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It is said that every individual is born with some natural ability. The prowess of elders in recognizing these abilities and thereafter harnessing them plays an important role in developing young minds.

The Queens geared up to celebrate the cultural heritage extravaganza in the form of various competitions to judge their caliber.

A confident child in today’s world is one who has the ability to express oneself in front of others. In our Endeavour to empower our queens with good oratory skills, solo song competition, spell bee, Tell a tale with puppets and Fancy dress competitions were organized, allowing the child to use expressions both spoken as well as visual in the form of props. For we all know that visual presentation has greater impact than spoken words.

The solo song competition was held on 21st December to imbibe the spirit of patriotism in the young minds and hearts of QVS. The students sang melodiously with zeal and zest while propagating the radiant lines of patriotism. The best among the best were:

Solo Song Competition:

Name Class
Antra Manna I Lavender
Sneha Sharma I Daisy
Ishita gosain I Lily
Manasvi Chand I Marigold
Devika Bisht I Daffodil
Gauri Sanvi Dutta I Tulip
Pratishta Mishra II Mulberry
Sneha Ruhil II Raspberry
Shaleen Gulati II Strawberry
Suhani Yadav II  Blueberry
Kalpita Mookherjee II Cherry berry
Ambika II Huckleberry

Spell Bee Competition:

Spelling competition was held to create an awareness of the necessity to spell and pronounce words correctly; it also develops enthusiasm amongst students to learn new words

Name Class
Prachi Dahiya I Lavender
Nupur Gaur I Daisy
Anima Gengle I Marigold
Shristi Verma I Lily
Nehal Mittal I Daffodil
Mansi J. Mithaiwala I Tulip
Tanisha Shibu II Mulberry
Rishika Bandyopadhyay II Raspberry
Rajshree Rajshekhar II Strawberry
Unnati Tiwari II BLueberry
Ambika Singh II Huckleberry
Laavanya II Cherryberry
Kalpita Mukherjee II Cherryberry

Story Telling Competition:

Using Stick puppets, socks puppets, hand puppets, the young story tellers performed their tales on moral stories. Students keenly narrated tales they love and believe in. The eagerness, both on the faces of the narrators and listeners was quiet obvious and the show stealers were:

Name Class
Aanya Balaine I Lavender
Vani Jhingan I Daisy
Ishita Gosain I Lily
Hemakshi Jain I Daffodil
Devika Bisht I Daffodil
Prajna  Gon II Mulberry
Dhruvi Narang II Raspberry
Pratishtha Shukla II Strawberry
Suhani Yadav II BLueberry
Shobha Joshi II Huckleberry
Laavanya II Cherryberry

Book Cover Designing :

The li,l queens celebrated National Literacy Week. They read the story books and designed their own book covers.

Name Class
Srishti Verma I Lily
Iha Goyal I Daisy
Aaisha Shoeb I Tulip
Divsheen kaur I Lavender
Nupur Gaur I Daisy
Laavanya yadav II Cherryberry
Suhani Yadav II BLueberry
Lavishka Sharma II BLueberry
Kalpita Mookherji II Cherryberry
Sanika Gulati II Strawberry
Prothoma Deb II Mulberry
Sneha Ruhil II Raspberry

Fancy Dress Competition:

The last working day of the year yet had lots of colourful surprises waiting for us. 30th December saw swaying trees laden with fruits and vegetables and a zoo full of animals around us as the queens came all geared up for a fancy dress competition. The theme u guessed it well-plants and animals around us. The best of our living world that made us proud were:

Name Class
Naysa Mandrele I Lavender
Shagun Sinha I Lavender
Iha Goyal I Daisy
Disha Goel I Marigold
Pearl Vikas Chaudhary I Lily
Aadya Jha I Daffodil
Mouli Sadana I Daffodil
Shrija Agarwal I Tulip
Pratistha Mishra II Mulberry
Sneha Ruhil II Raspberry
Tanvi Kathuria II Strawberry
Mahi II BLueberry
Antra Tiwari II Huckleberry
Kalpita mukherjee II Cherryberry
laavanya II Cherryberry
Laavanya Khanna II Cherryberry

It was a personal victory for every child who participated. Nurturing the natural abilities of the little girls would be the need of tomorrow; if we dream to produce gems we at QVS along with our strong support built self confidence in our girls by organizing events to encourage the competitive spirit that helps them to reach their full potential.

03.12.2011: Visit to Pratapgarh Farms

Somebody correctly said “We do not remember the days, we remember the moments.” The exquisite moments cherished throughout our life are the ones which make us feel alive and happy. Eyes full of expectations of what was to come, cheeks glowing with happiness and captivating smiles going in full circles, is how one can describe the fascinating faces of our queens as they set out to go on a picnic at Pratapgarh Farms.

Queens Valley School keeping with its motto of learning beyond the classroom decided to take its queens of class VIII, IX and X to Pratapgarh Farms, Jhajjar. The place kept its promise of offering fun and frolic with a unique amalgamation of learning and living, amidst the lush green farmlands in the lap of Mother Nature. It offered our queens an unmatched opportunity to experience the rich, cultural and lively rural life.

Habitual of going around in buses, motorbikes and cars, students, anxiously at first, thoroughly enjoyed the camel ride, tractor ride and bullock cart ride. They enthusiastically learned about weaving the charkha, pottery, buttermilk making, grain grinding and so on. Not only this, they also enjoyed playing games such as archery, gulel, dart shooting, kanche goli, pithoo, lattoo, gullee danda, kite flying and tug of war. Students were bubbling with excitement as they walked on Burma Bridge or participated in the sack race. It was a day full of adventure and masti but it didn’t end there.

There were different species of plants around, which offered a learning experience to our queens, moreover things like vermin composting, farm yard manure, Bio- gas production, food grain and medicinal plant identification.

Last but not the least, hands on experience of handling a rabbit, goat, and pigeon or just watching the elegant swan and duck swim with pride made our queens learn an invaluable lesson that life and moment no matter how small or short lived is, should always be spent peacefully with some learning and some enjoyment. The picnic at Pratapgarh Farms truly came out as an enriching experience for all of us; it not only made us feel in sync with nature but also made us realize how important we are for the environment and how important nature is for our survival.

01.12.2011: Career Guidance and Counselling Workshop

Out of the plethora of queries hovering over the minds of teenagers, is the ‘WHAT?, WHY? and HOW?’ of career choice. Influenced by peers, fascinated by the glamour and confused by the various options and suggestions, they musingly move into a world of ‘dilemma’. To curb this restlessness and to help our queens choose the right career, QVS organised a workshop on CAREER GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING on 1st Dec’11 presided over by Mrs. Asha Nair from NIE of the ‘Dial Up’ fame aired on FM Rainbow. Commencing on a very positive note she advised the students to be independent in their thought process rather than being influenced by external forces. She focused on the fundamental of ‘Introspection’ which she said is the basic step in choosing a career. The other steps suggested by her were - Self knowledge , Personality, Interest and Hobbies and Academics. The mentor also came up with varied opportunities in the career world which despite not being too popular, offer wonderful growth like Cruise liners, Stocks, Banking, Beauty and Hair, Architecture etc. It was indeed an interactive session and students put up many questions regarding their career choice. Though good things come in small packets but some times small packets of time are not enough for such good and productive workshops therefore Mrs. Asha Nair wound up the session with a promise to continue with the same and more wonderful discussion in another session. She also told the students to prepare a Blue Print of their career Plan on the basis of the steps suggested by her. The students felt motivated and clear-headed after the workshop and are really looking forward to another session.

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