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29.11.16: CLASS VIII-C The wars of twenty –first century will be fought over water’- Ismail Serageldin

Serageldin very aptly focuses our attention towards the alarming state of water scarcity which can lead to conflicts over water around the globe in the near future. Every country in the world today is aware about the importance of the natural resource called ‘water’, its multidimensional utility in our daily activities which keeps the Earth going. Is it possible for any one of us to imagine even a single day without water? Certainly, No.

Keeping this in view, the students of class VIII-C presented a Nukkad Natak (street play) on the topic ‘Jal Sanrakshan’ (Water Conservation) on 29th November, 2016 in order to sensitize the audience regarding this crucial topic of saving water. It dealt with the issue in great detail covering the aspects such as over-population leading to rise in demand of water and causing acute water shortage, repercussions dearth of water, reckless usage of water resources by the masses, ways and means to safeguard this ‘life saver’ resource etc. The medium of street play was quite attention-grabbing as it evoked the interest of the audience towards this grave issue in a very entertaining way. Slogans such as ‘ Jal hai toh kal hai ’ , ‘Jal se milta sukh apaar, mat karo isko bekar ’ etc were raised on the stage, followed by a song and dance performance by the students.

The involvement of the students in their respective roles fulfilled the learning objective of the assembly and the audience was enlightened about their collective effort required in saving water. Everyone appreciated the efforts put in by the students with a huge round of applause. Such initiatives by the students are praise-worthy in awakening us from our apathy and negligence on such important issues related to life.

04.11.16 : CLASS XI The Canterville Ghost

“Death must be so beautiful. To lie in the soft brown earth, with the grasses waving above one’s head, and silence to listen. To have no yesterday, and no tomorrow. To forget time, to forgive life, to be at peace.”

- Oscar Wilde (The Canterville Ghost)

The Canterville Ghost (novel) written by Oscar Wilde is a parody featuring a dramatic spirit, Sir Simon and the Otis family living in the Canterville Chase. It is a ghost story with an inverted plot wherein the ghost instead of scaring the family gets scared himself. Oscar Wilde’s genius is visible in how he has skillfully brought the theme of love being stronger than death and life, to the fore.

Students of all sections of class XI conducted a special assembly on this novel from 27th October, 2016 - 4th November, 2016. They enthusiastically took up the entire work right from writing the script to producing it along with finalizing costumes, making boards, preparing a presentation for the backdrop, using props, etc. on themselves.

Their hard work paid off well as the assembly was a huge success. The audience was enthralled by the students’ performance. Students exhibited laudable traits like teamwork, passion and dedication. This activity not only helped them explore their talents but also helped them understand the novel thoroughly.

Oscar Wilde’s intended message of love being the strongest of all was beautifully portrayed in the assembly.

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