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26.06. 2014 – Workshop For Teachers

Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.

It is imperative for a teacher to encourage students to become lifelong learners. To achieve this goal, it is important for a teacher to continue to gather knowledge and keep a scope for improvement. It should be our personal focus as committed professionals.

To facilitate this goal, the teachers of Queen’s Valley School attended a series of workshops for development of its teachers on both a personal and professional level.

The first workshop was held on 24th June’14 by, a consultant with The Times of India.The topic of discussion was ‘Social Graces’ wherein our resource person highlighted the importance of appropriate social behaviour among peers and its significance in classroom teaching. The resources person talked about how to provide an environment that is both encouraging and positive for students and how a teacher can work towards making them holistically groomed citizens. The need to avoid trivialities such as office gossip wherein a person is unknowingly subjected to negative or disparaging comments or criticisms was also discussed.

The significance of correcting students for the use of inappropriate language was also stressed upon. It is our duty as educators to instil good values, proper conduct and manners in students in co-ordination with their parents.

Queen’s Valley School is proud to have a large number of 2000 subscribers to the student edition of The Times of India, Newspaper in Education. On 25th June’ 14, a workshop was conducted to highlight the need to incorporate the use of newspapers in classroom teaching. It was a successful exchange programme wherein every faculty of the school participated by bringing forth various ideas with which they can inculcate the regular newspaper reading habit among students of every age group. The importance of a newspaper to sharpen one’s communication skills along with their intellect was stressed upon. It was a highly interactive session wherein the teachers were nudged to exercise their creative faculties and come up with activities that can be both instructive and enjoying.

Phonetics is a branch of linguistics that comprises of the study of sounds of human speech. Keeping in mind the need to ace the skills on phonetics and communication skills, the school organized a workshop for its teachers on 26th June’ 14.Suggestions about how the teachers can make the students aware of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) recognised symbols were given so that they are capable of pronouncing difficult or unfamiliar words effortlessly. The workshop was a success in terms of basic comprehension of a topic as elaborate and detailed as phonetics.

The teachers of the Maths faculty attended a Vedic Maths workshop. The aim of this workshop was to help teachers to get a grasp of the Vedic approach of calculation that can help students to generate answers easily and quickly. A presentation regarding the importance of logic and understanding of the fundamental concepts was also given. Practice worksheets and assignments were provided and discussed for the same. All the teachers found the experience highly relevant and enriching.

On the same day, the elementary school teachers attended a workshop about the use of abacus as a counting tool for early learners. It was an interactive session regarding the significance of an abacus to strengthen a child’s skills for fast and accurate calculations and how it aids a child’s attention, power of retention and concentration.

On 30th June’14, the elementary class teachers along with the English faculty of the school attended an enlightening workshop regarding the use of phonetics and importance of pre- reading skills in students during their early ages. The workshop was conducted by the renowned phonetic expert, who stressed upon the need for elimination of the threats that disable a student to communicate in a verbally correct and effective manner. She discussed about the importance of the role of a teacher in providing comfort to a student that grows among the complexities of language.

Reading is the most important skill that a child will ever learn. It not only broadens their perception but helps promote their interest in different subjects.To facilitate the same, our experienced trainer enhanced the teachers’ knowledge with a discussion about the Dolch words or Sight words that facilitate reading fluency and comprehension. She also emphasised on enriching the skills in voice encoding, decoding, blending and accent training. Correct pronunciation based on phonetics was also discussed to help teachers polish their language skills and help their students with the same.

There was a recapitulation of the session wherein many ‘Phonetic Games and Activities’ that can aid classroom teaching were suggested.

The school also conducted a series of teaching demonstrations wherein teachers got a chance to witness different teaching methodologies. These creative and innovative sessions gave them a chance to experience classroom teaching from the other side of the table.

Workshop Details 19th June to 30th June
Date Timing Topic Participants Venue
23.06.2014 9.00 to 12.00 Know thy library All teachers in different time slots Jr Library
23.06.2014 12.00 to 1.00 How to write the Planning Diary Nursery Teachers Jr Library
23.06.2014 12.00 to 1.00 How to write the Planning Diary  Teachers teaching Classes I to V Cultural Hall
23.06.2014 12.00 to 1.00 How to write the Planning Diary Teachers teaching Classes VI to XII Maths Lab.
24.06.2014 9.00 to 10.00 Teaching of GK and Current Affairs Teachers teaching GK to Classes III to VIII Cultural Hall
24.06.2014 11.00 to 12.00 Social Graces All teachers Cultural Hall
25.06.2014 9.00 t0 10.00 Newspaper Usage Teachers teaching Class IV and above Cultural Hall
25.06.2014 12.00 t0 2.00 Story Telling All teachers (in two groups) Cultural hall
26.06.2014 9.00 to 10.00 How to use the dictionary All teachers Cultural Hall
30.06.2014 10.00 to 2:00 Phonetics All Nursery, Primary and English Teachers Cultural Hall

Demo schedule Class PP to V
Date Subject
23.06.14 English (pp)
Eng.,EVS(I & II)
24.06.14 Summarization(ps)
25.06.14 Hindi(pp)
26.06.14 EVS(pp)
27.06.14 English(PS)
28.06.14 EVS(ps)
Hindi,Math(I & II)
Story Telling everyday  

Demo schedule Class VI to X
Date Subject Class
23.06.2014 English Poetry + Grammar IX
  Hindi Poetry + Grammar X
  Maths IX
  S.Sc X
  Science VII
24.06.2014 English Literature + Grammar X
  Hindi Literature + Grammar VIII
  Maths VII
  S.Sc Map work
  Science VIII
25.06.2014 English Poerty + Grammar VIII
  Hindi Poetry + Grammar VII
  Maths VIII
  S.Sc IX
  Science X
26.06.2014 English Lit + Grammar VI
  Hindi Lit + Grammar VI
  Maths X
27.06.2014 Teaching of Grammar All Classes
  Sanskrit Roop All Classes
  S.Sc IX
  Science X
28.06.2014 Teaching of Prose lesson All Classes
  Teaching of Prose in Hindi All Classes
  S.Sc X  - Eco
  Science IX

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