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30.11.11: English Calligraphy Competition

Hand writing forms a bond between generations.
Neither technology nor machines, can replace the importance of a good handwriting. We at QVS ensure that our queens write the best, as a beautiful handwriting is a boon in any age and it’s a pleasure to read a text written beautifully. With these thoughts QVS held a calligraphy competition for the students of Pre-Primary on 30 November 2011 to see whether our princesses have mastered the school script.

They were given a calligraphy sheet with a story which the students wrote in the school script, ensuring neatness and proper spacing between the words.

The result is as follows

Name Position
Samridhi First
Aashika Second

Name Position
Ekakshara Garg First
Bhumi Second

Name Position
Jyoti First
Aaliya Shoeb Second

Name Position
Siya Anwekar First
Vatsala Das Second

Name Position
Chaitanya First
Angel Rana Second

Tinker bell
Name Position
Tanvi Kumar First
Gayathry Haris Second

29.11.2011: Visit to Children Of The World Orphanage

Before giving the mind of the giver is happy,
while giving, the mind of the giver is made peaceful,
and having given, the mind of the giver is uplifted. -- BUDDHA

We at Queen’s Valley School believe that our sense of satisfaction increases manifold when we do something for the less privileged members of the society.

QVS joined India and the International community in celebrating the ‘Festival of Giving ‘in the form of ‘The Joy of Giving Week’, with the view to imbibe the values of sharing and caring in our li’l Queens, as we are training them to become moral global citizens.

Our princesses were sensitized about the plight of less privileged kids and were encouraged to share their toys with them. We got a huge response and our princesses proved that they have the ability to empathize and understand their social responsibility at this tender age.

The Queens along with a thousand toys as gifts visited an orphanage- “Children of the World”. The visit to the orphanage on 29 November 2011 was a heartwarming experience. Our Queens gave their toys to the children and came back enriched with the smiles and sparkles and the satisfaction of sharing their personal toys with the under privileged- who in turn thanked us with a cultural program.

The Queens through this endeavour have given a message that lets create a positive environment around us as each one of us has a moral and social responsibility which we must all fulfill.

We thank our Queens for supporting the cause and for giving a huge response to the Festival of Giving.

28.11.2011: Educators’ Meet – The Art of Living

“Broaden the vision ………. Deepen the roots”

This was the message of the Educators’ Meet conducted by The Art Of Living and supported by Educomp where H H Sri Sri Ravishankar was the Chief Guest.

The morning began with a rendition of the Ganesha Vandana by the eminent singer Ms Chitra Roy. This was followed by an introductory talk by Mr Muralidhar Koteshwar an alumnus of IIT, former technocrat now an educationist. He is looking after the various schools being run by The Art of Living trust.

He spoke about the role of educationists and the power they hold in their hands to mould the future generations. Here he mentioned about a study conducted where 1000 successful people were interviewed. They did not all come from developed nations , they were from different economic backgrounds, not all of them spoke English – what was common was that they were all inspired by their teachers. He advised all those present that they must teach their students to go beyond the text books and that is what is true knowledge. According to him educators hold the immense responsibility of ‘shaping lives’. This talk was followed by a presentation on the school based activities of The Art of Living trust.

The Art of Living runs programmes for school children under its ART EXCEL – All Round Training for Excellence, YES – Youth Empowerment and Skills and NOVICE – Nurturing of Values In Children Everyday.

The arrival of H H Sri Sri Ravishankar brought the audience to its feet and the auditorium reverberated with the sound of applause.

According to him the teaching profession is one of the best professions. It is also a very big responsibility. As a teacher one has to set examples as students watch their teachers very carefully.

The teacher needs to have trust in herself and has been assigned a job she can handle. Every teacher needs to know that the task in hand is appropriate for her and that she will handle it in the best possible manner. Teachers need to be reservoirs of patience.

Basic human values need to be encouraged in the classroom. Basically a child is born with these values and they need to be nourished and brought out. Often teachers need to de-programme some of the programming, or behaviour that children have learnt at home.

Teachers need to know that human nature is very similar to the atomic structure. Like in an atom, the central part is positive – a proton and the electrons or the negative charge is on the periphery so it is in a child. The core or the basic of every child is positive and the negativity is only on the periphery.

Educating a child should be holistic, not just a process of stuffing their head with information. Teachers should work the complete development because body and mind are linked. Violence in the mind reflects in the body and their action.

According to Sri Sri Ravishankar there needs to be a sense of belongingness among the students and a personal connection with the teacher. It is the teacher who shapes their personalities not books. Great personalities happen because of teachers not books.

After Sri Sri Ravishankar’s talk the audience were invited to ask questions which ranged from seeking his blessings to how can children be attracted towards the teaching profession, how to make school education more inclusive and take care of underprivileged children. H H had answers for all these queries, Many remained un answered due to the shortage of time.

A meet which will truly help in adding value to education.

28.11.2011: From Page to Stage

English Rhyme Recitation Competition

Poetry is created when an emotion finds thoughts and thoughts find words .Our princesses came prepared for the English Rhyme Recitation Competition which was held today i.e. 28 November 2011, as part of the English book week festivities.

The Queens came prepared with the costumes and the props and recited the rhymes with full confidence and clarity of speech.

The li’l Princesses through the Recitation Competition showcased their talent. They brought to life poetry from a mere poem on a page to a wonderful performance on stage. It held the promise of a bright future, a message that they are ready to become Queens.

The best amongst equals were:

Name Section Position
Hargun Kaur Dhingra Angelina First
Angelpreet Kaur
Naina Dhingra
Snow White
Arushi Gupta
Sampada Chauhan
Snow White

28.11.2011: SPORTS DAY CELEBRATION (2011-12)

‘Sportsman ship is an attitude that strives for fair play, courtesy towards teammates and opponents, ethical behavior and integrity, and grace in victory or defeat.’

28th November ’11 was a red letter day in the history of QVS as it marked the 3rd enthralling Sports Day celebrations 2011-12 and brought the champions together wherein the sports field turned into a battle field. As a true display of Pride, Power and Victory, with the message of one team- one dream, the participants presented the vivid hues of dynamism , sincerity, endurance, and team spirit. Commencing on a ritualistic note, the ceremonial March Past was the first attraction of the Meet. The contingents of the four houses could be seen marching confidently with their heads held high led by the Head Girl Tanmaya Murthy, the school flag bearer, followed the marching contingents of the four Houses (Integrity, Truth, Courage and Peace) and various events like Yoga, Skating, Aerobics, Self-Defence and cheerleaders carrying the flags of dignity and sportsmanship. After our honourable Principal, Dr. Mrs. Namita Sharma declared the sports meet open, the torch bearer Samriddhi brought the flame of the games. This was followed by Oath taking ceremony. In the words of School Sports Captain the team of champions took a vow to believe in the authority and command of the rules of play.

The opening ceremony consisted of varied events performed by the powerful yogis, glittering and shinning cheer leaders, brilliant and brave judo exponents, rhythmic and dazzling aerobic performers and the scintillating skaters. They all came together in the grand finale where they performed together conveying that UNITED WE PLAY, UNITED WE WIN! After the opening ceremony the athletes were the centre of attraction, all geared up to take over the field and eyeing the medals. Starting with the youngest lot i.e. class I and II the track and field events took place and brought about various winners. The most interesting feature of the events proved to be the ‘Tug the War’ between the two sections of class X. Both the teams got an unprecedented cheering and strived to their maximum but class X-B stole the show by winning the event in grand style. Another captivating moment of the day was Teachers’ Race which filled the students with great enthusiasm and the whole ground echoed with the sound of cheering, each class rooting for its teachers. The sports Day culminated with the prize giving ceremony as the proud winners were honoured with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

The sports Meet was a successful event and asserted the message to all that Look up, Get up but never Give up as Pain is Temporary but Pride is Forever.

25.11.2011: One Nation Reading Together

“A room without a book is like a body without soul ”

A book is the only place where one can examine a fragile thought without breaking it or explore an explosive idea without fear that it will blow off in one’s face. It is one of the few havens remaining where a man’s mind can get both provocation and privacy. To help the students be familiar with this fact and to mark a picture perfect culmination to the English Week celebrated at QVS ( from 21st Nov’11 to 25th Nov’11 ), the school proudly asserted to be a part of ONE NATION READING TOGETHER on 25th Nov’11 in the school ground. All the students from classes Pre School to X became a part of it and read with the nation. The special feature was the formation of a ‘Knowledge Tree’ by the students which added more enthusiasm to their reading activity. Moreover, students were involved in ‘Bookmark Making’ and ‘Character Enactment’ which brought them closer to the wonderful world of books.

The students also took a ‘Reading Pledge’ prior to commencement of reading. Teachers too brought books along and read with the students which proved as a great source of inspiration to the young students. ‘ Goddess Nature’ too gave its blessings to the event as the sun’s shining rays brightened up the atmosphere and offered ideal conditions to read and enjoy . True to its name, it was One Nation Reading Together…., really together.

23.11.2011: Inter House English Quiz Competition

“Language is the blood of the soul in which thoughts
run and out of which they grow “
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes

An inter-house English quiz competition was held at QVS on the 23rd of November’11. As a part of the ‘English Week’ being observed in the school from 21st to 25th November’11. All the houses participated enthusiastically in the quiz.

Various rounds aiming at evaluating the students’ English vocabulary were conducted. They were as follows:

Round I – Words of foreign origin in English Language.
Round II – Homophones
Round III – Similes
Round IV – Flavours of India ( Spices and Fruits )
Round V – Idioms (Depicted as pictures )
Round VI – Short bolt round ( Rapid-fire round)

The students really enjoyed the quiz and their vocabulary was enriched through this exercise.

The results were as follows:
Truth House – First Position
Peace House – Second Position
Integrity House – Third Position
Courage House – Fourth Position

22.11.2011: Ad Mad Show

The Queens went rolling with laughter when they watched the ‘Ad-Mad show’ put up by the Queens of classes IV,V and IX. The show was a treat to watch as the Queens tried to sell their products in an extremely hilarious manner. The range of the products varied from toothpastes, shampoos, pens to microwaves and sarees. The girls dressed themselves in their jingles and presentation left the audience rolling with laughter on the floor of the cultural hall. The show was very refreshing and was like a cool breeze for the Queens they as they took time-out from their busy academic schedule for some Masti. The show left our Queens applauding for the participants and indeed it was an “Ad-Mad Show.”

The following were declared winners:

Class IV
Name Section Position
Tarushi B First
Alankriti B Second
Shrikriti A Third

Class V
Name Section Position
Trisha A First
Karishma A Second
Harshita C Third

Class IX
Name Position
Group II First
Group VI Second

21.11.2011: Event Reporting

‘MEDIA’- a single term encompasses a vast territory of information, events, happenings and reporting. The world today is progressing towards a more interconnected and updated setup and we are an inseparable part of this contemporary globalization. In order to cater to the needs of the young learners and to bring the students closer to this set up, QVS organized an EVENT REPORTING Competition on 21st November’11 for classes VI, VII and VIII. Students came up with creative scripts based on vivid themes and topics and performed brilliantly. Holding the mike, a feel of live reporting captivated the students in its truest sense. Students chose a wide and unique range of topics which were reported live from the QVS channel like-

‘Wambie the Star Cat – joins a gym’

‘Hitler found meditating at Ellora Caves’

‘Hoax call to Fire Brigade out of need for water’

‘Mosquito meets with an accident’

The audience enjoyed the live reporting immensely as it was a novel experience for them. The event will motivate the students to participate in the future. The fun didn’t end here. The Cultural Hall echoed with applause for the following winners

Name Position
Shivangi Aggarwal and Sapna Sehrawat First
Komal Dahiya and Deepanshi Shokeen
Tanya Mittal and Geetika Gupta
Sanyukta Kalita and Tarannum Khan Third

19.11.2011: Times NIE Workshop for Teachers

“Stagnation is a curse and every little Endeavour to
cast it away counts.”

Knowledge is vast and cannot be assimilated by an individual wholly, therefore, no one is perfect in this world. Though teachers are referred and revered as ‘Masters’ but even masters need to hone their skills in order to achieve appreciable standards of students’ learning. On 19.11.2011, Saturday, QVS organized an informative and interactive workshop for its teaching faculty presided over by a Counsellor from Times NIE, Ms. Anu Singh. The effective session comprised of gainful tips regarding various behavioural problems witnessed among students these days, e.g . – Hyper-activeness, lying, introvert behavior, too much exposure to internet etc. The resource person was all ears to the situational crisis, narrated by the teachers, which are at times faced by them. Focus remained on maintaining a healthy and cordial teacher – student relationship in order to win the confidence of the Gen Next. The speaker also emphasized on a key role to be played by the parents for attaining a 360° growth of their child. Over restriction and unnecessary liberty is quite harmful and teachers as well as parents need to strike a balance between both the factors. The session was an enriching one and the teachers gained immediately from it.

17.11.2011: ‘Science this week’ on Lok Sabha Channel

Special Coverage of Queen’s Valley School

It was indeed a moment of great pride for everyone at Queen’s Valley School when the students were part of TV programme on Lok Sabha channel on science. The programme – ‘Vigyan Darpan’/ ‘Science this Week’ was aired on 2130 hrs on 17.11.2011, Thursday in Hindi and on 18.11.2011, Friday in English.

The programme is an initiative of the Ministry of Science and Technology to develop scientific temper among schools in India. It showcases the activities in the field of science on a weekly basis.

The teaching of science in the classrooms on the occasion of National Education Day was the theme for the programme on Queen’s Valley School. The teaching was taken up in two phases
a) Regular classroom teaching
b) Teaching in the laboratories

The regular classroom teaching was recorded for Class X. The subject was Physics and the topic Refraction. The same was reinforced through an experiment in the Physics Laboratory. The students conducted various experiments which were recorded and telecast.

An experiment to show the presence of starch in food was conducted in the Biology Laboratory by the students of Class IX. The wonder and the intense look on the students’ faces were well caught by the camera person.

The programme highlighted the quality teaching of science being carried on in Queen’s Valley School and infrastructure which supports the teaching to make learning a truly wonderful experience.

15.11.2011: Jodo Gyan Workshop for Teachers

The Jodo Gyan workshop was held on 15th of November,2011,at Jia Sarai, Near IIT. Mr. Shaji, the resource person, discussed about methods of teaching to be adopted for teaching Maths in Nursery, Class I and II. The session became interesting when Mr. Shaji started with the playway method of teaching Maths.

Some apparatus used by Mr. Shaji to do the activities were :

(1) Three dice game –
a) For introducing numbers from 0 to 5
b) For understanding the concept of small nos. and big nos.

(2) Number sticks –
a) For introducing Tens and Ones
b) For understanding carry over in addition

(3) Beads Rocks and Ganit Mala –
a) To do fast calculation like, 10+5 = 15, or 26= 20+6
b) To calculate doubles faster

(4) Place value Cards –
To understand 36 is 30 and 6 and not 3 and 6.

(5) Judo Cubes –
a) To introduce the concept of addition or rather ‘+’ sign
b) To introduce the ‘_’ sign

The activities/games which were played were as follows:

(1) Three dice game :- The children will be shown a dice (this dice is not available for sale) in which frogs and dots are drawn for each of the nos. from 1 to 5 and none for 0. The dice will be thrown and children will jump as per the no. shown on the dice. The teacher will make the children happy for bigger nos. and sad for smaller nos. The game can be played for 2 days and then the frog dice can be replaced for a dice with dots. By now the children will be able to count the dots to recognize the no. This dice can be replaced with a no. dice with dots so that the children could count the dots to recognize the no. and finally the dice with only nos. This game helps children not only to recognize nos. but also to understand the concept of bigger nos. and smaller nos.

(2)Number sticks :- This is a game which is played in groups of 2 to 4. Children are given a dice, sticks tied with rubber hands in groups of ten and some loose sticks. While playing in their respective groups, children throw the dice and pick up the no. of loose sticks as per the no. shown on the dice. Continuing like this, suppose a child has 8 loose sticks and the next no. that she gets on the dice is 4, i.e. her total is now 12 which she counts as 1,2,3,4 ………..,10,11,12, and as soon as she counts 10 she has to pick up a bundle of 10 from the bag and return the loose sticks. When all the loose sticks and bundles of ten finish then the child with most bundles and loose sticks is declared the winner. Another game that can be played is on addition. Children will be given 15 (or any no.) Sticks i.e. one bundle of ten and 5 loose sticks. Then they are asked to add 28 to it. They will take 2 bundles and 8 loose sticks and will find that 8 + 5 is giving a total 13 i.e. 10 + 3 so they will take a bundle and 3 loose sticks and return the rest to the pile. With continuous explanation by the teacher this game will help to understand carry over in addition.

(3) Beads Rack and Ganit Mala – The shorter Ganit Mala will be displayed in the class and the teacher will tell a story in which nos. like 8,4,12, upto 20 will appear. First, the teacher will show the nos. on the ganit mala and then the children will be asked to do so. The double racked beads rack’ helps to count doubles faster by showing 4 on the top rack and the same in the lower rack. This game also is played with the help of a story.

(4) Place value Cards :- There are 9 cards each for nos. 1 to 9, 10 to 90 and 100 to 900. The teacher will ask the children to show any no. say 23, with the help of the cards. They have to break 23 into 20 and 3. This helps the children to understand that 23 is 20 and 3 and not 2 and 3.

(5) Jodo Cubes :- The children will be asked to make a train depending on the no. that comes up on the dice (The class is divided into 2 groups). The teacher keeps on writing the nos. for both the groups on the board and after a while comes up with the ‘+’ sign instead of writing ‘and’ between the nos. The group with the longest train wins In another game; the 2 groups of children will be given a packet with 20 cubes and will be asked to take out the no. of cubes which comes up on the dice. The teacher writes the nos. on the board and after a while comes up with the ‘_’ sign instead of writing ‘take away’ between the nos. The group which empties their packet 1st is the winner.


To increase awareness about Dyslexia, other learning disorder and to assist educators in guiding students facing them, the Times of India in association with Calorx , organized the 7th Annual Conference on Dyslexia and SLD on October 7th -8th at the India Islamic Cultural Centre, Lodhi Road , New Delhi. It was sponsored by HDFC and GIC where our school Queens’s Valley also participated. Over 100 schools from all over India and 300 teachers, counselors, scholars and parents participated in the conference. Mrs. Monika Sharma (junior school) and Ms Neha Malhan (counselor) attended the conference on behalf of Queen’s Valley School.

The event was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, M M Palan Raju, Minister of State for Defence. Other guests included Ashok Chandra Chairman DPS society, Sunil Jhaveri, chairman MSJ Capital and Finance Corporation, Manjula Pooja Shroff, Chairperson Calorx and Dr Kim Metcalf, Dean of College of Education –West Georgia University, Atlanta. Delegates from US also participated in this event.

A CD titled “PRERNA RECIPIES FOR LEARNING DIFFICULTIES” was launched. Dealing with learning differences by Sonia Philip and a programme to evaluate progress and learning by Vimala Venkatesan were informative.

Dr Renu Singh’s session on “Challenges and obstacles of inclusion of children with learning disabilities-seeking solutions” received great appreciation and even she played some of the educational games which are very useful for a learning disabled child. “Response to intervention” was taken up by the team from West Georgia University.

Dr Swaroop Rawal’s valedictory address on “How to integrate drama in education” met with an enthusiastic response and empathetic understanding. The conference concluded with an address by the Chairman of Rehabilitation Council of India, Maj Gen (Retd) Ian Cardozo. The conference was enlightening and gave us a positive direction on how to handle children with learning disability.

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