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Kindergarten Graduation

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26.03.11 – Parents Orientation Program

Putting a child into a new school or sending her out of the cozy environment of the house can cause much anxiety in the heart of parents and could be quite a challenge for the children because of all the unknowns.

In regard to the above, Queen’s Valley School took the initiative and made an effort to orient the parents about the school through the Parents’ Orientation Program which was held on 26th March 2011 in the School Cultural Hall. It provided a framework which depicted a complete realm of the life of the school right from the academic to school activities. Dr. Aruna Broota, a renowned child psychologist consented to be the chief guest and enlightened parents on ‘Positive Parenting’.

The program began with the first session with a welcome address by the Vice Principal Dr. Namita Sharma and the words of wisdom and assurance for the parents by Vice Chairman Mr. Anil Sachdeva. Their thoughtful words served as a foundation and familiarized the audience with the school and how the school is a reflection of high standards of educational values both qualitatively and quantitatively.

It was followed by an enlightening presentation on the administrative, academic as well as infrastructural working and development of the school which gave an overview of the school and its working to parents.

Then a skit titled ‘Every Child is Unique’ was showcased by the teachers. It laid emphasis on the individuality and distinctiveness of every child and tailored parents to reflect on the same and thereby appreciate the uniqueness of their child.

Later on Dr. Aruna Broota guided the audience on ‘Positive Parenting’ and encouraged active participation from the audience. She enlightened parents about child psychology, different phases of development of a child etc. and gave her views as to how to acclimate children to new surroundings and to prepare them to take on a new world of academic challenges.

The session and the program culminated on satisfactory note where in parents moved out with an overwhelming amount of information in hand.

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15.03.11 : Graduation Ceremony

A kindergarten is a cradle that nurtures young minds and goads them to learn to embrace this beautiful world on their own. For it is here that the child takes the first steps, perhaps baby steps towards learning. The time spent at the kindergarten could thus be termed as one akin to laying the foundation for a child. As the child nears the end of the kindergarten term the child is now ready and confident to start the journey towards becoming an independent and a better person.

The kindergarten queens at QVS completed their tryst with the kindergarten this month on 15.03.11 and were aptly felicitated by the school by organizing a graduation ceremony for them. The queens turned out smartly dressed for the occasion attired in their graduation coats with matching hats.

To make the day special for Li’l queens the girls of class I offered prayers to the almighty God followed by a power packed performance on the foot tapping beats of ‘Masti ki Pathshala’. Our overwhelmed Li’l Queens reciprocated their feelings with a peppy dance performance too.

The moment of great pride for the Vice Principal and the teachers was when their princesses accepted their graduate certificate displaying happiness all over. The end of the ceremony was equally interesting. It was the time to throw the caps high up in the air and get into the spirit of moving ahead in life. A total of 150 queens graduated from the kindergarten to the primary. Coming April all of them would walk into a new world with “New Dreams! New Hopes! And New Faith!

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09.03.11 : Workshop on Oral Health

‘Be fresh, be clean – your teeth should be the freshest
thing they have seen!

Taking oral care by the child at a young age is an investment in his/her health that will pay lifelong dividends. The best time to inculcate healthy oral habits is when they are young.

A workshop on ‘Oral health for children’ was conducted by the science teacher, Ms. Neha kumari, and the Medical supervisor Ms. Veena Johnson.

A movie ‘Batuni and Dentist' alongwith a power point presentation was shown to make children understand that oral health is something to be valued. The movie revolved around a boy named, Batuni, who only brushed his teeth in the morning and rinsed his mouth with water at night. Another vital character, little dentist, tells him about the importance of brushing teeth at night.

Students were made aware of the importance of healthy teeth, selection of toothbrush, techniques of brushing, invention of toothpaste and dental terminologies (i.e cavity, floss, plaque) students were excited and gave careful consideration to the things taught. The workshop ended with an interactive session where children introspected and got their queries answered. Passing on good oral habits to our li’l queens and answering the inquisitive minds was immensely satisfying.

23.02.11: Visit to National Institute of Malaria Research

"Seeing is believing and believing is essential for action."

Delhi recently underwent a painful phase of vector borne diseases like Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya. The cause was single – mosquito. Our Queens visit to the National Institute of Malaria Research (NIMR), Sector 8, Dwarka proved to be a enormously informative and effective in creating an awareness among the girls for equipping their surroundings to fight these diseases.

NIMR is one of the primary institutes in the network of well developed laboratories in Delhi carrying out research on all aspects of mosquito borne diseases like Malaria. Dr. M. S Malhotra (Deputy Director, NIMR) acted as a true mentor throughout the excursion and guided the students about each and every level of research undertaken at the institute. The visit commenced with an interactive session wherein vivid facts were discussed and a great deal of queries by the students was answered. Students not only bagged a chance to have a microscopic view of different stages of life of a mosquito but also peeped into its life stages (under research) in their insectaries.

Dr. Adak, an eminent in house scientist involved in the research held out a plethora of information displaying a lot of concern towards creating awareness among young generation for effective dissemination of control measures among citizens.

Our queens were fascinated by the facts presented to them and pledged to undertake every possible action to prevent mosquito breeding in their surrounding. They discovered that they learnt a vital lesson of their syllabus as well as healthy life.

28.02.11 : National Science Day

Scientific advancement in today’s world has enabled us to achieve the unthinkable. Who would have ever thought a hundred years ago that we could reach each other at the blink of an eye lid via high speed connectivity? Yes, science today has touched each facet of our lives.

Each year 28th February is observed as the National Science Day. In our endevour to make our queens aware of the marvels that surround us QVS organized various activities which included a visit to the National Malaria Research Centre in Dwarka by the queens of senior school. They also showcased their talents through some science projects which they had worked on with the guidance of their parents and teachers.

On the Junior front the show stealers were the lovely Queens of Class II Raspberry who introduced the phenomenon of global warming, its problems and solutions. All this was aptly presented in the form of a skit. They conveyed the message “if we really want to reach the sun, moon and stars, perhaps we need to involve them a little more in our lives.” Scientific innovations over the years have made our world a better place and to preserve this we need to adopt the 4Rs – Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and Releaf was yet another important message delivered by our young queens.

The wisdom of living in an organic fashion has been an integral part of our traditional knowledge and heritage. All this was evident through the scientific activities conducted at school on the occasion of the National Science Day.

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10.02.11: Seeking Holy Blessings…!

QVS firmly believes in cultivating the moral values and sound character in its queens. We at QVS fulfill our social responsibilities and prepare good and responsible citizens for future. A true education not only builds a strong foundation for tomorrow but also prepares a platform for learning from yester years.

To inculcate this moral of respecting ones elders and the departed loved ones QVS organised a special assembly on 10.02.11 to pay homage to the eldest and the most respected member of the Managing Committee, Late Smt. Phoolan Wanti Sachdeva, who left this World for her heavenly abode two years back. Two minutes of silence was observed wherein every member of the school prayed for the noble departed soul and remembered her great deeds and sacrifices. Blessings from our older generations are always sought after as they strengthen us and illuminate our path to progress.

May the departed soul shower
her blessings on us!

08.02.11 : Basant Panchmi & Saraswati Pooja

Change in weather around this time of the year marks the arrival of spring, bringing along the dawn of a new beginning in our land of varied culture in the from of Basant Panchmi.

This festival is symbolised by the colour yellow. The colour that brings an automatic glow to the surrounding. This very glow eminated from the young queens of class II Strawberry who were appropriately clad in yellow during their special assembly. The morning prayers were followed by a ballet depicting the essence of the Saraswati Puja from Bengal to the Punjabi spirit of fun and frolic of Basant Panchmi.

Like always the queens once again managed to live up to the festive spirit by celebrating Basant Panchmi along with the whole school on this 8th day of February.

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08.02.11 International Informatics Olympiad (IIO’10)

“You must first be a believer, if you want to be an achiever”

A confident child in today’s world has the ability to become an achiever. In an endeavor to empower the young minds with the knowledge of the modern information technology the Computer Literacy Foundation conducted an International Informatics Olympiad (iiO), 2010 to promote Computer Science education among the generation next.

The achievements of our queens at QVS are reasons to celebrate, with a glow of happiness and pride their faces. Every point won pushes them to greater heights. We at QVS take immense pride in the laurels that our girls achieve and further motivate them to achieve higher heights.


She has acquired the top position in the school by securing maximum marks (98) among all the participants.


She has been awarded with an elegant pen for securing 22nd rank in Olympiad.

Of all the queens who participated in the Olympiad the lucky ones will find their names given below :

Name Class Class Rank
Laavanya I 1
Mansi Solanki I 2
Kanishka Solanki I 3
Akshita II 1
Khushi Rana II 2
Divya Daftuar II 3
R K Nithya Shri III 1
Isshani Pandey III 2
Jiya Adhikari III 3
Rashmi Dahiya IV 1
Jahnavi Mathur IV 2
Meghna Rao V 1
Saumya Sanskriti V 2
Ishita Rana V 3
Archi Kumari VI 1
Vertika Rawat VI 2
Ashima Aggarwal VI 3
Indira Dasan VII 1
Aradhya Agnihotri VII 2
Tanya Kaushal VII 3
Ritu VIII 1
Nitya Khare VIII 2
Avni Singh VIII 3

07.02.11 : Science Symposium

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, couldn’t be more right when he said that a wise man should consider that the health is the greatest of human blessings. With this message the queens of class IX organized a science symposium on the topic ‘WHY DO WE FALL ILL’ on 7th February 2011.

The main objective was to promote scientific temperament among the students and to give them deeper awareness and insight into the world of hygiene, diseases and their cure. The students enacted small scenes wherein the role of microbes in causing diseases was portrayed effectively. An impressive power point presentation was prepared by the students which helped in reinforcing the important concepts and information.

At the end the key points were summarized followed by a question and answer session. It was a good learning experience for the students which apart from creating awareness provided an opportunity for creative expression. The efforts of the queens were applauded and appreciated by all those present.

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