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24.12.10 : Christmas Celebrations

24th December 2010 saw the school getting into the Christmas spirit. The last working day prior to the Christmas holiday saw all the children coming to school with the festive spirit writ large on their faces.

The programme started with an assembly presentation aptly dedicated to the Christmas spirit. A quiet prayer was followed by a beautifully performed play ‘ The Lord is Born’ . All the thirty five children of class I Tulip contributed whole heartedly to the success and enjoyed themselves during the play. The much awaited Christmas party followed with goodies to eat.

On the school front all the classes celebrated in their own special ways and brought alive the spirit of Christmas. There were Santa’s galore. One tumbling out from each class. There were parties held all over the squeals and laughters said it all.

The day ended with more smiles and the children took with them the memories of a well spent Christmas celebrations at school.

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18.12.10 : Hand Wash Activity

QVS celebrated a ‘Hand wash Day’ on 18.12.10. A workshop and a small documentary on ‘washing hands properly’ was organised by ‘Dettol’ to inculcate healthy habit of washing hands properly. An interesting video entailed the need of proper hand wash and students were encouraged to wash their hands timely and properly.

“Let me tell the six secret steps to wash hands and stay healthy-”
  1. Wet hands and apply soap.
  2. Rub each palm over the back of other.
  3. Rub between fingers on both hands.
  4. Rub back of fingers (interlocked).
  5. Rub around each of thumb.
  6. Rub both palms with finger tips, then rinse and dry your hands.
The program ended with an oath to follow these steps to wash hands – to stop germs and say bye- bye to illness.

So now Queens are strong and healthy!

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14.12.10 : Achievements at the International Informatics Olympiad (iiO)

Technology dates as far back as the Stone Age and was elevated to the Bronze Age and reached the Iron Age, which brought technological advancements in weaponry and finally to the computer age i.e. ‘SILICON AGE’. Today’s age is known as the age of Information Technology where people have access to information from almost every part of the world. It has helped in shrinking the world and creating a ‘Global Village’ which is just a click away. The computer and the web have certainly had a profound impact on our society.

The International Informatics Olympiad (iiO), a test of competence and proficiency in computer science, is held annually at the National and International levels. It is indeed a great effort in inspiring young minds to enhance their competitive skill and knowledge about computers. It is the best way to identify cyber savvy talents among the younger generation. iiO is conducted at two levels. The first level exam was conducted in the school premises and some of our queens came out with flying colours.

The achievers at the First level are:

Name Class
Laavanya I
Akshita II
Rashmi Dahiya IV
Indira Dasan VII
Aradhya VII

Now they are eligible to move to Level 2 (Final level).
All the best Queens!

06.12.10 : Annual Sports Day

“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”

The saying goes true in all senses and puts forward the importance of games and sports in the contemporary learning process. Sports enhance the abilities of the child and develop challenging spirits. To mark this indispensable and vital role played by sports, QVS celebrated its Annual Sports Meet for the session 2010‐11 on 6th December in the school playground.
Vice Principal, Dr. Namita Sharma blessed the audience and the participants with her words of intellect and declared the sports meet open. The ‘Torch of Sportsmanship’ carried by the school Vice Sports Captain, Bhawna Yadav, was an inspirational move and paved way for solemn ‘Oath of true and fair sportsmanship’.
The programme began with the zestful moving cheerleaders taking the stage and the pom pom in the air. A wonderful aerobics item was highly applauded where the hoola‐hoops made spirals, quite elegantly, around the waist of the queens. The audience was enthralled to witness a ‘self‐defence’ display by the queens wherein Judo moves and lifts were unmatchable and showed that our girls are no less than boys. Thereafter the participants for the various athletic events came into action and went on a spree to bag gold, silver and bronze medals.
Prize distribution was a moment of elation and motivation when the Queens flaunted shimmering medals around their neck. It was a day full of fun and frolic wherein the confidence and the beaming smile of the winners to the victory podium conveyed the message of many potential Olympians. A great show overall !

03.12.10 : Annual Sports Day – Junior Wing

“Sports teaches us that it’s good to compete,
good to achieve, good to sweat,
good to get dirty and tired and feel fit,
fine and refreshed.”

“Winning is not everything but participation is”. As the day dawned for the Annual Sports Day, these words seemed to be coming true as, children were in the high spirits and excitement could be seen on their faces. It was a perfect day with a clear sky and the mission was to accomplish the goals with perfection. The day was full of fun and frolic and the children brimming with enthusiasm assembled in the sports ground.

The meet started with the torch bearers carrying the flame round the track It was a treat to watch the children marching smartly to the beat of the band the athletic events started off with the sprint race of tiny tots and there was pulsating excitement as one race after the other took place. The students cheered their house participants and spurred them to go beyond their best. Teachers’ presence inspired the participants to manifest their hidden potentials. The medal distribution ceremony was held at regular intervals. It was a great day for all which was the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failures.
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