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23.08.2010 – Rakhi Making Competition

Rakhi – The Bond of love was celebrated inside the campus of Q.V.S with great zeal and gusto. All the students of classes I & II participated in Rakhi making competition. They tried their best to make the most beautiful Rakhi, The demo for the competition had already been given to them. So now they were comfortable in making rakhis. The students used mirrors, glitters, stickers and all kinds of decorative material and came up with very beautiful Rakhis.

The winners of the competition are:

Name Class Section
Dhruvi Narang
Sneha Yadav
Gursheen Kaur
I Daffodil
Sneha Dutta
Hanisha Saini
Ananya Batra
I Daisy
Rishika Bandyopadhyay
Poorvi Aarya
I Lily
Lavanya Jaswal
Ritika Chaudhary
Tansi Kathuria
I Marigold
Manini Singh
Nandita Sharma
I Tulip

Name Class Section
Lavisha Mehta
Divya Daftuar
Ishmeet Kaur
II Blueberry
Hetvi Tailor
Asmit Kaur
Ayushi Dwivedi
II Mulberry
Khushi Khan
Aanya Daftuar
Koyna K. Jha
II Raspberry
Megha Bhargav
Vidhi Nodiyal
Palak Sharma
II Strawberry

My Rakhi to my brothers on the border

"Sharing the happiness doubles it
Sharing the grief reduces it by half."

QVS strongly believes in teaching its queens the value of sharing. Like every year this year also the queens celebrated Rakhi by sharing the joy and love with those who forsake all their joys for the sake of nation.

Queens from QVS prepared beautiful and colourful Rakhis and sent them to the army personnels deployed on borders of our country. The Rakhis were sent draped in love and appreciation. Indeed true celebration is one that brings joy to all.

18.08.2010 - Computers - The wave of the future

We live in an increasingly technology-based society. Children need to be prepared to enter a workforce and a world in which computers are a focal point of everyday life. Through computers, children have the potential to change their outlook on their abilities, confidence and self-esteem.

Click and paint competition – TOUCH MY SHADOW was organized on 18th August for the Princesses of Class III - V. One student of each of the four houses from classes III – V was selected in the Preliminary round. The selected students presented their creativity and expression through MS-Paint on the topic “Keep Earth Clean and Green.” Mesmerizing pictures depicting various ways to care for Mother Earth were painted by the students with well verse use of MS-Paint tools. The competition turned out to be a success with exuberant and whole hearted participation by the students. Courage house emerged victorious followed by Integrity and Truth Houses respectively.

The winners of the competition are:

Position Name Home
1st Pranjal Batra   Courage
2nd Rashmi Dahiya Integrity
3rd Preksha Tyagi Truth

09.08.2010 – 11.08.2010 - Queens On Wheels

“Just start out with the basics and don’t give up the first time, because you’re not going to be perfect the first time out, Just keep working on it, and you’ll eventually get it.” Keeping this spirit in mind the Li’l Queens learnt to roll on the skates so they were ready to show there skills. Hence, Queens Valley School organized an interclass competition for classes I and II. The first rounds were on 09.08.2010 and 11.08.10 respectively. Around hundred students participated in the competition but, there were few who excelled because despite all the skaters being proficient in the skills, their scores reflected the fact they had performed the skills of roller skating in the fastest time and with fewest errors. Those who qualified the first round moved on to second or final round which was held on 18.08.10.

The Results of The Final Round are:-


S.No Name Selection
1st Tamanna Hudda   Daffodil
2nd Narayani Pathak Tulip
3rd Lavanya Rishi      Tulip


S.No Name Selection
1st Harshita Dua   Blueberry
2nd Muskaan
3rd Vaishvi Raj      Blueberry

13.08.2010 - NIE Workshop For Queens On Art & Craft
(Display Board)

The R4 initiative echoed once again through the corridors of QVS when the queens and their teachers actively participated in an Art & Craft (Display Board) workshop conducted by NIE. The resource person Ms. Silky Khanna was successful in attaining an enthusiastic participation by our students. The students learnt vivid and eco - friendly techniques of designing posters using old newspapers, wood dust, waste paper etc.

The display board spoke of environment friendly messages like - 'Plant a tree and get lifetime oxygen for free' and 'Animals - Shoot us but with a camera'. Students' brilliant work (under the guidance of the resource person) was displayed on few school boards. It was a different learning experience for our queens and their teachers.

12.08.2010 - Independence Day Celebration

The entire QVS family joined hands together and celebrated the competition of 63 years of India’s hard attained independence. The function was presided over by Chairman Mr. S.K. Sachdeva and other prestigious members of the Managing Committee.

The celebration began on a beatific note by invoking the Almighty but the prayers were with a difference. The queens prayed for Mother Earth and pledge to be “the defenders of the planet”. The benediction was followed by flag hoisting and national anthem.

In sync with the green mood prevalent in Delhi ahead of the green Commonwealth Games, the queens performed a wonderful ballet – Give me freedom, Give me fire to soar up high in the sky. The ballet, which was an amalgamation of Jazz, Salsa and Indian classical dance forms left the audience enthralled.

The programme was highly appreciated and lauded by the guests who encouraged the queens for their arduous efforts.

Children - The future leaders of the nation

The children of today will create our future tomorrow. What better way to attune them to the symphony of patriotism than giving them a chance to enact as a leader they wish to become.

To solemnize the contribution of great leaders & to inculcate leadership traits in li’l queens, Queens Valley School organized a Fancy dress competition ‘Enact A Leader’ for classes I and II on 13.08.10. All the students participated with great gusto & zest.

The li’l leaders enacted with enthusiasm, added colours and fun to the event and made it a big success. Some participants went to great lengths to depict something original. The Rani of Jhansi really took the audience back to 1857 Kranti-The first war of Indian independence. The li’l leaders got success in getting an enthusiastic response from the audience. At the end of the function the hall echoed with ‘Vande Matram’. The event left an indelible mark on everybody’s mind.

The winners of the competition are:

Position Name Class
1st Suhani  Sharma   Class I Daisy
2nd Lavanya Class I  Lily
3rd Chinmayee Sharma      Class I  Tulip

04.08.2010 - Friendship Day

True to its name QVS believes in turning Li'l princess into queens by imbibing values and morals in them.

On 4th August, 2010, QVS organized a small 'Friendship Day' activity for Thumbelina, Angelina, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Snowwhite, Alice, Elina, Cinderella, Goldilocks, Mermaidia classes to acquaint and instill in them the values of sharing and forging friendly ties with others. The Li’l princesses made beautiful friendship bands, using their creativity, from their art and craft kits.

'Indeed right values should be instilled as early as possible to make them last through life!!
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