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October 2011 – Festivity Week

The month of October this year was a special month. It was the month of festivities, the two most important festivals of India - Dussehra and Diwali falling in this month.

Getting into the spirit of the festivals, we in school made our effort towards enlightening the girls about the significance of these festivals. What better way to learning than “hands on experience’. This was done by motivating the girls to make objects with clay and decorating diyas with their own hands. Through this they learnt the true meaning of festivities. Where there is involvement of all recognizing the best always adds extra flavour. The best in their categories.

12.10.11 Class VI – VII : Strokes/Paintings Competition
Name Class Position
Ritika Sharma VII B First
Twinkle Yadav VI B Second
Riya Gupta VII B Third

14.10.11 Class I : Clay Modelling
Name Section Position
Himakshi Jain Daffodil First
Shreen Sharma Daffodil Second
Lavanya Tulip Third

14.10.11 Class II : Clay Modelling
Name Section Position
Divya Mehta Cherryberry First
Saumya Gilani Strawberry Second
Rishika Bandyopadhyay Raspberry Second
Shreya Garg Mulberry Third
Astha Jha Blueberry Third

19.10.11 : Class III – V Mono Acting
Name Class Position
Tarushi Tiwari IV B First
Anushka Sharma IV B Second
Mehak Sharma IV B Third

20.10.11 Class VI – X : Foot Loose Competition
Name Section Position
Mahima Chakma VII C First
Harshita Gupta VIII C Second
Parul Adhikari IX C Third
Nidhi Tailor VIII C Third

20.10.11 Class III – V : Waka Waka Group Dance
Name Section Position
Kamya Pandey V B First
Mohita Dalal V B First
Garima Godara V B First
Prachi Sharma V B First
Ishmeet Kaur III B First
Vashvi Raj III B First
Ritika Nandi III D First
Sakshi Kaushik V A First
Jhanvi Bakshi V A First
Pritika Godara V A First
Saloni Chahal V C First
Deepali Mehta V A First
Tejika Godara III D First
Tanisha Malik III A First
Preksha Tyagi IV A First

24.10.11 Class I : Diya Decoration
Name Section Position
Jiya Singh Daffodil First
Aaisha Shoeb Tulip Second
Vani Jhingan Daisy Third
Riya Godara Daisy Third

24.10.11 Class II : Diya Decoration
Name Section Position
Jeeya Shah Mulberry First
Harshi Strawberry First
Tanvi Raspberry Second
Aakriti Mittal Strawberry Second
Kriti Mittal Raspberry Third

24.10.11 Class III – V : Diya Decoration Competition
Name Section Position
Saniya Singh III B First
Tanya Pokhiriyal V C Second
Shubhangi Malhotra IV Third

24.10.11 Class VI – X : Tattoo Art Competition
Name Section Position
Deepti Tehlan X A First
Taruna Yadav IX A Second
Shifali IX B Third

14.10.2011: Towards Empowerment and Self Belief - A Confidence Building Initiative
‘You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.
You're on your own.
And you know what you know.
You are the girl who'll decide where to go.’

Queen’s Valley School believes that to create confident young women of tomorrow we have to begin today. Confidence to face the world comes through making the right choices and that can happen only if we are empowered.

In order to help the students in making the right choices a Counselling Session was organised for the students of Classes IX and X. This was the inaugural session in a series of sessions which would be organised to make the students aware of the choices available to them. The speaker for 14th October 2011 was Ms Meenakashi Lekhi, an eminent Supreme Court lawyer.

The event began in keeping with Indian traditions of paying obeisance to the Goddess of knowledge – Saraswati, through a well composed and choreographed Saraswati Vandana. The school choir supported the graceful kathak dancers in their rendition of the Saraswati Vandana.

The princesses of classes I and II put up a beautiful performance of their interpretation of ‘Dil hai chota sa, choti si asha’. The Street Play – Hamare Bandhe Haath – motivated everybody to stop child abuse and say ‘No to Crackers’.

The Guest for the Day, was welcomed and the mike handed over to her. What followed was a two hour long interactive session with Ms Meenakashi Lekhi. The topics ranged from the popular Jan Lokpal Bill, the granting of Permanent Commission to lady officers in the Indian Army, Child Abuse, the choice of law as a career option, the situation in the North East and a career in the Indian Administrative Services .

Ms Lekhi stressed upon the fact that the youth must learn to voice its opinion in the right way and be articulate so that they can put their point across. To be able to do so one needs to be confident, well read and aware. She spoke at great length on not getting attracted to outward appearances and work towards improving one’s mental faculties.

She laid great stress on the empowerment of young minds especially young girls. According to her the next decade belongs to women but they need to make the right choices and learn to work towards achieving their goals. She advised the students to speak against injustice but to do it within the parameters of the law of the land. According to her, whatever that is highlighted by the media needs to be used for one’s own benefits as per the individuals goals and ambitions. She spoke to the queens about maintaining their grace and dignity at all times and take a stand against the ‘commodification’ of women.

The large number of questions put to Ms Meenakashi Lekhi showed that the queens are truly on their way to becoming ‘empowered women of tomorrow’ for whom ‘sky is the limit’ and no summit insurmountable.

13.10.11 – Character Dramatisation Competition

Children love to play and what better than being dressed up like their favourite God or Goddess and play “ Deity for a day”. There was a riot of colours in Queen’s Valley Junior School on Thursday, October 13, 2011 morning when our Queens walked into the school with grace and poise, dressed up as different mythological characters, like Radha, Durga, Saraswati, Sita, Narsingh, Ravana, Narad Muni, Shravan Kumar, etc.

The enthusiasm in children was apparent by their elaborate costumes and props, which signified that mythological characters are personified in general by people.

The best ones were :

Pre School
Name Section Position
Chahat Tiwari Angelina First
Hargun Kaur Angelina Second
Anshika Goswami Angelina Third

Pre Primary
Name Section Position
Siya Anwekar Goldilocks First
Riddhi Saini Tinkerbell Second
Idhika Bhutani Goldilocks Third
Gayathri Tinkerbell Third

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