B II

16.07. 2014 – Class Pre Primary

Show and Tell Competition

In todays world it is imperative to teach children about a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet so that from the tender age of kindergarten they follow the correct diet plan and teach others to do the same. Children learn better with hands on experience and with this aim QVS organized a Show and Tell competition for the princesses of Pre-Primary on 16.7.14 with ‘Healthy Food’ as the theme.

The princesses came dressed as fruits and vegetables and carried placards and props depicting healthy food and healthy eating habits. They presented scientific facts and information, encouraging the audience to follow a healthy diet plan. The information given by the little dieticians motivated the audience and all of them pledged to discard junk food and eat healthy food. The judges were mesmerized by the oratory skills of the children.

The result is as follows:

The following children had shown an appreciable performance:


Chanakya who is today remembered as a great administrator, astute politician and a shrewd thinker is considered as a pioneer in the field of economics and political science in India.

Class VII-B presented an assembly depicting a glimpse of the life of a great & learned scholar of Takshila “ Chanakya ”.

The play enacted by the students gave an insight into the journey of Chanakya’s life,his meeting with the great soldier Chandragupta who later was crowned as the king of Mauryan Dynasty with the guidance & learnings of Chanakya. Students depicted how Chankaya was insulted & thrown out by the King Dhanananda from his court which further infuriated him to take the revenge by eradicating the social evils from the society and to overthrow Nanda Dynasty along with the foreign invader Alexander.

Queens also depicted how he trained Chandragupta and set an example of unity & diversity by bringing people together & igniting in them the light of power, freedom & determination to fight for their rights.

Children were dressed according to their roles. They delivered their dialogues with great poise and perfection. Queens ended their assembly with a special message that how principled our leaders were. On seeing such high moral standards of our ancient spiritual leaders, it makes us realize that we should try to emulate them at least a little, so that we can walk on the path of a pure mind and a pure conscience. If we, as citizens, try to adopt even one such great quality of our ancestors, our country’s future would be brighter than what it is now. Their dance performance on the song “Jai Ho” perfectly reflected the message. It was a commendable performance by the young queens and an enriching experience for the audience with a message that we can make a better future for us and for the generations to come.

The special assembly ended with” National Anthem”.

10.07.14 - Special Assembly – Biological Disaster

Biological disaster can be defined as the use of biological agents to cause death, disability or damage mainly to human beings. The three basic groups of biological agents, which could be used as weapons, are bacteria, viruses, and toxins. Most biological agents are difficult to grow and maintain.

Biological agents can be dispersed by spraying them into the air, by infecting animals that carry the disease to humans, and by contaminating food and water. Mycotoxins were once reported to be used in Afghanistan. Even before that it has also been documented that the Red Indians in North America were given the smallpox infected blankets.

On 10 July 2014, class IX D presented a special assembly on the topic ‘Biological Disaster’ . The students recited the school prayer which was followed by the English, Hindi, Sanskrit and French thoughts. English news, G.K. facts and jokes also comprised a part of the assembly. Thereafter, the students dramatized a short skit on the topic wherein they described what is a biological disaster, a brief history of the same followed by the various ways in which it can spread .

Queens ended their assembly stating the measures of prevention to be followed in order to be free from such biological disasters. The song ‘I’m Alive’ (sung by Celine Dion) truly captured the spirit of this message.

The assembly was well conducted and the students enacted their roles with great confidence.

08.07. 2014 – CLASS: VIII A Special Assembly - Karna

The school assembly is one of the most important aspects of a school's curriculum. Its potential to nurture a positive school ethos that stresses care for the self, others and the pursuit of all forms of excellence should not be underestimated. It powerfully nurtures the development of intrapersonal intelligence.

Queens of class VIII, displayed their talent for the special assembly on the topic Karna – a warrior with ‘kawach and kundal’. The girls illustrated the values which act as a foundation not only for spiritual education but for the development of personal, social and health education and the spiritual.

Karna was one of the greatest warriors whose martial exploits are recorded in the Mahābhārata, Karna was the son of Surya (a solar deity) and Kunti. He was the closest friend of Duryodhana and fought on his behalf against the Pandavas (his brothers) in the famous Kurukshetra war. He also fought against misfortune throughout his life and kept his word under all circumstances. Many admire him for his courage and generosity. The grandeur of Karna with his smoldering anger into a terrifying conflagration created a spark igniting the students minds.

The assembly stressed on an episode where Karna sharpens his skills from his guru Parshuram with a cohesive harmony and later is cursed by his master for his treachery. One day when Parshuram was resting in Karna’s lap, it so happened that a bee stung Karna on the lower part of his thigh and he started bleeding. However, fearing that if he moved his legs, he would awaken Parshuram, he did not move at all and continued to suffer. When Parshuram woke up, he saw Karna bleeding. He cursed him immediately as he believed that a Brahmin cannot suffer so much physical pain. Only a kshatriya can endure so much discomfort. Parshuram was greatly annoyed and therefore cursed Karna that as he had learnt through deceit, he shall forget the skill which Parshuram had taught him at the crucial juncture.

The assembly reiterated the positive values each student should include in their individual thoughts and abilities from Karna’s life. Finally, at a subtle but powerful level, a reminder of the importance of these values was voiced out from Karna’s mouth -“There’s a Karna in each one of us. We all possess the qualities of a fighter, a warrior, a man who believes in humanity, a great son, a loyal friend, a true discipline and the one who is true to mankind what we need to do is to take out that Karna”. Indeed a web of ideas, observations and intentions from Mahabhara were woven and the assembly was a touchstone of spiritual values and culture.

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