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22.01.11 : Annual Day & Republic Day Celebrations

The Queens did it again! Amidst the misty morning and chilly weather, the chirping sounds, playful banter and colourful surroundings came alive the indomitable spirit of India along with with the idea of bonding through rhythm and dance. It was that time of the year, the 22nd January, Queen’s Valley School celebrated the Annual Day in the backdrop of the country’s 62nd Republic Day.

The mesmerizing themes for the festivities were a mix of education and culture. While on the one side was showcased the idea of reading through ‘Hulchul in Books’, the other side showcased the cultural heritage of the country aptly titled ‘Visions of India’.

The presence of the parents and that too in large numbers is always a moment of pride for any school. The Saturday was no different. The proud moment was aptly displayed in the eyes of the V. Principal and the faculty of the school as they greeted the guests. The chief guest of the occasion Mr. S.K. Sachdeva, also the chairman of the school, was another proud man as he witnessed a flawless display put up by the Queens.

The lighting of the auspicious lamp by the Chairman of the school and the ‘Saraswati Vandana’ that followed set the tone for the colourful extravaganza. The girls of the Primary then depicted the importance of the habit of reading books with their own rendition of what treasures were there hidden with in the exciting world of books. The depiction was done in the form of a ballet with each child producing a gem after gem.

The ‘Visions of India’ a medley of dances showcasing the diverse cultural heritage of the country was next on agenda. Be it the Bihu dance or the Garbha, the Bharatnatyam or the Kathak, the dances filled the air with a lively spirit. The culmination of the medley was portrayed by a mime representing the major religions of India which symbolized that be it any religion all amalgamate to form a united India. The message of unity in diversity depicting the essence of India was a true salute to the 62nd Republic Day.

No function can be complete without honouring those who have excelled and this day was no different. There were prizes for the best among the best along various co-curricular activities. The achievers came out with stars in their eyes and their smiles said it all.

All good things must come to an end. Thus came down the curtains to the cultural extravaganza put up by our gracious queens.

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