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30.07.2011 - ‘Walking in the shoes of Learning Disability’

A workshop on the topic ‘walking in the shoes of Learning Disability’ was conducted by the school counselor Dr. Neha Malhan on 30.07.11.

The aim of the workshop was to help the teachers to become aware of various learning disabilities, the myths and the solutions.

The workshop began with a writing activity where the teachers were made to copy down gibberish. The catch was that they had to write with the opposite hand to the one they usually use. This helped the teachers to understand the challenges that a child with learning disability faces. It helped to empathize with such children.

The workshop highlighted the different types of learning disorders such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia, through the use of PPTs various handwriting samples, Mathematics sums and other written work the counselor brought out the ways in which learning disabilities can be identified.

According to her there has been an increase in the number of learning disability cases. Gender bias is evident here as more number of boys with the learning disorders are reported than girls.

The myth that there is no cure was also busted by the counselor. The care and management is possible due to early identification.

The workshop also highlighted the muscle strengthening exercises which help in better hand-eye co-ordination.

The workshop was instrumental in raising awareness among the teachers about Learning Disabilities and also how to equip themselves for better handling of such issues. hemania in Art’, ‘ Environment Quiz’ , ‘ Best out of Waste’, ‘ Poster – making Competition’, to celebration of Earth Day, and ‘Fabric - T shirt painting competition’.

27.07.2011 – Poem Recitation Competition

“Poetry is the essence of Literature”

Poetry has the power of descending one to far away lands based on pure imagination. To develop appreciation of poetry among students, a Recitation Competition was held at QVS for classes I & II on 27.07.2011. The theme was ‘Environment’. The students participated with great enthusiasm and zeal. The competition was judged on the basis of overall presentation, introduction, intonation and diction. Some of the poems mesmerized the judges.

The winners are:

Name Class Position
Laavanya II Cherry Berry I
Harnoor Kaur II Cherry Berry I
Aakanksha Dangri II Raspberry II
Prothoma Deb II Mulberry II
Rishika Bandyopadhyay II Raspberry III
Pratishtha Shukla II Strawberry III

Name Class Position
Aisha Shoeb I Tulip I
Anima Gengle I Marigold I
Prachi Dahiya I Lavender II
Archi Chauhan I Lavender II
Divsheen Kaur I Lavender III
Piyavi I Lily III

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25.07.2011 – Solo Song Competition

“On the wings of music we float in the air, mesmerized by the sounds resounding in the air .”

Our little Queens never fail to surprise us. All of them came prepared with beautiful songs. The cultural corridors of Queens’s Valley resounded with the sounds of “Chun chun karti aayi chirya”, “Dadi amma dadi amma maan jao”, “Lakdi ki kaathi”...

The audiences were spell bound by the shifting moods which took us from grandma’s lap to Bharatmata and back again to the lap of nature with “Titli udi...

This musical extravaganza got full expression through the Queens, who came dressed up as the character of the song, along with appropriate properties to depict the mood. The Patriotic fervour was displayed with songs like- “Saare jahan se achha ”, “Vandematram”, “We shall overcome” and many more.

Our little princesses of Pre-Nursery sang devotional songs and some famous English numbers.

The Lil’l champs of the solo-song competition as identified by the Adjucator were:

Pre Nursery:
Class Name Position
Thumbelina Vaishnavi I
Thumbelina Khanak II
Thumbelina Kritika III

Pre School:
Class Name Position
Rapunzel Rajull I
Snow-white Aadya Charan II
Jasmine Vaachi Goel III
Angelina Rapunzel Angel Preet Dhriti Special Prize for
good Performance

Pre Primary:
Class Name Position
Alice Yuvica Bhargav I
Tinkerbell Riya Bhalla II
Cinderella Swastika II
Mermaidia Gaurvi Bhalla III
Mermaidia Charvi Chhabra III

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23.07.2011– My Imaginative Impressions

“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.”
- George Smith Patton

An amazing confluence of creativity and colours was witnessed during the exhibition ‘My imaginative impressions’ when queens from classes III to X displayed their art and craft projects which they worked on during the summer vacation.

The display was wonderfully grouped according to classes under sections - ‘Art’ and ‘Craft’ and was organized on 23.07.2011. The exhibition gave an opportunity to parents to enjoy this spectacular show where the streams of imagination and thought provoking ideas were beautifully merged. The proud parents of our queens were enthralled to see the kind of work being done and displayed by their own children.

The exhibition varied from ‘Madhubani’, a style of Indian painting practiced in Mithila region from Bihar to posters on contemporary issues such as ‘literacy’ and ‘ecological problems.’ Wax and gel candles were also displayed along with textile printing design, clip – clitters, abstract painting, tambourines and so on. In addition to all of this, our queens showed us how to make the ‘best out of waste.’ Thus by doing so, they not only utilized the waste products but also suggested ways to conserve our mother earth, who is running out of her natural resources.

It would not be wrong to say that yet again with the phenomenal show of tremendous talent; our queens revived the essence of being queens.

23.07.2011– Science Exhibition

“Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls it adventure science.”
- E.P. Hubble

Science has become an indispensable part of our lives. Imagine a day in our lives sans scientific gadgets and equipments. Just think about the distance we will have to cover up walking, in case there are no vehicles, or worse, imagine no vaccines or cures for disease.

As scientific advancement has become the need of the hour, Queen’s Valley organized a ‘Science Exhibition’ on 23.07.2011 and gave its Queens a brilliant stage to don the hat of scientists and showcase their vision of the future – a scientific future.

Organised by the Scientifica Club, the exhibition was neatly divided according to the classes. While the Little Queens impressed our enthusiastic parents with models such as periscope, lever wheel barrow, pulley game and so on; the Queens from senior classes had everyone impressed with impeccable models on water harvesting, bio-gas plant, fire extinguisher, model of chloroplast, game of nerves and electric quiz board to name a few.

Truly models made by the queens were a treat to watch, but more than that it made us all realize how science is constantly and consistently making our life comfortable and smooth.

19.07.2011 – Class IV Special Assembly
Topic : Floods

India faces environmental disasters on a regular basis. In order to prepare our queens to face such calamities with fortitude and courage we at Queen’s Valley School hold our class assemblies on environmental disasters.

Carrying on with this series of our special assemblies, Class IV A conducted a special assembly on the topic – Floods.

The aim of the assembly was to highlight the causes of frequent floods in India. The causes, prevention and precautions to be taken during floods were brought out through a small skit. The message given by the students of Class IV was - Prevent and Prepare. Prevent floods by planting more trees and prepare embankments wherever necessary. An energetic dance performance with the message of saving the world followed. The sheer enthusiasm and stamina of these young- princesses was fascinating and awe-inspiring.

It was truly a wonderful class presentation and great teamwork.

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Sudoku is a number game which enhances thinking skills and logical reasoning. QVS organized a “Sudoku Storey” competition for classes IV and V giving them an opportunity to upgrade their numerical skills. There were three levels in the competition. The first level was open to all the students. Selected candidates moved to the second and final round.

The Winners are :

Name Class Position
Anshu Ahlawat IV C I
Divyansha V C II
Deepa Yadav IV D III


Poetry is the queens of all arts With this in mind a Recitation Competition ‘Page to Stage’ was organized for Classes VI to VIII on 13th July 2011. This competition was held to inculcate and develop the love for poetry among the queens. The response of the queens was extremely heartening. They recited the poems with excellent voice modulation, diction and expressions. The effort was really praiseworthy.

The Results :

Name Class Position
Vertika Chaturvedi VI A I
Manaswini VIII C III

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12.07.2011 – Show and Tell Competition

“Step by step, as they progress, they show and tell. About concepts – Some old, Some new, Some common, Some few !”

We learnt about the importance of a seed and the currency of a country when our lil Queens spoke enthusiastically in the Show and Tell competition, held in the school on 12 July 2011. These little buds enthralled everyone with their confident delivery of information. They came dressed in beautiful costumes and were carrying beautiful, creative and effective props.

They spoke about their piggy banks, importance of trees, posting a letter in the long forgotten letter box, they told us how mobiles and telephones have brought everyone near and how they have changed our lives.

Well done Queens, Keep it up!

The initial round of the competition was held at interclass level and the selected students from each class moved up to the next level that is inter class level.

The effort and show put up by our Lil Queens of Pre-Nursery was commendable. The result is as follows:

Pre Nursery:
Name Class Position
Avni Nagesh Thumbelina I
Khanak Thumbelina II

Pre School:
Name Class Position
Angel Preet Kaur Angelina I
Naina Dhingra Snowwhite II
Rishima Khare Angelina III

Pre Primary:
Name Class Position
Alakshya Khare Alice I
Rhitoja Das Goldilocks II
Charvi Chabbra Mermaidia III

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12.07.2011 – Class V Special Assembly
Topic : Urban Waste

Urban lifestyle has led to an increase in waste material and it is fast becoming a serious environmental hazard. Unprocessed waste is dumped in large landfill sites which in turn act as breeding places for many diseases and germs which sooner or later cause epidemic and unending littering of the environment.

To put a check on all this and for a clean and healthy environment, the girls of Queen’s Valley School conducted a special Assembly on the topic ‘Urban Waste’. In their quest for a better future the queens presented a skit which showcased the different ways and practices that can be followed so that we can reduce the amount of waste which is generated from a household and various factories.

The girls put forward their suggestions and various solutions for better urban waste management. The assembly concluded with a beautiful dance sequence.

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08.07.2011 – English Calligraphy Competition

“Handwriting is an imprint of the self on the page. “
Dr. Rosemary Sassoon

Hand writing reflects a person's character and beautiful handwriting is a gift. It also helps the children to improve their gross and fine motor skill and also improves their eye and hand coordination. Keeping this adage in mind the school organized an English Calligraphy Competition for the students of classes I and II on 08.07.2011. All the students tried to showcase the best of their handwriting. Some students wrote the perfect strokes of English alphabet in Marion Richardson script. The judgment was done on the basis of good hand writing, accurate script and correct spellings.

The writing queens were :

Name Class Position
Mansi Solanki I Marigold I
Prachi Dahiya I Lavender II
Jiya Negi I Tulip II
Aaisha Shoeb I Tulip III

Name Class Position
Shweta II Huckleberry I
Prajna Gon II Mulberry I
Tanisha Shibu II Mulberry II
Aakanksha Dangri II Raspberry II
Mimangsha K Bhuyan II Huckleberry III

07.07.2011 – Class IV Special Assembly
Topic : Volcanoes

A volcano is a landform (usually a mountain) where molten rock erupts through the surface of the earth. The eruptions which take place can be explosive expelling lava, rocks and ash into the air. A large eruption can be extremely dangerous for people living near a volcano.

In order to discover more about the volcanic activity the students of Queens’s Valley School conducted a special assembly on the topic “volcanoes” Through this assembly they made the students aware, about the power and destructive effects of a volcanic eruption. The queens of the VI-B presented a small skit in which they dramatized the various effects of a volcano. They showcased the steps that can be taken to present any mishap in case of a volcanic eruption. The skit was followed by an enthusiastic dance performance.

The audience was highly appreciative of the effort put in by the students of Class VI –B.

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06.07.2011 – BEST OUT OF WASTE

‘BEST OUT OF WASTE’ competition was held for Classes VI to VIII to spread awareness among the Queens and through them to the society at large that “WASTE IS NOT WASTE”. Many beautiful and useful things can be created out of it. It is the need of the hour that we take charge and reduce waste wherever we can. Such competitions help in raising awareness about renewal and reusage of the resources.

Our queens participated with great enthusiasm in the competition and created many beautiful, useful and practical things from waste. It was an excellent display of talent and creativity by the queens.

The Results:

Name Class Position
Charvi Batra VI A I
Plasha VI A II
Prachi Rana VII A III
Gunika Jain VII A IV

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