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Good teachers form the foundation of good schools and improving teachers’ skills and knowledge is one of the most important investments of time. It is vital for a teacher to improve her teaching skills so that children can learn and comprehend the concepts in the utmost clear and interesting way. To facilitate this goal, the faculty of Queen’s Valley School attended a series of workshops for development of its teachers on a both personal and professional level.

Personality Development by Promise
The first workshop was held on 20th June’16 by Mr. Kamalneet Singh, a soft skills trainer with Promise. The aim of the workshop was to help teachers incorporate a positive attitude in their daily lives for effective stress management. He laid emphasis on the motto- ‘People who SMILE tend to teach, manage, and sell better’ in order to tackle unpleasantness in a more positive and productive way.

The Art of Story Telling by Kathashala
For centuries story-telling has been used as a powerful communication vehicle. It is also useful in nursing education to enhance self-esteem, develop critical thinking, model behaviour and to teach cultural sensitivity and communication skills. In order to teach how a simple story can be used as a teaching-learning tool to make complex concepts simple, a story-telling workshop for teachers was organized on 21st June, 2016. It was conducted by Ms. Simi Srivastava, Founder Director and a story-teller from ‘Kathashala.’ The teachers were tutored to narrate stories with proper voice modulation, facial expressions and gestures.

Voice and Accent Training
Voice training aims to create an optimal and healthy voice for broadcasting, singing, acting and speaking. In spite of significant strides made by technology, our voice continues to remain the primary tool of communication. To hone the teachers’ communication skills, an interactive four day training workshop for the teachers from 22nd June-25th June, 2016 was organised. It was held by Ms. Anubha Sehgal, a renowned voice and accent trainer who focussed on speech clarity, enhanced vocal dynamics and expressiveness and effective articulation. She also stressed on the need for teachers to continuously strive to improve their vocal energy, voice quality, texture and tone.

Theatre Workshop
Learning is multi-sensory. It means that the involvement of more number of senses does not just result in better assimilation of knowledge but improves retention as well. Keeping the same in mind, a two-day workshop (23rd June-24th June, 2016) on performing arts was delivered by Mr. Hemant, a skilled theatre professional. His aim was to stimulate the creative impulses of the teachers through various theatre activities. The workshop focused upon the fact that when the teachers dramatise or emote and also involve students in role plays, it invigorates the students, thereby producing better learning outcomes. The teachers also learnt to utilise basic theatrical elements like theme, plot, spectacle and character in their teaching curriculum.

Female Health Awareness
In the present scenario, due to the stress of juggling a home and career, women are facing a lot of difficulties associated with their health. Lack of proper physical workouts and intake of unhealthy food are the prime reasons for the drastic deterioration of their health. On 27th June, 2016, Dr. (Maj) HarshitaSurange, a qualified Radiologist and Ultrasonologist, visited QVS to impart her expertise on female health awareness for a lifetime of wellness. In her session, Dr. Surange stressed on the need to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent the feeling of helplessness against potentially deadly diseases such as cancer. She also advocated the need for regular vaccinations and advised the faculty to maintain personal hygiene to combat fatal viruses.

Professional and Personal Development by Times NIE
It is imperative for a professional to enhance and groom one’s outer and inner self to bring about a positive change to his/her life. Each individual has a distinct persona that can be developed, polished and refined. Thus, to help the teachers reach the pinnacle of success by being the best version of themselves, a workshop on ‘Personality Development’ was organized. The resource person, Ms. Shoma Guha, a trainer with Times NIE, shared various valuable tips that teachers must embrace in order to maximize their potential.

Workshop on Behavioural Problems among Students
A workshop on behavioral problems among students was taken up by Ira Sehgal, a renowned counsellor with NIE on 30 June, 2016. With changing times, behavioural issues have become very common among the students today. Telling lies, playing the blame game, being emotionally weak, intolerant, aggressive and argumentative and using derogatory language are only a few to name. Some important tips were shared to tackle the students tactfully without losing their confidence. Special emphasis was laid on teaching the students to cope with conflicts in their lives and to increase their productivity by leading them towards the right direction as the children of today will be the future of the country tomorrow.

Books & Beyond- QVS Book Talk
Books are a man’s best friend .They enlighten us and remove darkness of ignorance. Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly said that if we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads. QVS organized a ‘Book Talk’ for its faculty members, spanning from 20th June- 29thJune, 2016. The teachers were encouraged to read books of their choice during the vacation with the point of view of reviewing it among their fellow teachers, post vacation. Our teachers turned up with reviews on books which were followed by a healthy discussion and appreciation. The genres ranged from biographies to fiction, paranormal to spiritual and mystery to romance. This exercise turned out to be a big source of dissemination of knowledge and encouragement to develop the habit of reading within us.

Teaching Demonstrations
It is important for a teacher to continue to gather knowledge and keep a scope for improvement. It should be our personal focus as committed professionals. So, in order to enrich the teaching skills of the faculty, the school conducted a series of teaching demonstrations from 20th June- 30thJune, 2016, wherein the teachers got a chance to witness different teaching methodologies in the form of creative and innovative sessions and demonstrations. It also gave them a chance to experience classroom teaching from the other side of the table, as a result, giving way to constructive feedback and an opportunity to foster growth.


Yoga is a vision for a harmonious future for humanity.
- PM NarendraModi

21stJune 2016: Yoga is a holistic way of life that integrates the body, mind and soul. Along with the series of effective postures and breathing techniques, the art of yoga puts emphasis on the inner experience of meditation for the well-being of mind and other hidden elements of human existence. As a result of this, the journey through life becomes calmer, happier and fulfilling.

On the occasion of International Yoga Day,the personnel and students of Queen’s Valley School were enthralled with the unique opportunity to enhance their existing yoga training with a procedural understanding of the asanas as an integral part of an organization’s daily activities. Deriving motivation from the initiative taken by the honourable Prime Minister of India, the institution aimed at inculcating structured and systematic techniques to understand and effectively practice Yoga asanas in order to lead a physically, mentally and psychologically healthy life.

The benefits of practicing yoga and its significance in the personal and professional growth of teacherswere discussed at length. The students, on the other hand, performed the exceptionally intricate asanas like Dhanurasana,Garbhasana, Gomukhasana and Matsyasana with commendable ease and effortlessness and thus proved their efficiency in varied fields of learning.

Through their performance, the Yoga practitioners emphasized the fact that Yoga is a way to freedom and by its constant practice we can free ourselves from fear, anguish and loneliness. All participants were motivated to adopt this healthy way of tranquil living which also enables one to have a lucid understanding of the self, as aptly written in The Bhagavad Gita: “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

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