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26.08.2011 – Poster Making Competition

“Creativity is an individual’s precious property which he harnesses to make his life more beautiful.”

To test the creative expressions and artistic skills of the students, Queen’s valley School organised a “Poster Making Competition” on the topic “My Dream Earth” for classes III to VII on 26.08.2011.

Our queens participated enthusiastically and showcased their creative skills and came out with flying colours. The students took the idea of corruption and displayed their imagination and creativity in their posters. The eco friendly methods formed an important part of their dream for this beautiful earth.

The Winners are:

Classes: III to V
Name Class Position
Shradha Sehra IV B I
Ankita Roy IV A II
Asmit Kaur
Mitra Nair

Classes: VI & VII
Name Class Position
Anjali Kumari VI B I
Gunika Jain
Tarannum Khan
Simran Solanki
Charvi Batra

26.08.11 – “Physics Through Expressions”

An old Chinese proverb says that ‘Give a man a fish he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish he can eat for a lifetime.’ We at Queen’s Valley School believe in effective science teaching. Our ultimate aim is to make the students understand and use scientific thinking in order to learn more about the world around them. It will enable them to be equipped for a lifetime with the spirit of enquiry.

With the aim of imparting knowledge through activities “PHYSICS THROUGH EXPRESSIONS” was conducted at Queen’s Valley School on 26.08.11. The Inter House competition was conducted with 4 members each, representing classes VIII to X.

ROUND 1 – DUMB CHARADES – One student from each team was supposed to enact a Physicist and different physical quantities.




The Winner – Integrity House.

The response of the students was overwhelming. Their whole hearted participation was equally applauded by the non-participants. The enthusiasm shown by the students was encouraging and bodes well for the future of science.

Albert Einstein has rightly said “A pretty experiment is in itself often more valuable than twenty formulae extracted from minds. Look deep into the nature and you will understand everything better.”

25.08.2011 – Be a Scientist:

“I wanna be …….. Kalam / Einstein”

Fancy dress competitions are a best platform to showcase a child’s talent, overcome stage fear and increase a child’s confidence. Queen’s Valley School organized a Fancy Dress Competition with a difference on 25.08.2011.

Our queens showcased their talent on the topic, “Be a Scientist – I wanna be …… Kalam/Einstein”. Our queens participated enthusiastically in the competition and came out with flying colours.

The queens portrayed scientists like Thomas Edison, Einstein, Graham Bell, Marie Curie and many more. The show was very informative as the queens talked about various scientists, their lives, inventions, discoveries and unmatched contribution in the field of science and technology. Appreciation from the audience took the confidence of our queens to new heights and made their endeavours a success.

The winners are :
Name Class Position
Ikshaa Dhodi IV C I
Ritwika Nandi III D II
Mehak Sharma IV A III

25.08.11 - A Tribute To Our Great Scientists - A PowerPoint Presentation Competition

To experience warmth, human interaction, the thrill of discovery, the dedication of invention, solid grounding in essentials like reading, discussing, presenting, getting along with others and training in civic virtue is needed. To bring about this inspiration and to pay a tribute to the great scientists, a PowerPoint Presentation competition was held during the science week on 25.08.11 for the students of classes VIII to X.

Students prepared PowerPoint presentations about the scientist who inspired them the most. The animations in PPT made the show interesting and eye catching. Students did well with their PPTs and presented them enthusiastically. There was a healthy competition amongst the participants as they were marked on the basis of the content & animation of PPT and their presentation skills.

Following students bagged the top three positions:

Name Class Position
Mahima Kalra IX C I
Nisha IX C II
Taruna VIII A II
Nikita IX B III

24.08.2011 – ‘Creation from Clay’

To make learning a delightful activity, leading to endless vistas of wonder, discovery and expression of talent through Club – Exotica – Queen’s Valley School organized a workshop on ‘Clay Modelling’ on 24.08.2011in the school Art Room. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Hema from the Pidilite Group for classes VIII to X.

This was the perfect platform for the creative minds of the queens to meet their colourful desires and fantasy, and to inculcate in them the appreciation of art and craft.

The motive of the workshop was to stimulate the imagination of the queens and enable them to give it a better shape. The workshop enhanced their hand – eye co-ordination, colour recognition, fine motor skills and problem solving skills.

Before getting into the basic clay modeling, the queens were briefed as to how to use the ‘shilpkar’ clay, talcum powder and decorative material to make something innovative such as hair pins, bangles, brooch etc and a demonstration was also given explaining the several intricacies involved.

Queens were then asked to create and depict their own ideas based on their imaginative ability. Soon, every student took off – creating their own little masterpieces using clay. They moulded the clay and prepared some marvellous and beautiful objects.

24.08.2011 – Magic of Science

To spark and nurture the spirit of discovery in our little queens a fabulous science magic show was organized on day – 2 of the Science Week held in the school. Students from class III to class X participated with full enthusiasm and scientific fervour. Every queen who performed felt like a magician but the magic here was really science at play.

The little magicians enthralled the audience with their magic tricks based on science where mystery and fun both went together. The tricks were based on scientific concepts such as air pressure, capillary action, density, laws of motion, surface tension, ignition temperature, electrostatic force and many more. Some of the tricks which left the audience amazed and wondering were – the floating egg, pepper scatter, candle flame under water, gravity free water, invisible ink, flyaway hair and the dancing raisins.

The show was extremely enjoyable and a true learning experience for everyone where our little queens learnt new tricks and discovered that “Science makes Magic“.

Category 1 – Classes III to VI

Name Class Position
Asmit Kaur III D I
Alankriti IV B II

Category 2 – Classes VII to X

Name Class Position
Garima Godara IX A I
Nishita Shibu X A II
Indira Dasan VIII A III

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23.08.2011 – Photography Competition: VIII - X

“We do not see Nature with our eyes but with our understandings and our heart”

The same enthusiasm was visible through the corridors of QVS where the queens turned photographers capturing unique and beautiful images around them. The students were sent to the school playground and the beautiful gardens of QVS. They clicked amazing photographs of nature and added their own creativity to them. These unique pictures were displayed were displayed in the school.

The winners are :

Name Class Position
Simran Sharma X A I
Indira Dasan VII A II

23.08.11 – Queens shine at the Inter House Quiz

To test the knowledge of the students regarding scientific concepts and recent scientific findings and events, Queen’s Valley School organized an inter house science quiz “Science Maestro” on the inaugural day of the science week – 23.08.11.

The quiz was conducted to inculcate scientific temper in the students and to create awareness and sensitivity towards their environment. The quiz was a diagnostic evaluation of the students regarding their basic knowledge about the three streams of Science – Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Our queens took on the quiz master’s challenge with great enthusiasm and came out with flying colours. The students were grouped in the following categories:

III to V – Category I
VI to VIII – Category II
IX & X – Category III

The winners in their respective categories:

Category Name
Category I Ritwika, Rashmi, Kavya
Category II Dhwani, Sahmbhavi, Aradhya
Category III Nikita Jha, Ashima

The sheer stamina and the depth of knowledge of these young competitors was fascinating and awe inspiring. Overall, the queens of QVS put up an impressive show.

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20.08.2011 – No Man’s Land – A Slow Learner

When a child is conceived, parents begin forming a set of expectations about who that child will become among these is the belief that the child will be bright and that she/he will be able to hold her/his own in school and society. Not every child meets these expectations. About 22 or 23 percent of the population falls into a range that educators label low average or borderline. This means that the child will not learn as easily or as well as his peers. Without parental and educational support, the slow learner experiences high levels of frustration and discouragement.

So to make teachers aware of this problem a workshop on the topic – The Slow Learner – No Man’s Land was conducted by the school Counsellor Ms. Malhan on 20.08.2011, where all the characteristic of the child, Academic remediation, required amount of support from family were discussed.

Only through appropriate evaluations can slow leaner be identified as having lower intellectual capacity. While there is no cure for lowered intellectual capacity the child can be made to learn compensatory skills that will assist him/her in future endeavours. Modifying Curriculum and expectation for the learner, peer facilitator, time management, accept her best effort, allow extra time for her to complete the task, and most importantly keeping the doors of communication always open, are some of the ways of helping slow learners.

The workshop included certain activities which were conducted to understand a slow learner and the way we can deal with them in a positive manner.

19.08.2011 – Things We Should Know

Ready to have a heart to heart talk with your daughter about the special days of the month. We at Queen’s Valley School believe in preparing our students for all the changes in them.

Since puberty won’t wait for any preparedness, the school organized a workshop on the topic ”Puberty In Girls” which was conducted by the school counsellor Ms. Malhan.

The workshop was a visual experience that aimed to help girls discuss puberty and touched the topics like – the onset of the monthly cycle, having your periods, what to do when not at home, the myths related with it , body safety, personal space, hygiene and developing a positive feeling about the changes in one’s body.

To aid the presentation, related visuals were a part of the discussion. Confusion on why or what to do with these changes was cleared. Students also came up with their doubts which were cleared with approximate justification.

The workshop was a success and left a positive impact on the queens.

17.08.2011 – Deck and Depict Competition

A Deck and Depict Inter house Competition for Classes VI, VII and VIII was held on the 17.08.11 at Queen’s Valley School, which brought out the various hues of creativity and versatility of the students.

There were students decked up as a pen, a school bag, a one rupee coin, a story book, a tree, the sun, a laptop, the Indian constitution, a radio etc. They all depicted themselves very well in an interesting, informative and entertaining manner. The sun gave a lot of important information about itself. But the one rupee coin was seen shedding tears on its lost glory and its plight of not being accepted by even beggars these days. The Indian constitution talked about its father, its birth and its importance in our lives.

All the houses participated enthusiastically with appropriate props. The judges had a tough time deciding on the winners.


Name House Position
Bhumika Truth I
Paridhi Sohal Courage II
Ishita Rana Courage III

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12.08.2011 – Be A Leader : Fancy Dress Competition

The month of August rekindles the patriotic fervor in each Indian. The corridors of Queen’s Valley Junior School reverberated with this patriotic fervor on 12th of August 2011. The event was “Be a Leader – Fancy Dress Competition.”

Competitions can be success only with the support of the parents. This support was evident through the excellent costumes and performance of the Queens. The response to the competition was heartwarming. The choice of leaders for the competition showed that the Queens are connected with our freedom struggle.

The Subhash Chandra Bose was truly inspiring with his fiery speech. The daring Jhansi Ki Rani, Chacha Nehru and Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi were all brought to life.

The brave Mangal Pandey stood out due to the excellent costume complete with chains and injury marks! The enthusiastic participants of Pre Nursery spoke with great confidence and gusto while enacting our freedom fighters.

Result : Pre Nursery
Name Position
Avni Nagesh I
Rhea II
Jhaanvi III

Result : Pre School
Name Section Position
Pratishtha Yadav Snow-white I
Rishima Khare Angelina I
Garima Zalpuri Rapunzel II
Vaachi Goel Jasmine II
Hargun Angelina III

Result : Pre Primary
Name Section Position
Alakshaya Alice I
Bhoomi Gaba Mermaidia II
Riya Bhalla Tinkerbell III
Ridhi Saini Tinkerbell III

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11.08.11 – Independence Day Celebration

“Freedom is our nature as only with freedom can joy,
generosity and other human values blossom.”

Commemorating the day India attained freedom, the young queens of Queen’s Valley School too celebrated the 65th independence Day by presenting a colourful rhythmic patriotic show in the school premises based on the theme – ‘Bharat Anokha Raag Hai’ – Incredible India on 11.08.11.

To grace and mark the commencement of the programme, the guests of honour were our Chairman Mr. S.K. Sachdeva.

The special occasion exhibited India’s cultural multiplicity and portrayed emblematically two different ‘Indias’ the one symbolizing liberated India i.e. free from foreign rule, clutches of corruption, greed and other vices and the other India which is struggling to free herself and become independent from oppression and other problems.

The school wore a festive look with beautiful banners, colourful charts, posters flags etc. The programme began with the unfurling of the National flag and the National anthem which was sung with a great deal of national fervour to pay respect to the flag and to uphold the sovereignty of our country.

After the flag hoisting ceremony, emphatic speech was made by our chairman Mr. S.K. Sachdeva who conveyed the real motive behind celebration of such festivals and made us understand the importance of freedom and its essence in life.

The function was a medley of unique performances showcasing the diverse cultural heritage of our country. It opened with the scintillating performance by the orchestra which invoked the blessings of the motherland through the song “I will be stronger….” It was then

followed with the queens who looked impeccable in colourful dresses and gave fabulous dance performances on contemporary, classical and folk songs.

This filled the entire atmosphere with patriotic fervor and left the audience spell-bound. Also, the queens enthralled everyone by exhibiting their excellence in physical skills through ribbon drill, aerobics and gymnastics. The highlight of the celebration was the release of the balloons which dotted Delhi’s skyline, symbolizing advancement and which appeared to direct all to a path which is glorious and dispersed the narrowness of minds.

The occasion ended with a festive fervor and spirits soaring high.

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06.08.2011 – Screening of “Gifted Hands” - The Ben Carson Story

“Nothing is impossible if you trust in God. He, the almighty will never fail you.”

Nothing is impossible if you trust in God. He, the almighty will never fail you.

Have confidence in your dreams and you can achieve anything. That’s what the movie “Gifted Hands – The Ben Carson Story” told us and it is indeed a very good inspiration we can live by.

An amazing story about life’s ups and downs proves that you can accomplish anything once you set your mind on it. It’s about a frustrated young boy with problems at school and how he overcame the obstacles in his life to become a world renowned neurosurgeon.

The movie was especially screened for the staff members. We as educators need to recognize the ability and caliber of each individual at a tender age and mould them accordingly to turn them into achievers in their respective areas of interest.

06.08.11 – Positive Body Language and Social Graces

Ever wondered about how we stand? How aggressive or non – threatening are our gestures? How do our eyes, hair, clothes look? Confident or nervous, tired or awake?

Body language is all the non-verbal communication we make, both consciously or unconsciously. Becoming sensitive to the clues of body language can help teachers to communicate more effectively with students. With the same thought in mind, Queens Valley School recently organized a workshop for its teacher’s on the topic ‘Positive Body language and Social Graces.’

Conducted by Ms. Ira Sehgal, an eminent personality of this field, teachers were asked to brainstorm the qualities they adored in their teachers’. Things like ‘content knowledge’, innovative techniques for teaching’, ‘voice modulation’, ‘problem solver’, ‘polite’ came up. It was then discussed that how at times students act as mirrors, they emulate what they see. The main learning that came out of this workshop is the way we talk, the way we walk becomes a part of our persona. For instance, tall and erect posture communicates energy and purpose whereas slouched shoulders or hunched back implies tired or lacking in energy.

Thus, if used effectively, body language can become a key to understand the behaviour of large group of students. With little changes in our body language and gestures we can leave a positive impression on students. Each gesture is like a word and one word may have several different meanings. Our work as teachers is not only to identify that gesture but also to unfold its deep layered meaning.

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