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30.04.2011– R4: Eco Club In action with the Queens

The innovative inventions, advancements in technology and the success that we as citizens of India are proud of, regarding the arena of science has only taken a toll on the environment in the form of climatic changes, changing water levels in seas and underground reserves, heavy snowfall and many more. It is high time that we put in our concerted effort as this planet Earth belongs to us and it is not only our duty but also our need to do everything in our ability to set it right. Each small step and every small action will count in the big scenario and will bring about the necessary difference we need. In regard to the same, Queen’s Valley School took the initiative and embarked on an idea to stimulate environmental awareness and preach respect for Mother Earth among its queens through the celebration of “ECO WEEK” from 11th Apr to 24th Apr 2011.

As part of its continuing involvement with the environmental issues, the eco club of our school went ahead with its mission and with a view to actually take causative action and provide visionary solutions regarding protection and conservation of the environment which would ensure all nations and people at large to enjoy a safe and more prosperous future.

There was plethora of activities during the week long celebration where the queens pledged to save and work for the environment. It included some learning, some fun and some action. From the little princess in the pre-nursery to young queens of class X, the mission was made much easier by following the school’s spiral approach to all endeavours – by doing age appropriate activities at every level, to serve a common cause.

The activities ranged from opening with the ‘Colouring Competition’, ‘ Mathemania in Art’, ‘ Environment Quiz’ , ‘ Best out of Waste’, ‘ Poster – making Competition’, to celebration of Earth Day, and ‘Fabric – T shirt painting competition’.

21.04.2011: Eco expressions on Fabric

Queens of classes VIIIth to Xth participated in the Fabric T-shirt painting competition which was held on April 21st, 2011.They contributed to highlight the idea about the conservation and preservation of environment through fabric painting on t-shirts. They marked to display their own view about the Mother Earth and thereby create numerous slogans of awareness in regard in regard to the same.

The queens who won the competition were:

Class VIII:

Position Name Class
I Mahima VIII A
III Malvika VIII A

Class IX:

Position Name Class
I Abhilasha IX B
II Shreya Gaur IX A
III Arpita IX B

Class X:

Position Name Class
I Jigyasa X B
II RIshu X A
III Divya IX A

21.04.2011: Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day was celebrated at Queens Valley School through a special assembly by the students Class II ( Blue berry). They performed a really motivating skit or the theme of ‘Save Earth and dedicated the entire assembly in making students aware about the changing condition of our planet Earth and how we all can save Earth from the clutches of disastrous calamities. The young queens announced themselves to be the saviours of the earth. We hope that the contribution, sensitization, enthusiasm and awareness generated by our young queens would encourage others as well to work for the betterment of the environment and thereby create a more environment – friendly world.

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20.04.2011: Go Green……… A Green Flare Initiative

Keeping with the global ‘green’ trend, the queens of QVS put forth one more step towards environmental awareness by participating in the Environmental Awareness Test in Green Flare – 2011, a national level summit being organised by “ Shashwat Prayas’’ at Dr K.N Modi Foundation, Modinagar, Ghaziabad. The First level held on 20th April 2011, opened the door to enquiry and learning about environment and climate change Eight girls form class VIth to IXth were selected for the second level of the test held at K.N Modi Engineering College, Gaziabad on 24th Apr 2011.

The participants were:

Name Class
Avni Singh IX B
Indira Dasan VIII A
Nitika Yadav VIII B
Paragi Neema VIII B
Deepanshi Shokeen VIII C
Gunika Jain VII A
Riya Gupta VII B
Tarannum Khan VII B

The participants appeared for the Environmental Awareness Test Level–2 and Riya Gupta of Class VII B bagged IIIrd position with prize money of ` 2500.

The queens also visited the Environment Awareness exhibition held by the students as well as the industries engaged in developing eco-friendly products, renewable energy products and many more and pledged to undertake every possible action to save the ‘Mother Earth’.

20.04.2011: Poster Making Competition

A relatively new way of making environmental cause popular and to enhance people’s attention and action, Queens of classes VIth and VIIth participated in Poster making Competition which was held on April 20th 2011. They depicted their talent creating eye opening posters related to the theme of ‘Saving Earth’.

The winners of this competition were:

Position Name Class
I Chavvi VI C
II Reema VII A
III Riya Gupta VII B

19.04.2011: The R4 Quest – Reviving the Revolution

In recognizing the importance and reviving the pledge to save the Mother Earth, Queens once again rolled up their sleeves and zestfully participated in Environment Quiz organized by the Science faculty of the school on 19th April 2011, in the Cultural Hall. The quiz served as a golden link in the chain of tireless efforts towards making our queens ‘Smart Environmental Shopper’ and followers of R4 – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Re-leaf. The quiz comprised of vivid rounds of interest and information. A mid close encounters Pease House outscored the rest followed by Integrity House.

Peace House:

Position Name Class
I Neha X B
I Ashima X B
I Tanya IX A

Integrity House:

Position Name Class
II Pragya Thakur X A
II Tanvi X A
II Soumya IX A

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19.04.2011: Best Out of Waste

Young queens of classes III to V showcased their creativity and talent in the competition ‘Best out of Waste’ which was held on 19th April, 2011. They utilized waste materials like bangles, ice-cream sticks, waste paper, used cans and many more to make some thing useful. Their display of imagination and art was at its best.

The winners of this competition were:

Position Name Class
I Saumya III D
II Ishaani IV A
III Jahnavi Mathur V A

18.04.2011 – On the threshold of success
Talent Hunt (Pre Nursery to Class II)

It is said that every individual is born with some natural ability. The prowess of elders in recognizing these abilities and thereafter harnessing them plays an important role in developing the young mind. For talents may do wonders for them if recognized and encouraged at the right time. For the first time ever we at QVS did that for our Li’l Queens of Pre nursery to class II.

The event was organized with an idea to create a pool of talent and groom learners who show exceptional promise early at this tender age. The hunt brought out talented princesses in dance/music, drawing/painting, recitation/public speaking and sports etc.

The girls were a bundle of energy, as they danced and sang into the hearts of all. Painting was another facet of the hunt and the colours that came upon the little canvases pleased one and all. The next hunt was to find natural leaders amongst our little queens by way of allowing them to recite and speak in front of an audience. The last discipline was the hunt for finding the best in sports.

Queens in large numbers demonstrated their yoga and skating skills. But must say the queens were made to work hard to prove themselves as the shining stars of the school.

Nurturing these talents of the little girls would be the need of tomorrow. It is for the parents and the teachers to take note of the natural abilities of the children and to further enhance these to produce gems for our country. The talent hunt was a success with us at QVS learning much more about the girls we have with us.

The winners of the Talent Hunt are:

Name Class Activity
Rajul Bhatnagar Pre-school Rapunzel Public Speaking
Shristhi Pre-school Snow white Public Speaking
Angelpreet Pre-school Angelina Public Speaking
Garima Zalpuri Pre-school Rapunzel Public Speaking
Khushi Choudhary Pre-primary Goldilocks Public Speaking
Chavvi Chhabra Pre primary Mermaidia Public Speaking
Riya Bhalla Pre primary Tinker bell Dance
Jahanvi Malhotra Pre primary Tinker bell Dance
Siya Pre primary Goldilocks Dance
Avishi Pre-school Angelina Dance
Kriti Singhania Pre-school Rapunzel Dance
Pranjal Parihar Pre-school Jasmine Drawing/Painting
Anshika Thakur Pre primary Alice Drawing/Painting
Riya Yadav Pre primary Tinker bell Drawing/Painting
Divsheen Kaur I Lavender Playing Instrument
Saanvi Dutta I Tulip Playing Instrument
Anima Gengle I Marigold Public Speaking
Shareen Sharma I Daffodil Dohe
Jiya Singh I Daffodil Dance
Sneha Sharma I Daisy Dance
Navya Tyagi I Lavender Drawing/Painting
Shobha Joshi II Huckleberry Dance
Surabhi Ghosh II Strawberry Dance
Yashika Sharma II Strawberry Dance
Narayani Pathak II Mulberry Dance
Prajna Gon II Mulberry Dance
Tamanna Hooda II Blueberry Sports
Mimangsha Bhuyan II Huckleberry Drawing/Painting
Ritika II Strawberry Drawing/Painting

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13.04.2011: “Mathemania in Art“ – by Ecofriendly Mathematical floor tattooing

In pursuit of reviving a fading art form and tradition – Rangoli, the Queens participated in Rangoli Competition which was held on April 13, 2011. It was an inter-house competition in which students from different houses – Courage, Truth , Peace and Integrity and classes IX and X participated. The theme of the competition was to create ‘Geometric Shapes’ using eco- friendly colours. By afternoon, the students completely transformed the place into a large canvas reflecting colourful creations and detailed designs of various shapes, sizes and colours. All the rangolis looked very beautiful showcasing the group effort by the QVS queens.

The winner of the competition was Courage House followed by the Truth House.

Courage House:

Position Name Class
I Ishita X A
I Prerna X B
I Shrishti IX A
I Shivani IX B
I Veronica IX B

Position Name Class
II Anushika X A
II Chetna X A
II Jigyasa X B
II Vaishnavi IX A
II Vaishali IX B

13.04.2011 – In pursuit of reviving the fading art
(Classes IX & X)

A fading art form in some parts of country become a common sight in Queen’s Valley School, as rangoli creation which was considered as art tradition passed on from one generation to another.

Rangoli as a term refers to the traditional decorative designs whose purpose is decoration and which is thought to bring good luck. It is a symbol of religious and cultural beliefs and forms an important part of the spiritual process.

Reviving this tradition and art form was attempted by Queen’s Valley School through a ‘Rangoli Competition’ which was held on 13th April, 2011. It was an inter-house competition in which students from different houses – Courage, Truth, Peace and Integrity and classes IX and X participated. The theme of the competition was to create ‘Geometric Shapes’ using environment friendly colours.

In the afternoon, the students completely transformed the place into a large canvas reflecting colourful creations and detailed designs of various shapes, sizes and colours. All the rangolis looked very beautiful showcasing the group efforts by the students, the celebration of the Indian culture through their innovative creation.

When the results were announced, the Courage house turned out to be the show stealers with the participants namely Prerna, Shivani, Veronika, Shrishty and Nishita as winners. Hence, the students of the Queen’s Valley School altogether put up an impressive show.

13.04.2011 – Queen’s Valley on a Talent Hunt (Classes III to X)

Every one of us wants our children to be no less than super kid. To be the ones who stand first in all fields of life, be it academics or extra-curricular activities like painting, dance, theatre or sports. But we often miss out the fact that one of their many talents may do wonders for them if recognized and encouraged at the right time.

It was the first time ever that Queen’s Valley School embarked on such an idea to create a pool of talent and groom learners who show exceptional promise early enough to maximize it. It was conceived with a vision to inculcate in its queens the spirit of healthy competition, sportsmanship and to bring about wholesome development of their personality. It was held on 13.04.11 for classes III to X, to discover the hidden talent fit for the various activity clubs – ‘Lingua’, ‘Good-house keeping’, ‘Mathemania’, Scienrifica, ‘Exotica’, ‘Rhythm’, ‘Footloose’, ‘Quest’, ‘Gymkhana’ and ‘Persona’.

Regarding ‘Lingua’, students talent was recognized through their reading and pronunciation skills, for ‘Good House Keeping’ they had to use their creativity and imagination and with simple twists and turns with newspaper innovate something new and for ‘Mathemania’, they were tested on their ability to solve mathematical problems. As per the child’s capability the students were then provided with their respective clubs.

We hope that this idea gave them the necessary passion and drive, a serious change to show promise and opportunity to excel and be the part of the club they wished for, so that we could nurture their talent and innate abilities by channelizing it properly over long term and secure their future.

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11.04.2011: “ Let’s make each day Earth Day’’- by adding a ittle colour to the wilting EARTH.

To thank our Mother Earth for all the things she has generously given to us irrespective of colour, creed or caste and to create awareness to save our planet Earth from the clutches of pollution, over little princess of classes Pre –Nursery to IInd at QVS expressed their concern by participating in the ‘Colouring Competition’ which was held on April 11, 2011 with the theme of ‘Save Earth, Go Green’. This competition not only gave them a platform to express themselves but also enhanced their knowledge about the prevailing social-global issues.

The winners of the competition were:

Pre Nursery:

Position Name Class
I Anoushka Sirohi Thumbelina
II Khanak Thumbelina
III Kritika Satija Thumbelina

Pre School:

Position Name Class
I Tanisi Jalan Angelina
II Pranjal Parihar Jasmine
III Shivanshi Bhardwaj Rapunzel

Pre Primary:

Position Name Class
I Aashna Barnabas Mermaidia
II Alexandrine Goldilocks
III Arnika Solanki Cinderella

Class I:

Position Name Class
I Sanskriti Lily
II Ruchika Prasad Tulip
III Mahika Singh Lavender

Class II:

Position Name Class
I Yashasvi Raspberry
II Shalu Blueberry
III Mimangsha Huckleberry


Oh yeah! A new visitor, not unexpected but a different one this time visited the Queen’s Valley School. A male koyal flew into the school premises during day time. This bird was injured and was lying on the ground. The students as well as the school staff noticed this and they immediately took steps to help their feathered friend. The male koyal was taken to the science lab where it was taken care of. All the queens got a chance to meet their new guest. They all had a great time seeing the bird, which can rarely be seen nowadays.

The school immediately informed the Fauna Police, an NGO created by college students working to protect the species of animals which are endangered. They are also operating to help the injured birds and animals by taking them to a veterinary hospital or clinic where they are treated and nurtured. Once the creature recovers and becomes hale and hearty, they are either taken to the national parks, bird sanctuaries or left in the jungle to live a life full of freedom.

The Fauna Police is indeed doing an admirable deed because we need to take every possible measure to conserve our natural vegetation and wildlife. Such NGO’s always get a huge pat on the back! The school has also done a great work by helping a creature might have lost its way and its family. This is a pure example of true saviours of our planet. This measure is an ideal one that should be undertaken by schools because it helps the students to understand the importance of conserving the flora and fauna. This would help them in the future too. Every school child should take steps to help any animal or bird which becomes a victim of such mishap.

The list of endangered species is growing alarmingly and has become a major cause of concern to our natural habitat. We have to take suitable measures to protect our wildlife and preserve this god gifted natural beauty. Show enthusiasm by motivating and encouraging others to gain knowledge and learn about our nature, enjoy our wildlife and tell them the importance of conserving it. There are numerous organizations operating to protect endangered animals and their habitats. We can look for such organizations on the net and be a part of such clubs. Just try it! You’ll feel glad and a feeling of heroism will develop as you have proved yourself as a true savior of the planet. Queen’s Valley School did its bit and surely helped Mother Nature. Three cheers to the school!

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